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15 Easy Ways How to Give Thanks in Islam

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Thanks is one of the most powerful thing in the world. Giving thanks mean we are reciprocating the kindness from other people, as well us our God the Almighty Allah. Even when we are living within the society, we need to show gratitude and give thanks to everyone. It is even considered important in Islam. So what is the way on how to give thanks in Islam? Let’s split it into two, giving thanks to Allah dan giving thanks to human.


Giving Thanks to Allah

Out all of the thing in the world we should be grateful to, no other has more right than Allah SWT. He is the reason why the world exist, and it’s because of His mercy we are living healthily in this world. Despite many blessing Allah SWT has given to us, sometime we become full of ourselves and forgetting the one who let good things continue to happen to us. Here is how to give thanks to Allah the Almighty, Creator of the whole universe and its contain.

1. By Sending Praise to Allah

Say “Alhamdulillah” whenever good things come to you. Sending praise even when obstacle comes along and things get hard. No matter what state we are in send praise to Allah. This is the most simple way of giving thanks to Allah, as He always gives the best to us and never asleep even for one second so that He can watching over us all the time. May we all are able to please Allah and win his favor until the day we died. Also read Importance of Dzulhijjah Month

2. Mentioning the Gratefulness in Prayer

In every prayer, never forget to give thanks to Allah for everything we have, and for the things that we couldn’t have. Allah loves the servants who show magnificent gratitude to Him. The fact that our parents are still alive, the fact that even us, the many sinners, are still living is also a things to be thankful of. You can also say “Alhamdulillah” as part of your dhikr.

3. Doing More Good Deeds

Allah loves good deeds, and command all of his servants only to commit good deeds while living. Good deeds will not benefited no one except for the one who say it. The good deeds that we did will be counted on the Day of Judgement and the more good deeds we committed, the bigger our chance to enter Jannah. As it will make Allah pleased and showering us with many of His blessing, commit good deeds always. Also read Importance of Reciting Salawat In Islam

4. Showing it Fully

Gratitude should be shown in any ways possible. Put it in your heart by putting the faith in Allah sincerely while believing that all the things come from Allah, and He can retrieve it back anytime He want to. Express it in the tongue by sending the praise to Allah and acknowledging that it is all from Him. Show it through the body, by giving it all to worship Allah and do many good deeds under the name of Allah.

5. Continue to Live Under Allah’s Guidance

Give thanks to Allah by living within the rules and guidance created by Him. In this case, we must read and practice what’s written in the Holy Quran. Recite the Quran everyday, understand the meaning and practice it in daily life. That is the ultimate form of giving thanks to Allah. Also read Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam

6. Never Cross the Line Allah Created

Allah SWT has made clear of what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. If we are so grateful that Allah let us to live until this day and even giving us many blessings, let’s return it by staying within the line and not doing things led to Allah’s displeasure.

7. Crediting Allah for Every Little Thing

Never give the credits for everything you achieved to yourself, because not any single could happen if Allah doesn’t let it to. Even the fact that we can open our eyes every morning is because Allah still want us to. Give all the credit to Allah, because no other is more righteous than him. Also read Importance of Bismillah in Islam

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8. Increasing the Faith in Allah

If we are that thankful to and want to give thanks to Him, lets increase our faith in Him. Do more religious activities, pray in the mosque often, increase our sadaqah, and many other thing possible. By showing to Allah that we have increase out faith to Him that Allah knows we are thankful.

9. Remembering Allah All the Time

Say Allah’s name all the time without exception. In any situation, whether you are happy, sad, or angry. Remember that even when we have no one, Allah stays. Mention his name in every move so that Allah will be watching over us closely. Also read Importance of Faith in Islam

10. Willing to Fight in Allah’s Religion

Fighting should not necessarily happen on the battlefield. Every single day considered as fighting, as long as we fight in the name of Allah. Doing good deeds and holding up ourselves to commit sins is also good deed, which Allah would be very fond of.

Giving Thanks to Human

Man is a social being who will never be able to live on his own. This is why giving thanks is not only to Allah, but also to another human as well. Another human is the representation of Allah to help us. We have to give thanks to them and even make friends out of it. The more friends we have, the more brothers we gain, and the more strength we have gathered for our religion.

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  1. By Saying Thank You Directly
  2. Helping Him Whenever He’s in Need
  3. Appreciating the Little Thing Other People Do
  4. Not Talking Bad About that People
  5. Becoming His Friend

So those are the ways how to give thanks in Islam. Life must be balanced, so we are not only showing gratitude and say thank you to Allah but also to our brothers whom we meet and live with everyday. Let’s not all becoming full of ourselves and forgetting that we actually do not owned anything. May Allah always watching over us and lead us toward the good deeds.

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