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15 Ways How to Treat Neighbours in Islam

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Humans are social being, they always need collaborating with others. Islam teaches us to always keep closeness with our fellow Muslims and whom closest to us. Neighbours is one facet that should not be forgotten how to build a good fellowship with others.


Our Prophet always give examples and advice how to treat neighbours well. Behaviour of a Muslim to the neighbour ascertain how the degree of faith to execute the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Here we introduce 15 ways how to treat neighbours in Islam.

  1. Keep the dignity and wealth of the neigbours

In Islam, our relationship with the neighbours is as close as brotherhood. We should respect them and protect their belonging as we could. Do not degrade them based on their money, job, or education. As our Prophet said:

Whosoever believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, honor his neighbor”(Bukhori)

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  1. Do not harm the neighbors

There are Muslims who do not feel peaceful in their home because of the neighbour behaviours. Some people really like to disturb the people next door only to satisfy their need. In our country,  people usually hold their wedding reception in front of their home, they completed the wedding with the stage performance and the audio was so loud all night long. Incidentally, it will harm their surrounding and bother their sleep in the night.

As our Prophet said:

A man will not enter a paradise if his neighbor does not feel safe from his crime”(Bukhori)

  1. Treat the neighbours well

Islam always teaches Muslims to behave good with their neighbours. Except the family, neighbours are the first people who will help our difficulties. Treat your neighbours well because The Prophet always advise to do so.

Our Prophet said:

“A good man to his neighbor, glorious in the sight of Allah” (Tirmidzi)

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  1. Do not steal their asset

Our Prophet said:

Someone who steals in ten houses, has lighter sin than steals in his neighbour’s home” (Ahmad).

Stealing is a disgraceful act in Islam. But stealing in our neighbour’s house is even worse. The purpose of the hadith is not to take something that belongs to our neighbour.

For example, like take the fruits of neighboring trees without permission, use some of their yard to hang clothes, etc. Without the permission of our neighbours we should not do such things, because it will give disadvantageous to them.

  1. Fulfill their right

There are a lot of good deeds we could do to treat the neighbour right. We can conclude them in one hadith as our Prophet told us to do. The Prophet said:

“There are six right of Muslims to another Muslim, if you meet him you should say hi to him, if he invites you then fill his invitation, if he asks you advice then advise him, if he sneezes then he praises Allah then pray for him by saying” yarhakumullah “If he is sick then visit him, if he died then accompanied the corpse.” (Muslim)

  1. Cover the neighbour’s disgrace

Hiding the disgrace of a neighbor is part of our mercy deed to a neighbour in Islam. As long as his actions do not damage the community and stain the sanctity of Islam, do not betray the news to others. For example, our neighbours often fight because of family problems, we should not tell the strangers or our fellorw about the detail. We must respect and help them according to our abilities.

  1. Share the food we have

One way to get closer to the neighbours is to share the food we have. This method does look simple and easy, but a long time ago the Prophet had already applied and said it in hadith narrated by Muslim.

When you cook the soup, then multiply the water, then look at your neighbor’s house family, then give them the proper amount.”

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  1. Allah loves Muslims who are good to their neighbours

We must strive to do good to the neighbours. Allah loves people who respect and nurture the fellowship with their neighbours. If we have done good, we have practiced one of God’s commandments, as it is written on Al-Qur’an which Allah said:

Serve Allah and ascribe no partner to Him. Do good to your parents, to near of kin, to orphans, and to the needy, and to the neighbour who is of kin and to the neighbour who is a stranger, and to the companion by your side,62 and to the wayfarer, and to those whom your right hands possess. Allah does not love the arrogant and the boastful”(An-Nisa:36)

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  1. Do not be enemies with the neighbours

The one who has the enemy will never calm down in his life. Hostility is a thing that God and the Prophet hate. Even in one hadith the Prophet forbade us to be hostile for more than 3 days. We must always keep the bond and avoid problems with our neighbors.

  1. Choose the righteous neighbours

According to Syekh Sayyid Nada on Mausuu’atul Aadaab Al-Islaamiyah, before we decided to stay in one place we should deliberate the neighbourhood condition. Sometimes we will need their help and as our fellow Muslim, they will not feel hesitate to lend everthing we need. As our Prophet said:

Four things will give joyful: righteous wife, spacious home, righteous neighbours, and good vehicle” (Ahmad)

  1. Be patient with harmful caused by the neighbours

A good neighbour is not only who do not harm their neighbour but also be patient by harmful caused by them. He should reply to the disorder with kindness. In fact such an attitude will close the door of a demonic whisper.

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  1. Do not humiliate any kindness given by the neighbours

It’s not right to underestimate anything come from our neighbours. We must appreciate their kindness and be thankful for them. Our prophet forbid us to humiliate any kind present or food which they give to us. Our Prophet said:

Oh, Muslim women, do not underestimate your gift to the neighbors even though it is only the goat’s feet. “

  1. Help each other in kindness

We should lend a help to another in kindness. For example helping them to cook for their child wedding reception, sweep the road in front of our homes, etc. These little actions will show our affection towards them and they will feel grateful to have us as their neighbours.

  1. Rebukes if the neighbor does wrong

Indeed, we must cover the disgrace of our neighbour. But do not let them commit immorality and not rebuke it. We should be able to advise them and call on the good.

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  1. Treatment Of Non-Muslim Neighbours

Although our neighbors are non-Muslims, we must respect and honour them. Do not let us hurt and prevent them from worshiping. Because after all they are our neighbours and we should be able to show good behavior as a Muslim.

That’s all few points that we should practice as a Muslim. Be a good Muslim by honoring our neighbours and may Allah always helps us in doing good.

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