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5 Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadan

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As a Moslem, Reciting Quran is a duty and necessity. Quran which contains many solutions and guidance of human life is not only read textually, but it must be read to be understand and applied in human life. But, this is often passed.


The contents of Quran that concerns human life, such as economic problems, law, education, family, couple, natural sciences, eternity, and many more. For that, Moslem who read Quran will find the Islamic treasure and he will more act on another sciences of Allah in the universe.

The duty of reciting Quran is not stopping at one time. We are commanded by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to read it every day and every time. We have to make it as our guide, too. But reciting Quran in Ramadan has its own virtue. Reciting Quran in Ramadan has a virtue and characteristic for a Moslem.

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5 Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadan

Ramadan is a very different month and Allah make it special for Moslem. In Ramadan, all of good deeds will be multiplied the reward, include many wisdoms that can be taken when we did fasting.

However, reading Quran is not only reading its text, but we have to read and do tadabbur its meaning  for our lives. From that, we will get many wisdoms and large knowledge from Quran. Here are 5 importance that a Moslem get if he read Quran in Ramadan.

  1. Get a lot of rewards

“On the first night of Ramadan, Satan and jinn are handcuffed, the gates of hell are closed, none of doors are opened and the doors of heaven are opened, none of the doors are closed, and a caller call : “O who expect the goodness, haste (to adherence), O who expect badness/vice, stop.” Allah has servants who saved from the fire of hell every night of Ramadan.” (Al-Hadist)

In hadith above, said that our reward will be multiplied. So, when you read Quran, you will get a lot of rewards as long as your intention is straight because you want to worship and understand Quran correctly.

In this month, Allah S.W.T will give more rewards as the motivation of Moslem, in the hope that we will not leave that habit when Ramadan has finished. For that, the most important is not only read it regularly in Ramadan, but how is your consistency to make it as a good habit after Ramadan.

  1. Keep away from Satan’s temptations

When we read Quran, we will focus to what we read. For that, the habit of reciting Quran is not liked by Satan. Because of that thing, Satan is difficult to tempt and whisper bad thing to human. Reading Quran also keep away us from doing vice as liked by Satan.

Satan hate them who read Quran. Because of Quran, our faith will be more strong. Beside that, it is bringing out in our selves the love of Messenger, and we will perform the function of Quran for mankind. Of course, Satan does not like people like that.

People who did not do worship, remember Allah, do good deeds, then he will more likely to be tempted by Satan. This is caused by your empty mind and heart, so that you will be easier to be deceived, pushed and controlled by lust.

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  1. It makes times more productive

Reading Quran make us to be more productive. Productive in this case, of course, will be very good in Ramadan. Although our physically is tested and tried with not eating and drinking, of course exhaustion and bore will come. But, This time will be more productive, if we use with useful things like reading Quran.

So that, do not let our productivity can not be got because of limp and lazy to do worship in Ramadan. We will lose because Ramadan only comes once a year and we are not necessarily see it again next year. With reading Quran, We will be productive, not only get rewards but we can get knowledge, wisdoms and peace in our heart.

Another one of activities to be productive in Ramadan is doing sunnah deeds, such as do and accustom sleeping, Sunnah of Rasulullah at Friday night, the eating way of Rasulullah, the way of take a bath, types of sunnah prayer, and many more. Read more about benefits of friday night in Islam

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  1. Closer to Quran and Islam

Reading Quran in Ramadan can help us to be more closer to Quran and Islam. We do not always get the opportunity to get closer in ordinary days. Reading Quran in Ramadan is pushed by the rewards of Allah that were multiplied, the atmosphere of Moslem and the environment that was more Islamic.

With reading Quran in Ramadan, we will know better about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, Islam and all of His commands. Although there is still much wrong about reading or tajwid in Quran, it does not need to make us discouraged because reading Quran is not a result but a process. The most important, there is a good intention from us to be a Moslem Kaffah with reading Quran regularly.

  1. Build a positive think

Quran contains many knowledge and positive wisdoms. With reading it, it will influence our mind to be more positive especially in Ramadan. Although we are tested with weak physically, of course, our mind will be good because it is influenced by that wisdom and positive knowledge. So that, we will not get loss if we read Quran better.

Beside that, by reading Quran in Ramadan, we will be conditioned and more often think something based on religious propositions, not lust or our negative passions. So that, Ramadan will be more beautiful and meaningful.

Hopefully, the next Ramadan will be better than previous Ramadan and it becomes the best of Ramadan. To be the best Ramadan, then one of ways is reading Quran. We have to be it as a habit and done consistently in our selves.

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