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15 Healing Ways on How to Cure Madness in Islam

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Madness considered as one of the heaviest mental disease that there is. Someone with madness is hard to control and might cause harm to the society. However, in Islam, there are no disease that cannot be cured, including the mental sickness. The importance to cure someone with madness is for the sake of himself and the impact he may bring to the society as well.


Imagine what may happen when someone with madness lost control of himself in the middle of the crowd. He could be threaten the society and cause damages no one could expect. But there are ways to cure madness in Islam forever, through the sunnah and doing other good deeds to help stabilize the mental conditions. Here are the healing ways how to cure madness in Islam.

1. Eating Honey Regularly

Believe it or not, honey considered as one of the best cure for any disease in Islam. Its purity and healing nature believed to help our mind back on the track and cleanse the body from all the chemical and toxins that may damage it. Even in the Holy Quran, honey is described as a cure. Our beloved Prophet Isa and Ayyub are among those who gain benefits from honey.

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2. Make Dua to Allah SWT

The night won’t change to day without Allah’s permission. No disease can be cured without Allah’s permission. Never stop to make dua from Allah, as He is the best cure for any illness. Through the dua we make to Allah SWT, He will lend His helping hand through others and cure us from the madness.

3. Perform Ruqyah

Ruqyah is an Islamic methods to get rid of the Shaytan and its effects on a Muslim. Somebody’s mind could be heavily occupied by Shaytaan that he block all of the good things to come through. Ruqyah is usually performed by the expert, using certain verses taken from the Holy Quran.

4. Eat the Healthy and Cleansing Food

You are what you eat. If we like to eat unhealthy food, or even haraam foods that are clearly prohibited in Islam, we never know how will it affects our body. If we are not get sick physically, Allah could be warning us from the illness to our mind. While halal foods cure and make us healthy, the haram ones would damage us.

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5. Take Only Halal Medicine

Islam encourage its believer to seek for the best cure for their illness. But make sure that the medicine taken was made from halal ingredients which are not defined as haraam in Islam.

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6. Recite the Quran

As the ultimate and final guide for Muslims, the Holy Quran contains everything, including the magical cure for madness. All we need to do is recite it daily while understanding the meaning of it.

7. Strengthen the Imaan

Madness is the doing of Shaytaan, who easily enter the minds of people whom are too far from Allah SWT. Strengthen our protection for the madness caused by Shaytan by improving our faith through fulfilling the five times prayer and reciting Quran.

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8. Seeking the Medical Advice

Indeed, medical advice is not something prohibited in Islam. As it is one the effort a Muslim does to seek for the best cure. Go to the expert and ask for advice, how to cure madness. Keep the medical going with with the spiritual methods for the better results.

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9. Wet the Tongue with the Remembrance of Allah SWT

Wherever we go and whatever we do, make sure our tongue always wet with dhikr. The remembrance of Allah will guide us to the right path. Dhikr calms our heart and keep Shaytaan away from us.

“Those who believed, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allaah: verily, in the remembrance of Allaah do hearts find rest .” – Ar Rad (13:28)

10. Be More Grateful to Allah SWT

Never think that somebody has a happier or more successful life than us. It may caused envy, uneasiness, and ungratefulness to all the blessing Allah SWT have given to us. The ungratefulness draw us away from Allah and cause our heart to be rotten.

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11. Repent from the Sins

Human is the source of sins. We make sins every single day and we often not realizing it. Repent from all the major and minor sins, and promise to ourselves and to Allah SWT that we would never do it again. It’s the step to make our heart pure and cleansing the mind and the soul.

12. Seek for Allah’s SWT Forgiveness

Whoever close to Allah’s forgiveness will have the calmness in their heart. It’s one of the best ways to cure madness in Islam. Please Allah in any ways possible, and He likes servants who seek for His forgiveness endlessly.

13. Go to the Therapist

Beside the spiritual methods, medical methods should be take altogether. Going to the therapist is one of them. When the Quran guides us to the enlightenment and faith, therapist helps us to get there.

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14. Seek for Support from Families

The love of the family is the best cure for any illness. Surround yourself with the people you love because it makes you happier and positive. The best cure is the mind, and when the mind is happy it will lead to a happy life.

15. Do More Good Deeds

Perform charity, voluntarily works and other deeds to help us see the world in a different point of view. Seeing how others live their life makes us more and more grateful for the blessing we have.

Islam has its own methods to solve every matters in a Muslim’s life, and by following the guidance of Allah SWT as well as the sunnah from the Prophet, by Allah’s permission, we will always lead a good life ahead. And to have a good life, it all has to be started from the inside, our mind and our soul.

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