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15 Importance of Good Manner in Islam

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Not all people should know your level of faith or acts of worship. However, most people consider good manner before looking at faith or knowledge that you have. When you have good manners, people will benefits from your knowledge and faith but if you have bad manners people will not pay attention to whatever level of faith or knowledge you have.


Having good manners is very important for all believers. The fact is conducting good manners is not easy because it takes time. It is impossible for people to behave in good manner drastically. Even though conducting good manner is sometimes difficult, why Islam strongly orders its believers to behave in good manner? Here is some importance of good manner in Islam.

1. Control anger

How we easily get annoyed by even the smallest things everyday. Controlling anger is in fact a difficult thing to achieve. Self controlling is the only key to overcome tantrums. Giving all the best to people, friends, family, and even stranger as part of the self control and avoid throw tantrums over people is a way to maintain good manner. People who have done nothing harm to you do not deserve it and those who made you angry do not need to know your anger. Why should exhaust yourself. See also anger management in Islam.

2. Show modesty and humility

Good manner is the key to modesty and humility. Modesty in Islam means purity of intention. Rasulullah also said that modesty is part of faith and the faith leads to paradise. Always conduct good manners will keep our lifestyle modest and humility. Also, modesty is the main characteristic of Islam.

3. Prevent backbiting

We raise our voice most of the time only to regret the decision we have made. Backbiting brings damage to ourselves and also hurt other people. Not being able to speak nicely also hurts the loved ones and results in jeopardized relationship.

If they pass by some vain speech or play, they pass by it with dignity.” (Surah Al-Furqan 25:72).

As told in one hadith, there was a man asked Rasulullah “who is the best Muslim?” and the prophet replied “He is the one from whom Muslims are safe from the evil of his tongue and hands.” (Muslims)

Islam strongly forbids backbiting or talking others behind their backs. Talking others behind their backs is like eating flesh of your friend. People with good manner should control their tongue and avoid backbiting because it is worse than lie. You may also interested in benefits of talking less in Islam.

4. Avoid cursing

Cursing and ridicule others are also forbidden in Islam. When we curse or ridicule someone, he/she might be better than us in many ways. Engaging in these types of actions cause doubt on your level of faith and Allah hates people with foul language and always ridicule and curse others.


5. Prevent jealousy

Jealousy is a nature characteristic of human beings. Even there is saying that other people grass will always look greener than our own. This shows that jealousy is in every mankind. What does trigger jealousy? Conducting bad manners such as cursing, ridicule, and backbiting results in jealousy. It shows someone’s incapability, thus they backbiting, ridicule, and curse others to show how great he is over others.

Jealousy is considered hasad, a disease of the heart which leads to impurity to the heart. To prevent envy, Rasulullah always encourage us to conduct good behavior and look for those below you. “Do not look to those above you. Look to those below you, as it will more likely remind you of Allah’s favors bestowed on you.” (Saheeh al-Bukharee and Saheeh Muslim).

6. Establishing good relation

Mankind is undoubtedly is a social creature. There will always time to socialize and get active in society no matter how hard you draw a safe line. In this situation, we cannot choose who crosses your path, but conducting good manner helps establishing good relation. Conducting good manner and relationship will always make your path easier to go through. See also Importance of live in Islam.

7. Get positive vibe

As much as we have to be kind to others, we also have to be kind to ourselves. One way to be kind to our selves is to fill the soul with positive thoughts and be merciful. Positive thought is contagious; it makes people around you feel the positive vibes. But when you develop negative thoughts about someone or something, people will afraid to communicate with you and also doubt to be around you for any reason.

8. Remove obstacle from the way

Sometimes we feel that our way of life is too hard. Perhaps hardness in life is the result of your own behavior. You get nothing for behaving badly. In fact, it makes other people stay away from helping you. Islam takes friendship in higher level as we refer to each other as brother and sister and expected to treat them as such.

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9. Simple form of charity

Islam teaches us to be generous, share our wealth, and give the needy. Charity is not an option in Islam; it is a must. Even when we have a real need of the wealth, Islam encourages us to be generous. Conducting good manner is a form of simple charity. Treating others with kindness will reward you with good thing as well. Learn more about giving charity in Islam.

Other Importances

Conducting good manners is more than just a way to level up our faith. It is a way to always stay faithful to Allah and Islam. Below are other benefits of good manner in Islam.

  • Promote honesty
  • Increase faith
  • Part of mercy
  • Trigger generosity
  • Moment of reflection
  • Simple good deed

Good manners have lots of benefits in life. It bridges differences, maintains good relationship, and more. Conducting good manners is difficult because people do not change easily in one night. However, you can start it with simple “thank you” or “please” to other people. Good manners is also a stepping stone closer to Allah. See also importance of greetings in Islam.

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