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15 Kind Ways How to Treat Maid in Islam

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Maids or helpers is people who help us to do internal task in the home. They have some rights we need to fulfill as their employer. Many case happened where the maid treated bad by their boss. They were beaten, tortured, and harrassed and couldn’t do anything about that.


Islam has adjusted the pattern how to treat maid by fair. The purpose is to avoid right infringement and to comply our obligation as their employer. Theire we discuss 15 how to treat maid in Islam.

  1. The Prophet Muhammad, the perfect example for our treatment to the maid

Anas bin Malik had been our Prophet maid for years. In hadith narrated by Bukhari, he said that Rasulullah – peace be upon to Him – always treats him kindly. There are a lot of stories told by shahaabah about how His treatment to the maid.

He always pays attention to their need and helps them in their works. We should follow His step to become a kind hearted people in the future.

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  1. Treat the maid kindly

There is no indication to treat the maid terribly. We should treat them nice and afford their need related to the job in the home. Furthermore, we should assume them as our relative. That’s why the maid will feel at home and help us with a whole heart.

  1. Pay the salary as the settlement

Do not forget to pay their wages as the agreement which has made before. Even though it’s just a penny, which didn’t mean a thing for us, it means a lot for them. We should write it down in the document to ensure us to not forget to give their right.

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  1. Do not be a cruel boss

An employer who could not perform his obligation considered as a cruel people. He didn’t care about his maid and delayed their salary till the end of time. Islam never teaches us to do ruthless toward the maid. We should respect them and appreciate their work by paying the wages on time.

  1. Do not give them the works over their limit

Obviously, maid has a limit to perform their work. Do not appoint them to perform many task in the short time and put them under pressure almost the time. We ought to be considerable and designate them to the works they able to do.

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  1. Do not harsh to the maid

In some case, there are some maid which only stayed for a short time. One of the reason is because they get a bad treatment from their boss. A worse employer sometimes beat the maid, throw the goods, and curse them only for a single mistake. We should avoid a nasty habit as a good Muslim.

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  1. Give the proper food to them

There is a hadith said that our Prophet always let his maid to eat the same food as Him. He showed us the true manner and that is how the greatness he is. We should share the food we have with them. That small action is really matter to demonstrate our kindness.

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  1. Help their works

Housework consists of several jobs. If we have free time after work or in the weekend, we can help them a little bit. Rasulullah had already exemplified it. We as His followers must be able to imitate every behavior in everyday life.

  1. Do not say a harsh word to the maid

The tongue is a sword, and it is true. A lot of people get hurt just because of an unintentional speech coming out of our mouths. As an employer, we could hurt the maid with harsh words. If we want to rebuke them, or maybe we upset to them because of their mistake, bear our emotions. Do not let us say harshly or curse them.

  1. Give some help if they are in trouble

We can ease the burden of helpers if they are in trouble. For example, if his family is ill, we can help by giving money for medical expenses. Or if they want to borrow money, we can help him according to our ability.

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  1. Give some bonus for their work

Sometimes the servants work hard at house chores. They are willing not to return to the village just to help us at home. Occasionally we could give them extra money as a sign of appreciation.

  1. Say thank you

Thank you is a magical word that can soften and please the heart. Thank them for each of their help to us. It’s a easy thing but give a big impac for others.

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Hadith about treatment to the maid

Rasulullah said

Allah SWT said, There are three categories of groups that I oppose it (on the Day of Judgment): the man who berinfak then pulled back, the man who sold the free and then eat the money, and the people who hire workers and have got the results, but not give wages. “(Bukhari)

Rasulullah said

“Whoever his brother is under his command (work for him), then give the same food as he ate, the clothes he wore, and should not give the task beyond the limits of reasonableness that can then cause illness“(Bukhari)

Rasulullah said

The burdens that you lighten from your helper will be a reward for you in the scales of your good deeds. ” (Ibn Hibban).

That’s our discussion of the best treatment to the maid. Remember to always ease their burdens and pay wages just in time.

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