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15 Importance of Husband in Islam Prespective

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Marriage in Islam is a strong bond which combined two differences personalities between a man and a woman to enter the household world with full of love, affection, intimate and pleasure.


Along with the journey, marriage is not as easy and simple as we dreamed and as sweet as we thought because it is also filled with problems in a certain condition that can cause the marriage is full of worried and sometimes ended with separation.

Islam maintains the unity of the marriage not to be broken in many ways. Still, the different personalities which are influenced with surroundings sometimes caused of disputes inside of the household life.

There are many triggers caused of conflicts in a household whereas the main conflicts are come from the miss understand and intolerance between the couple. A husband role here is as captain of a household, he has a big impact to give a good direction to his family whether into a good direction or a bad direction.

Thus, in a marriage a high tolerance and understand need to implement among the couple so they can face and solve the problems inside their family. Read more about How to Change Ramadan Fasting for Men

Al-Qur’an is describing the intimate of relation a husband and wife as if clothes and its outfit. Allah SWT commandment, “The wives are clothing for you and you are clothes for them as well.” (Al-Baqarah:187).

“And among of His signs, He created for you wives from your own kind, so you will feel comfort and secure with her, and creates a feeling full of love and affection in between you.  Indeed, it is the signs of the thinker people.” (Ar-Rum:21).

Both of verses are clearly explained that a relation happened between a husband and wife is to complete each other whereas when a husband feels the comforts, the warmth and the tranquility with his wife, and so does the wife.

Allah SWT appointed a husband as a leader and a captain in a household because a man has many advantages from every side comparing with a wife from the side of religion and intellectual. Read more about Law of Cutting Hair While Fasting in Islam

The good and the bad of a household are depending from the nature of leadership of the captain in the marriage. It will also impact to a wife as a partner of life and mother from their children be born and raised. However, today we will discuss more about the importance role of husband in Islam.

  1. Give a good livelihood to his family (wife and children)

A husband has an obligation to fulfill his necessities in his family like a good home, a good food and also good clothes. Good here means that it is appropriate with his capabilities and in a legal ways which is blessed from Allah SWT so the livelihood will always be blessed to himself and his family. Read more about  Importance of Azan in Islam

2. Provide an inmost to each other (intercourse of husband and wife)

There is a lust to have intercourse in a marriage especially to a husband. It is because the willingness of having descendants as it is recommended in shari’a Islam. Thus, a husband needs to give a good and pleasure inmost to his wife and so does with a wife to maintain the harmonization and full of love relationship in marriage.

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3. As an Imam in a family

A husband has high responsibilities both in the world and afterlife to build and educate his family. By teaching his family with prayer and read Al-Qur’an in earlier ages and get closer to Allah SWT, it will leads his family to the good and avoid the bad also the Hades in afterlife. Read more about Virtues of Rain In Islam

4. Treat a wife in good ways

Every wife wants to be treated with full of love, kind and affection with their spouse. Therefore, a husband should treat his wife with a nice and pleasure way likened by his wife.

It is better to a husband to communicate in softly words and full of love without worrying to offend his wife feeling because Islam forbids a husband to offend his wife’s feeling in anyways both in attitudes or words.

Indeed, it is recommended to communicate interspersed with jokes or humor to live the conversation so they will feel closer to each other.

5. Treat a family in good ways

A husband and father are also expected to educate his family especially children in a nice, soft, and full of love rather than violation. Though there are some moments that stern is needed in the field, still, it is for disciplinary purposes and to the good of the family itself.

We can see when a father is asking his child to do prayer or read Al-Qur’an since an earlier age. The purposes are children will wonted to do prayer or read Al-Qur’an from their heart until they are adult and children will do the activities in a heartfelt because of Allah SWT not as an obligation. Read more about Virtues of Lending Money in Islam

6. As Guardian, advisor and motivator in a family

As a leader in a family, a husband must be able to protect his family from any dangerous comes. Aside of it, a husband is also expected to realize and appreciate the skills of each family member so he can give a good direction and motivate them for future so it will creates a harmonious communication in between them.

7. Get a blessed income or livelihood

As the backbone in the family, a husband is expected to provide a blessed livelihood because of Allah SWT to his family in a heartfelt. Getting a good job suitable with his capabilities will lead his family lives in tranquil life and comfort.

8. Be fair and honest to a wife

Means that a husband expected to give a fair and balance action to his wife and family in every aspect; do not make differences in facing something for goodness beyond his abilities.

We can see from the ways of a husband is giving his salary to his wife and asked her to manage so that the entire household needed fulfilled. Honest is also needed in every ways both attitudes and words, as it is the foundation to be harmonious family and engaged a marriage to be more solid.

9. Keeping a pride and dignity of wife

Give a respect to his wife by not talking about her disabilities into others so does with his wife. All problems inside the family are purely their secret and the couple themselves knows the solution of the problems.

10. Teach to be soleh and solehah also be brave and humble

Means that he can assist his children become a soleh and solehah in society. While brave means that children are not disobey of his parents but children can defend their stances as long as it is true and do not shame to admit their faults when they do mistakes.

11. Assist a wife doing household matters

It is common that all household matters like taking care of children, washing, monthly shopping, provide foods and others are the obligation of a husband. As a solehah and obey his husband, a wife assisting her husband to do all those activities in a heartfelt because her husband is working. Read more about  Virtues of Sickness in Islam

12. Proficient in communication

A good communication happened in a family will give feeling of comfortable inside the family. It also helps to solve problems arise in the family.

All the solution given by a father in the family will teach member of the family to learn to be wiser and hope that in the future it will also be guidance for children in solving problem for them.

13. Always praying for the good to his wife and children

In any condition both better and worse, a husband are expected to always pray for good to his wife and his children so that his heart will feel cool and comfort.

14. Be faithful and do not spread out family disgraces

Faithful in marriage is needed for a husband to maintain and keeping his wife feeling so that the marriage will survive. A husband is forbidden to do zina by cheating to other woman.

After marriage, a husband and wife should keep their secret inside the family.  It is for the goodness of the family itself to avoid defamation. Read more about How to Treat a Family in Islam

15. Have a jealousy to wife

A good husband will also have the feeling of jealous to his wife when he see his is talking or behave unusual to the other man. It is common and it is allowed to have the feeling of jealous to our partner as long as it is not exaggerate.

In addition, it is not allowed to have blind jealous without good reasons because it can cause conflicts in the household.

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