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17 Wise Ways How to Gain Spiritual Knowledge in Islam

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The first word given to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from the Holy Quran was “iqra’” which means “to read”. From the word alone, Allah has given us Muslims a clear commands to always seek knowledge while we are living.


Among all knowledge, the most important one is  spiritual knowledge. Knowledge could be gained not only through books, teacher, or school, but also through our repetitive daily life. Many Muslims might not know how to gain spiritual knowledge in Islam. Here are the various of ways we could do:

1. Have a Healthy Mind

Allah SWT has created our brain to be so complicated that we are able to think about many things at once. If we would like to gain more spiritual knowledge by becoming spiritual, we should start it from our head. Fill the mind only with spiritual and positive thoughts. In the other words, we should have a healthy mind. Keep out the unnecessary thoughts, especially the negative ones.

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2. Keep Yourself Away from Sins

Learn more about Islam by keeping ourselves away from sins, whether it’s major or minor ones. By staying away from sins, naturally we would do many more good deeds and from there, we become understand what taqwa is. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Have taqwa (fear) of Allah wherever you may be, and follow up a bad deed with a good deed which will wipe it out, and behave well towards the people.” – Tirmidhi

3. Make Your Salah Perfect

Salah is the main pillar of Islam, so a good Muslim should have a perfect Salah. This is why we need to clear our mind from negatives thoughts, so we can make our Salah perfect. Do Salah on time and be focused in it. It would be better if we do it in congregation and reciting different Surah in every Salah. Salah is the only time where we could be connected directly to Almighty Allah.

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4. Do More Sunnah Prayer

The more you do Salah in a day, the more times you are connected to Allah SWT. Which means you get closer to Him more and more. Increase it by performing more Sunnah prayer. Of course every Muslim would love to do Tahajjud prayer. Another important Sunnah prayer are the two rakaahs before Fajr prayer. But if the Tahajjud prayer is still difficult to us, we can do the Dhuha prayer in the morning.

5. Always Make Dua to Allah

Who can give knowledge better that Allah SWT? As He is the owner of all knowledge in the world. Make dua to Allah SWT every time, to be blessed with many of knowledge and also to thank Him for everything that we have. Don’t forget to mention all of our Muslims brothers in the world in your dua.

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6. Practice Sunnah Everyday

Spiritual people is the one who have many spiritual knowledge. So we have to become spiritual in order to gain spiritual knowledge. Learn to do it by implying the sunnah everyday. We should never miss a day without remembrance to Allah SWT. Say Allah’s name whenever we are about to do something. Before sleep, after waking up, or before leaving the house.

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7. Be Kind to Your Parents

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is our guidance in everyday behavior. We should do what he used to do in every aspects, including how he loved his family. Loving the family, especially our parents, is a thing that Allah SWT strongly commanded. The blessing of the parents is the blessing from Allah, which is our main key to enter Jannah.

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8. Read Quran and the Meaning

The Holy Quran is the main guide Allah SWT has given us to live in this world. Quran is a revelation from Allah to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers, appear in Arabian language. Even though Arab is not our first language, we should be able to read it in Arabian, then understand the meaning in our own language.

9. Implement What is Written in the Quran

Quran is the source of knowledge, guide, and blessing from Allah SWT. Not just merely reading it, we should implement what’s written inside the Holy Quran in our daily lives. For example is Surah Al Humazah, where Allah SWT said we should not badmouthing and backbiting others, especially our Muslim brothers.

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10. Keep Yourself Close to Allah

To gain more spiritual knowledge, surely you have to be a spiritual person. Keep yourself close to Allah SWT by making sure that we never miss our Salah and doing other Sunnah. The more we keep ourselves close to Allah, the more we gained spiritual knowledge.

Spiritual Habits to Gain More Knowledge

We are what we do everyday. Our lives determined by our daily habits. To gain more spiritual knowledge, we could also do many positive habits such as listed below.

  1. Do the Sunnah prayer before and after Salah, no need to rush we are doing Salah. Take time and take the rewards as well.
  2. Never let your dhikr go. No matter what kind of Dhikr you do, make sure that we are always connected to Allah SWT.
  3. Remembering Allah every morning and evening by doing morning and evening Dhikr everyday.
  4. Talk to Allah in the middle of the night through the Tahajjud prayer. Try to set straight the daily Tahajjud prayer.
  5. If we are unable to do the Tahajjud prayers yet, we could do the Dhuha prayer in the morning. It has many benefits as the Tahajjud prayers as well.
  6. Do all the Sunnah the Prophet (SAW) used to do before sleep.
  7. Never miss a day without reciting the Quran. Make it a daily routine just like how we need to eat.

So those are the ways we can do on how to gain spiritual knowledge in Islam. Life itself is a never ending learning process, so as long as we live we should do our best in seeking knowledge, applying them in our daily life and passed on the knowledge to other people. May Allah SWT continues to give us His blessing to gain spiritual knowledge.

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