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10 Clear Ways How to Avoid Watching Pornography in Islam

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World is full of temptation, whether it’s a good thing or bad things. One of the greatest temptation in the world is porn. Pornography is an act that considered shameful and can’t be accepted both by religion or the society. It damages the moral of the people causing many inappropriate actions, especially for them who hasn’t got married yet.


Here are the useful tips how to avoid watching pornography in Islam for every Muslims:

1. Never Try to Watch

If you haven’t watch porn before, never try to watch it at any cost even once. Pornography is worse than drugs that cause addiction to people. Don’t even get close to things that contains pornography such as books or movie. Porn nowadays is concealed behind the mask of entertainment, while in fact they draw people closer to things that called pornography. If you have watched it before, the commit to quit and to never touch porn again.

2. Ask Allah SWT for Help

Who can help us better than Allah SWT? He knows all the things we did and we can never hold a secret from Allah. Confess to Allah about your worry or your sins that you have watch porn, and don’t forget to ask for His forgiveness. After that, ask Allah SWT to strengthen you heart and faith to resist the urge to watch porn in any form. Sincerely ask for His guidance.

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3. Avoid All the Triggering Things

There must be some reasons as to why someone watch porn. One of them is when people triggered by something. If you know that certain things could arise your desire to watch porn, then avoid watching it. For example, you watch a romantic movie that contains romantic scene, you will be triggered to watch porn because of it. Stay away from all the things that contains even a little porn.

4. Keep Good Companies Around

We are strongly influenced by our friends and everyone around us. Don’t hang out or be friends with someone who try to persuade you to watch porn. It’s better if you be friends with people who will always remind you of Allah and useful to improve your faith. By keeping good companies around, we will also be better person.

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5. Spend Your Time Wisely

If you happen to have many spare time, be wise to choose what to do during those time. When people get busy and looking for some entertainment, they often end up watching porn. That is why you should spend your time wisely. Rather than watching some porn, it would be better to do self improvement or gaining more religion knowledge.

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6. Do Fast to Restrain the Desire

One of the best thing to restrain ourselves from any desire is to fast. By fasting, it weakens the evil us and make us fear to Allah SWT even more. We could be more focus on religious deeds and naturally forgetting the porn as we have to do good deeds only during fast.

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7. Do More Sunnah Prayers

Be closer to Allah by doing more Sunnah prayers. Not only the five obligatory prayers, do Dhuha prayers and Tahajjud prayers to strengthen our imaan.

8. Keep Busy with Useful Activities

Keep yourself busy with useful activity to keep us away from porn. Such as working, studying, or praying to Allah SWT. By keeping busy, we have no time to think or be tempted to watch porn.

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9. Never Let Go of Dhikr

Wet your tongue with the name of Allah SWT endlessly. Never let go of the Dhikr in anything you do, every time. Dhikr keeps you close and always in remembrance of Allah SWT.

10. Seek Help from the Professionals

If all the ways above is not work, the last thing you should do is to seek help from the professionals. They will give you many useful advice to make yourself away from porn. You will no longer be worry because you are triggered to watch porn, but at the same time fear of committing sins.

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Why Muslim Should Not Watch Pornography

  1. Pornography is like drugs, which could make us easily addicted. Once we got hooked on it, it’s difficult to get away from it.
  2. It will leads us to masturbation, which is forbidden in Islam and it would be very difficult for us to control our sexuality. Moreover, masturbation is not good for our health as it weaken the body.
  3. Pornography makes us lost our focus while doing other things. Because it controls and dominates you, so all of our thoughts are occupied only with porn.
  4. Our body will be weakened once we are addicted by porn. It affects our sleeping habits, makes us easily exhausted, and we become more sensitive. It drains all of our energy.
  5. Not only physically, out mental would also be weakened by porn. By watching porn, our consciousness makes us feeling guilty and in result, it lowered out self esteem.
  6. We become distanced by society. As we enjoy the time ourselves, we grow less care to others. We tend to isolate ourselves away to avoid the judgement from society. Even until now, enjoying porn is not something acceptable by the society.
  7. If we watch porn since we are little, we will mature faster and aged faster as well. Maturity is something that should come naturally, not triggered by such thing as pornography
  8. Watching porn left us constantly imagining what we just saw earlier. The excitement upon watching it never cease and we will be left with unending delusion.
  9. People who watch porn too many times will be unhappy once they get married. For what they have in marriage is not the same as what they used to see.
  10. The more porn you watch, the more sins you make. Islam prevent watching pornography and consider it as a sinful act.

So those are the ways how to avoid watching pornography in Islam. No adjustable reasons as to make porn as allowable thing in Islam. It is considered as sin, and we should stay away from is as much as possible.

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