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13 Simple Ways How to Avoid Suspicion in Islam

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Human being was created by Allah SWT with more complex thoughts than other being. They have numerous feeling, both positives and negatives. What someone currently feels would greatly affected them physically and mentally.


Among those negative feelings is the suspicion. Suspicion is a mistrust in the heart and continuing sense of insecure toward others. In the worst state, suspicion could lead into the damage in the society and destroying our religion.

Suspicion itself is an act that Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) hate. Our heart has to be kept away from even a little dot of suspicion. Suspicion is close to Shaytan and we never know what things we might do out of suspicion. As it could turn into unnecessary hate towards other Muslim. Let’s learn how to avoid suspicion in Islam as written below:

1. Fill Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

One good way to get rid of the negative thoughts is the positive ones. Knowing that suspicion is on the negative side, it’s better for us to always be positive and think in contrast. Keep only the positive things that will improve us to better, rather than filling the mind with negative thoughts that only would bring us down.

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2. Find Reassurance in Allah SWT

As for every doubt we have in mind, nothing could give us assurance other than Allah SWT. Ask help from Allah SWT to show you the true heart of other person, so that if there is anyone who intend to hurt you Allah could prevent them to.

“…unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” – Ar Ra’d (13:28)

3. Suspicion is the Work of Shaytan

Who will blow negative thoughts into our minds, if it’s not the work of Shaytan? Shaytan have sworn to persuade the sons of Adam to take the wrong way in life. Having suspicion in our heart means that we are on the same boat with Shaytan which Allah SWT hates the most.

“…Indeed, Satan induces (dissension) among them. Indeed Satan is ever, to mankind, a clear enemy.” – Al Isra (17:53)

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4. Suspicion is Injustice

Having suspicion is dangerous both for the human to human relationship and Allah to human relationship. When our suspicion turns out to be false or wrong, it means we have committed slander which worse than murder. So suspicion is an injustice act that we all should avoid.

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5. Allah Forbids Suspicion

We should not be suspicious toward others because Allah simply forbid it. No good thing could be gained from being suspicious, but we might do something bad instead. Allah knows what is best for us, so that something he forbids is something that will never do any good to us. Let’s put faith in what Allah allows and not allow us to.

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6. Put Faith in Allah SWT

When we entrust something big to other person, we can’t deny that we often questioned whether that person is trustful enough or not. Doubting someone’s faith too much is never a good thing, so we better put our faith in Allah SWT. Give all and trust.


7. Suspicion is a Big Sin

As said above, suspicion is a negative act that is also a sin. There are three kinds of suspicion that Allah hates: backbiting, falsehood, and slandering. All those three acts can cause harm to others, that is why suspicion becomes a sin. As a true Muslim, we should stay away from committing sins. Being suspicious is also not good for the heart and soul as well.

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8. Be Optimistic

The best way to avoid suspicion is to be optimistic. Optimistic is one of the real form of positive thoughts. Remember that you are what you think, and what you think could become reality. That is why when you have an optimistic feeling, everything will turn out to be good.

9. Prove That You are Faithful

Not only we should avoid being suspicious, we should also prevent other people to be suspicious toward us. We have to be faithful and prove that we are truly faithful to avoid suspicion from other people. Someone start to be suspicious to others when he feels that somebody is not faithful enough.

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10. Try Not to Lie

How could we prove that we are faithful? Of course other people has to see the real evidence in order to put complete faith in us. We should do our best not to tell any lies, no matter how small and trivial it is. Once we try to lie and become successful, we will try another lies. In the future, this would be an unbreakable chain.

11. See the Good in People

Negative thinking leads to unnecessary negative thoughts. Unconsciously we wrongly accused other people solely based upon our suspicion. Try to see the good in every people. Nobody is indeed perfect, as perfection is only belong to Allah SWT. But at least we should appreciate the little things everyone do, and see the good things in them.

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12. Never Have Sense to Revenge

To avoid suspicion in Islam, keep your heart calm and never have the will to get revenge. When we are living, other people may harm us, but we should not take any revenge. Because when we have it, we would never be able to trust others and remain suspicion.

13. Forgive Others Sincerely

People make mistakes, whether it is purposely or accidentally. However, as Muslim we should forgive our brothers and move on. Forgive them sincerely and don’t hold any grudge inside. If Allah SWT could forgive sincerely, why could we not?

So those are the ways how to avoid suspicion in Islam. Any negative thoughts and feeling would negatively affect ourselves as well. Let’s fill our daily lives with positive things and always keep ourselves close to Allah SWT.

As nothing could bring us peace and comfort but the Almighty Allah. May He always protects us and keep us away from the devilish whisper of the Shaytan.

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