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20 Importance of Daughter in Islam

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In the past society, having daughters is a shame for the family because if a daughter was born, it means discontinuity of the family. However, Islam never consider a daughter as lowly as such. On the contrary, having a daughter is very important, as it opened many door of blessings from Allah SWT. Here are the importance of daughter in Islam every parents must know:


1. Daughters are Great Blessings

When a daughter was born into a family, she should be treated as a great blessing, not a burden. The birth of a baby girl brings many benefits for the family, as daughters would be an important part of the society. Parents who are blessed with a daughter should bring her up well, because Allah SWT has promised paradise to whoever raised their daughter well, to be a woman who walk in the path that please Allah SWT and doing everything under the purpose of seeking the blessing of Allah SWT.

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2. Heaven’s are Mandatory for the parents

For a society in the past, having a daughter is a burden and shame to the family. But Allah SWT values a daughter highly, as He promised paradise for whoever has a daughter. A Muslim who has 2 daughters or sisters, 3 daughters or sisters and brings them up in the right way under the fears of Allah SWT, then Allah made Jannah mandatory only for him.

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3. Daughters are the reason for the existence of humanity

Why should having a daughter considered a curse, while she is the reason humanity exist. The Prophet (SAW) himself said that a woman whose first child is a daughter is blessed. Not only bringing many good things with her, the birth of a daughter is such a blessing for the mother who has carried her for nine months long as well.

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4. A Daughter’s Father is Close to Muhammad SAW

Parents of a daughter will be very close to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the Day of Resurrection, as Hadrat Anas reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “Whoever brings up two girls till they reach the age of puberty, he and I will come on the Day of Resurrection like this,” (and he joined his blessed fingers.)

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5. Daughters Brings Double Blessings

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) clearly explained that the birth of a daughter means double blessings for the family. She carry two lights with her, as stated in a Hadith, “When a boy is born, then he brings one Noor (light) and when a girl is born, then she brings two Noors.”

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6. Daughter is a Shield for Her Parents

Raising a daughter is another challenge to a parents, and it’s important to raise her well. It’s also possible that someone might face a hard time while bringing up his daughter. The Prophet (SAW) knows this perfectly, so he stated, “The person who is faced with hardship due to his daughters, and makes Sabr (is patient), then his daughters will be a Pardah (curtain) between him and the Hell-fire.”

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7. Raising a Daughter Well Guaranteed Paradise

Even though having a son and a daughter is different, as people tend to prefer a boy rather than a girl, parents must not treated differently. Whoever loves their daughters and sons equally will be admitted to Paradise. As Sayyidina Ibn ‘Abbas (RA) recounted, “Whoever had a female who was not buried nor insulted by him, and had not preferred his male children to her, Allah admits him to Paradise.”

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8. A Daughter Distanced Her Parents from Hell

Having a daughter is a great blessing for the afterlife, as not only Jannah is guaranteed but the parents also distanced from the Hell fire ever since the day she was born. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said that when a daughter is born, she creates a five hundred years distance between her parents and the Hell.

9. The Blessing is the Same Regardless of the Number of Daughters

When a family has daughters, it doesn’t matter how many did they have. The blessing for the parents from Allah SWT is the same. Even if a Muslim has only one daughter, he will enter Jannah along with a Muslim having two or three daughters.

10. Jannah is a Compulsory for a Daughter’s Parents

If someone raise his daughter well until she got married, Allah SWT makes Jannah a compulsory for him. The obligation of a parents will end once the daughter got married.

More Importance of Daughters in Islam Every Parents Should Know

Here are more importance of daughters to make every parents grateful because they owned a daughter:

  • Daughters are responsible to carry on the next generation.
  • A daughter brings her parents closer to Allah SWT and His Messenger (SAW).
  • Whoever has a daughter will be distanced from the Hell.
  • Rejoicing the birth of a daughter is greater than making seven times Tawaaf around Kaaba.
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  • A man with many daughters is similar to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), whose children is mostly daughters.
  • Allah SWT is merciful towards them who are merciful to their daughters.
  • Whoever generous towards their daughter, Allah SWT is generous to them as well.
  • Parents who are kind and generous towards their daughter is close to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) more than anybody else.
  • A man who face hardships with his daughter and make Sabr out of it will be shielded from the Hell of fire.
  • A daughter is a gift that given by Allah SWT directly to her parents.

So those are the importance of daughter in Islam. Islam never view man higher than woman. Instead, woman is valued really highly in Islam, so that there is one particular Surah dedicated only for woman in the Holy Quran. Let’s not think a daughter as burden for us. Cherish and love them as much as we could, as daughters is the fastest shortcut to Jannah.

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