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17 Peaceful Ways How to Avoid Dating in Islam

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Falling in love is something hard to avoid for human, as they were gifted with sexual desires. However, Allah SWT also gave human a logical thinking to control them, so they can manage it. In the daily life of a human, they interact with many people in opposite sex.


Actually, the original solution for love in Islam is marriage. But in the modern life, marriage should be decided carefully and the first thing is to know them better.

So young people date each other before marriage. Even though in Islam dating is prohibited, many people still do it. You must do your best to avoid dating since Allah is not please with it.

This is how to avoid dating in Islam for all Muslims:

1. Surround Yourself with Good Company

You friend will affect how you behave, so you have to choose who you want to be friend with carefully. Once you choose the wrong company, you would likely walk in a wrong path too. Be friends with those who can support your intention to avoid dating.

2. Lower Your Gaze

This was a message the Prophet (SAW) left for us.

Lowering your gaze, refraining from harming others, returning greeting, and enjoining what is good, and forbidding what is evil.” 

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3. Not Spending Time with Opposite Sex Friend

To avoid dating, we should not be involved in a situation that can make us to. If we are hang out too often with opposite sex friend, the chance for us to fall in love gets bigger and we end up dating each other.

4. Ask Your Parents for Advice

After Allah SWT, your parents know the best for you. Whenever you are hesitate of need support, ask for their advice. They will encourage you to choose the right path. As dating could also cause harm to you too, there is no way they will oppose you to avoid dating.

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5. Always Remember Allah SWT

Even though He is unseen, Allah SWT has His eyes watching over you 24/7. Keep in mind that Allah knows everything you do and it’s impossible to hide anything from him. So whenever you are about to be going to the wrong way, remember Allah SWT.

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6. Know That Patience is Better

Allah SWT created human in pair and each us has someone destined to be life partner in the world. We will meet them eventually and all we need is to be patient while waiting for the right time to come.

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7. Think About the Consequences

Every action you take has its own consequences. You know why dating is prohibited. Once the sexual desire control you, you will lose your sense and probably committing a big sin afterwards.


8. Learn More About Islam

Why is dating prohibited and what is love according to Islam. Improve your knowledge in Islam so that you know why certain things are prohibited. It will be advantageous if you have knowledge in Islam, so all you do will always be within the Sharia law.

As the main purpose of the creation of human is to please and worship Allah SWT.

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9. Make Dua to Allah SWT

Allah is the best of helper, and His help will come to you when you ask for it. Make dua to Allah SWT so that you can control your gaze and your sexual desire. Don’t forget to mention this in every dua you make after the prayer.

10. Do Many Fast

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

“O young people, whoever of you can afford marriage should marry because it is more (conducive to) lowering the gaze and more protective of the private parts; and whoever is not able to marry should fast, because fasting diminishes his sexual desire.” – Bukhari and Muslim

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11. Get Married

Marriage is the only solution offered by Islam when two people are falling in love. Getting married could be a shield to sexual desire and also as a moral safeguard in the society. If two people have ready and can afford, they should not delay to get married. Marriage is also a scared ritual in Islam and equal to half of the religion.

12. Discipline Yourself

Determine yourself to avoid dating as hard as you can. By setting it right in your mind, you will be remembered every time your sexual desire arise. To set your intention right and be determined with it is a good beginning to avoid dating in Islam.

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Why Dating is Haraam in Islam

So Islam opposed dating so hard without no reasons. In Islam, you are not allowed to touch the opposite gender human who is not your Mahram. As long as you are allowed to marry that person, you can’t touch them. Other than that what could be the reasons that make dating a haram thing in Islam?

  1. Dating is not the solution in Islam for two Muslims who are falling in love. As in dating love is not exist. Instead, it’s full of lust and sexual desire. Those two things make Shaytan get close to them easier.
  2. Being involved in a romantic relationship may cause a Muslim to commit a big sin. Unconsciously they are no longer driven by their logical thinking but solely by their sexual desires.
  3. Muslims are told to lower their gaze and not to look at someone for too long. When we are in a relationship or dating, we must have had break that rule.
  4. When a man and a woman are together, the third one is Shaytan as said by the Prophet (SAW), “No man is ever alone with a (non-mahram) women but the Shaytaan is the third one present.” – Tirmidhi
  5. There is no such thing as dating in Islam, thus there is no Halal Dating.

Those are all the ways how to avoid dating in Islam. It is also explain that why dating is forbidden in Islam, because Muslims would likely be committing sins when they are dating. Surely Allah SWT knows what’s best for us, so what He forbid us to do is only for good reasons and for our own sake.

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