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12 Importance of Friendship in Islam

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People can’t live without company, and Islam know it well. It’s good to have a good company alongside us. Islam also consider friendship as one of the most important thing. Here are the importance of friendship in Islam:


1. People with the same values and beliefs make good companions

Our role model in life, the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasized the importance for us to have a good friend. The value of a real friendship between Muslim and how a good company is good for our imaan too. We need to surround ourselves with good people to make our life better and to be the better of us.

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2. Friendship with the same value and interest is better

What kind of friendship is strongly suggested in Islam? It is of course the friendship based on the same value and interest. That is how we can exchange our knowledge and learn a lot of new things regarding out beliefs with each other. Doesn’t mean Islam prohibited friendship across value and beliefs.

Company who comes along with different values and interest also make a good friend. In fact, it is sometimes can be challenging and interesting. However, because that company doesn’t share the similar value with us, then our friendship was built above no solid foundation.

“The believer to the believer is like a solid building, one part supporting the other.” – Bukhari & Muslim

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3. Islam is a solid foundation for friendship

The one and solid foundation for friendship is only Islam. The basic of Islam is everything we do has to be in the name Allah SWT, to worship Him and only to seek for his pleasure and blessings. This should be applied in every aspects in our lives, including the friendship we made in our life. In Islam, there is nothing worthier in this world but to worship Allah SWT and doing everything for His blessing and acknowledging Muhammad (SAW) as His messenger.

If our company has the same beliefs and also worshiping Allah SWT,  then it make the strongest foundation ever for a friendship. We and our friends can strengthen each other’s beliefs, and increasing the qualities of our imaan together. As said by the Messenger of Allah (SAW),

The example of the believers, in their mutual love and mercy for one another is like the example of one body, if one part feels pain, then all of the body suffers in sleeplessness and fever.” – Bukhari & Muslim

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4. Friendship is important in Islam

Having a friend who we can always rely on is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. Islam will not deny as well, how human is always in need for another human. A good company makes a better life for us, not only because we can support each other in our religious life, but also in our worldly life as well. A good friend will not leave you because of your mistake, but he guide and supports to find the right way. Forgiving your fault but corrects you to be better. He love and forgive in the name of Allah.

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5. Friend is a strong influencer

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) warned us to choose our companion carefully. A person is easily influenced by his friends, so be careful to whom we choose the side. Because its easy to take after someone who we close to, we have to find the best quality in our friends.

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6. Friendship in Islam is connected by Allah SWT

Every believer connected by their faith in Allah SWT, so it’s important to keep the good friend by ourselves. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

A person visited his brother in another town and God sent an angel to wait for him on his way.  The angel said, “Where do you intend to go?”  the man answered, “I intend to go to my brother in this town.” The angel said, “Have you done any favour to him, the repayment of which you intend to get?” He said: “No, I love him for the sake of God, the Exalted and Glorious.” Thereupon the angel said, “I am a messenger to you from God to inform you that God loves you as you love him.” – Muslim

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7. A good friend will always guide you in the path of Allah

It is one of the qualities should be possess by a friend of a Muslim, increase your imaan and always remind you of Allah SWT. Remind you to the purpose of life is only worshiping Allah.

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8. A friendship should increase the blessing of Allah

When we are selecting friends or making a new friend, we must never forget that we do it for the sake of Allah SWT and to seek for His bless. With this intention, surely Allah SWT will give the most of His blessing for our friendship and gives us the best friends who will increase His blessings.

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9. A wrong companion leads us to the wrong way

A wrong company will guide us to wrong path that will stray us away from the light of Allah SWT.

“Friends on that day will be enemies to each other, except those who kept their duty (to Allah).” – Zukhraf (43:67)

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10. Friendship is a gift in Islam

A friend is one of the most important part in someone’s life. Those who have friend will never know the feel of lonely in this world and and never be friendless. A true friend will support us in the ups and down in our lives, and it is one greatest gift in life. 

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11. To improve the way of life

The importance in finding the right friend is to improve the way of life. We can take the good things to learn from our friend, and giving our best to him too. So we and our friends could be a better person through the friendship.

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12. A good friend is a treasure in this world

Iman Ali bin Abi Thalib (AS) said, a real friend is like treasure of the world and hereafter as well. Not only they will make us happy in this world, but the friendship continues in afterlife. As he said, “Find friends for yourself from among your coreligionist brethren, since they are the treasures of this world and also the next world.”

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So those are the importance of friendship in Islam. May we all find the real friends in our life.

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