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The Difference between Gossiping and Defamation According to Islam and Its Proposal

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Gossiping and defamation are things that are often done unconsciously by everyone. Those two things are often carried out when a human being gathers with other humans and is unable to keep the conversation for something good. In fact, the Messenger of Allah himself once said that it is better for us to be quiet when we are unable to talk about goodness.


Difference between Gossiping and Defamation

The following are some insights related to differences in denunciation and slander, including:

  • Understanding Gossiping

“From Abu Hurairah Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu, the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said, “Do you know what it is to worship?” They replied, “Allah and His Messenger know better.” He said, “You mentioned the ugliness of your brother whom he did not like to be listened to by others.” He was asked, “What if the mentioned according to reality?” Said the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam, “If according to reality, it means you have gossiped about it. If it is not appropriate, then you have slandered it.” (Narrated by Muslim)

In the hadith it is explained that gossiping is a prohibited act. Gossiping itself means that we talk about and mention the bad side of other people even though it should not need to be opened or told to the others. Of course, no one likes such treatment, because it is like you stab someone on the back.

People who are self-reliant certainly do not intend to seek the truth or solve a problem, but only to vent and satisfy the passions to talk about the bad side of others. Of course, people should watch out because whether other’s bad behavior is a fact or reality, this has the potential to shift to a greater slander.

Causes of Gossip

The cause of gossip usually occurs for several reasons. Among others are:

  • There is hatred or hurt towards certain people.
  • There are no productive activities.
  • Become a pleasure in itself.
  • Uninterested to seek the truth.
  • Encouragement of association or environmental conditioning.

For this reason, do not let the Muslims get caught up in problems. We recommend that these causes should be avoided and it’s better to look for other productive activities that will be more beneficial for ourselves or others around.

  • Understanding Defamation

Defamation is different from gossiping. Defamation itself in Islam is like eating the carcass of our own brother. The news delivered from slander is false or not in accordance with the truth. For this reason, slanderous news cannot be justified and has a bad influence on someone’s good name.

Self-defamation, of course, causes conflict and division in one person with another person. In fact, slander itself is very difficult to fix. A person’s perceptions can change when there is a spread of news. For this reason, do not let that perception grows.

The cause of slander usually occurs for several reasons:

Basically, gossiping and slander have differences in information and the quality of the data delivered. Gossip is not necessarily the wrong news, because it can be the truth. But slander is definitely wrong because the news cannot be accounted for.

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How to Avoid Gossip and Slander

Because gossip and slander are something that is sinful, then it must be eliminated in the self of Muslims. Because something that is sinful must be abandoned and avoided. The following are ways to avoid talking bad about others.

  • Avoid Talking About Other People

When talking about someone, always be careful. Talking about his kindness will bring a lot of wisdom and inspiration. However, when talking about others’ bad side, humans usually never stop to keep adding wrong information.

When we are talking about other people, we must be careful not to mention about their ugliness and all their disgrace. There is no human who is perfect and free from sin. Any human being is sinful and sometimes they can be wrong, even though everyone case is different.

For that, cover your shame, because we also have the same shame. However, the brotherhood of Islam must be maintained because this is in accordance with the definition of Islamic, insaniyah, and wathaniyah brotherhoods taught by the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Do Not Follow Up Frequent Gossip

In order to avoid being hammered and slandered, look for relationships that are also broad and avoid gossiping itself. Follow a good environment and avoid talking about any disgrace or false news. A good association will discuss goodness accompanied by encouraging each other to do well.

  • Perform Productive Activities

We can do repulsion and slander by doing productive activities. Productive activity keeps us from the behavior of talking about the ugliness of other people or things that are in vain. By doing productive activities, thoughts, and what we do will lead to things that are more useful.

Examples of productive behavior, for example, writing, reading things that are useful, doing sports, following the assembly of science, or can also be generous but with the intention of kindness.

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  • Increase Knowledge and Broad Insight

Extensive knowledge and insight keep a person from evil news or untrue news. Extensive knowledge and insight make our minds not narrow. For that, expand and multiply our faith so that we can solve many problems and avoid misguided conversations. (Also read: 12 Proper Ways to Use Your Social Media in Islam for Young People).

  • Think Before You Talk

If you really do not know, then say that you do not know. Remember that everything we talk about will be held accountable later by Allah SWT. (Also read: Law of Saying Bad Swear in Islam According to Quran and Hadith).

Remember not everyone is perfect! Sometimes they can do wrong and sometimes you can too, so don’t judge others based on your own perception.

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