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15 Proper Ways How to Prepare Yourself for Marriage in Islam

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Marriage in another step in someone’s life. By getting married, someone is ready to establish their own family. Other than that, marriage is a guard for the moral in the society, because two people are legally live together under the same roof. The main condition to get married is of course when a single man and a single woman are agree to do so.


But more than that, there are many thing to prepare before the marriage. For you, brother and sister who are getting married soon, or those who has not find the right one yet, they also have to know all the preparation before married. These are the answer on how to prepare yourself for marriage in Islam:

1. Set the Intention Right

The most important thing before deciding that you want to get married is setting the intention right. In Islam, everything is due to Allah and because of Allah.

The intention for marriage is to shield ourselves from committing sins and many other deeds that Allah SWT dislikes. Marriage is also a Sunnah, and we have perfecting half of the religion by doing so.

When we start something because of Allah SWT, He will always fills our marriage with blessing and happiness. This is a secret key for a successful marriage in Islam.

2. Enrich Your Knowledge About Marriage

After setting the intention right, you may move on to the next stage: enrich the knowledge about marriage. The source of knowledge can be anything.

You can read books about marriage, attending seminars and talk show, or a simple sharing with friends or relatives who have married. After having many knowledge, we are preparing ourselves to enter the life or marriage.

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3. Preparing the Akhlaq

Do you want to have the right partner? Do you want to get married to a good person? Then make yourself first.

In Islam, your partner is the mirror of yourself. Be like what you want your partner to be. If you wish your partner is someone who never miss their Shalat, then never let go of yours. Remember that a good man is for a good woman, and a good woman is for a good man.

4. Mental Preparation

Life after marriage is different with single life. When we can do anything as we want before, we have to consider our partner after that. Especially for woman, if she want to do something, she has to ask for her husband’s permission first. To be ready for all of this, you need to prepare yourself mentally and take all matters maturely.

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5. Physical Preparation

To have a fit and healthy body is important in marriage. Not only because it is related to having kids, a healthy body is more reliable. For men, they must bear the family responsibility in fulfilling the daily needs. With a healthy body, he can work hard to support his family.

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6. Financial Preparation

Especially for the men, as they are the head of the family, they have to make sure they are financially capable to provide their family needs. They don’t have to be rich, but at least have a steady job to support their wife and children.

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7. Discovering the Purpose of Marriage

What is the purpose of marriage? Is it solely for sexual satisfaction? The original purpose of marriage in Islam to to seek for Allah’s reward and blessing. Sexual desire is only a gift in marriage.

8. Choosing the Right Partner

Carefully choose to whom you would like to get married. Don’t marry anyone whose God is not Allah SWT. If you want to be together with your partner until Jannah, make sure he or she is also a Muslim. Allah doesn’t allow you to marry someone from another religion.

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9. Asking for Advice from Parents

Marriage is not all about you, but your parents are also involved. As your happiness is also their happiness, don’t forget to ask for their opinion on marriage. They are also more experienced in marriage, so it would be a big help for you in the future.

10. Get Ready for the Problems Ahead

Life after marriage is not always sweet and lovely. There will always problem arise due to the difference in view and it leads to argument. As these things often come unexpectedly, get ready to face any problem between you and your partner. It’s how you learn to love each other more.

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More Things to Prepare Before Marriage

Here are more things that a single Muslim should prepare before getting married. There things are particularly for those who luckily have found their future partner. To get yourself even more ready for marriage, here are what you should prepare:

  1. Sharing the Visions and Dreams. Share your goals in life and what you want to pursue in the future to your partner. Marriage should not be an obstacle for your success.
  2. Don’t Expect Too Much From Your Partner. Because perfection only belong to Allah SWT. None of His servants are perfect, so don’t expect your partner to be. All you will gain is only disappointment.
  3. Never Think About Divorce. In a marriage life, there will be many problems and argument ahead. Don’t come up with divorce as a solution. Allah SWT hates divorce the most, and marriage should only once for life.
  4. Learn How to Behave. There is a big big different between being married and single. You have to learn certain behavior to your partner, as well as how to behave to their family. When you are getting married with someone, you are not only marrying them but also their family.
  5. Learn How to Cook. Especially for woman. It’s a basic knowledge for any single woman because in Islam, a woman must be able to serve for her husband and kids.

So those are how to prepare yourself for marriage in Islam. As marriage is a sacred thing, you have to prepare yourself carefully and not getting married in a rush. Marriage should be a blessing, not a burden for those who are in it.

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