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12 Ways How to Not be Lazy doing Prayer when Ramadan

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Ramadan will arrive soon. The holy month which filled with God’s mercy and love, is very anticipated by Moslems. There are many important lessons in it. Every good deeds that we did will be multiplied. The value of Sunnah prayer will have the same value with obligatory worship, while the obligatory worship will be multiplied as provisions and considerations of Allah S.W.T who accepted our worship.


It can not be denied, the life in Ramadan will be more difficult to be passed. Why? Because there are many preparations of Ramadan that we have to prepare. Not to mention, we must wake up in a third night to suhur. When our body and soul have not united, we have to eat foods as preparations for how to do Ramadan fasting for the first time. Not long after, Adhan Subh resound. We are obligated to do Subh prayer.

For you who work, after doing importance of Subh prayer prepares yourself to go to work. Empty stomach and less sleep time add our difficultness to do activities. Some of us choose to stay up until suhur. Whereas, Staying up is not very recommended. So, sometimes the simply things that need a little time are often neglected, for example the five daily prayers. To solve it, these are some ways how to not be lazy doing prayer when Ramadan :

  1. Strengthen Intention

All of ways are started from an intention. Because all of things that we did are depend on intentions. The intention in yourself is a foundation in everything that we did. As a hadith of The Prophet :

…. Indeed, All of deeds are depend on intention.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

With the strong intention, we will be not lulled easily by something that can cause loss, such as leaving the five daily prayers.

  1. Familiarize yourself to the five daily prayers

As Moslems, we are commanded to do all of His command and keep away all of His prohibitions. The most important command is prayer. As we know, The command of prayer is delivered directly by Allah S.W.T to the Prophet Muahammad s.a.w through the event of Isra and Mi’raj. While another commands are through The Angel of Gabriel as a revelator.

Getting usedt to do five daily prayers will make us to have a sense of anxiety in the heart when we have not done prayer. It can be an alarm for us to always remember the importance of prayers in Islam.

  1. Familiarize to do prayers on time

Everything that is delayed is very possible to be forgotten and finally it does not be done. When we delayed Fard prayers, we will get feeling of laziness. The longer we stall the prayer times, the more we do not prayers. Beside that, we are commanded to do prayer on time. Allah S.W.T said :

Indeed, prayer has been decreed  upon the believers a decree of specified times.” (An-Nisa : 103)

  1. Familiarize to do congregational prayer

Congregational prayer in the mosque can make us more spirited to do prayer. Beside its big antecedences and advantages, are 27 degrees better than praying alone, with congregational prayer can tighten the bond and strengthen social relationship. Our sense of solidarity and sensitivity to each other can increase, too.

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said : “Prayer of someone with a congregation more than his prayer that done alone as much as twenty seven degrees.” (Muslim)

  1. Consider five daily prayers as needs not an obligation

Being five daily prayers as a need is things that we must do. With being five daily prayers as a need will make us to want to do prayers. What is the meaning? Need is a thing that we must fill, but an obligation can be abandoned or deferred.

Five daily prayers are an obligation that must be done without prompting because they have to been a need. With being them as a need, we will always thirsty to do prayers, for example Sunnah prayers. Beside that, we will do five daily prayers with happiness.

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  1. Know about benefits or antecedences of five daily prayers

Five daily prayers have a lot of antecedences. Beside we will get reward if we did it, five daily prayers can avoid us from indecency and evil. Allah S.W.T said :

Recite, [O Muhammad], what has been revealed to you of the Book [Quran] and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do.” (Al-Ankabut : 45)

Beside that, five daily prayers can be useful for our body. Based on some researches said movement of prayer will launch bloodstream, accomplish shape and arrangement of body bones, avoid us from many diseases and many more.

  1. Remember death

Every living thins must be death. But we never know when it will come. Death does not look status, age, or our treasures. Death can happen to anyone, whenever and wherever. It does not care about young or old, rich or poor, incumbent or worker. If it come, we can not avoid it although we hide in a place that no one can not find it. The big question is are we ready to die? Allah S.W.T said :

Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned.” (Al Anbya : 35)

Remembering death will make us to fear with torture of Allah S.W.T and realize to do His commands.

  1. Associate with the pious

The environment has strong effect for behavior someone. Because human can be influenced very easily by his surrounding environment. The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said :

“The parable of pious friend with a ad one is like a perfume seller and a blacksmith. Making friends with a perfume seller will make you fragrant because you can buy a perfume from him or at least smell the fragrance. While making a friend with a blacksmith will burn your body and shirt or you will just get a bad smell.” Bukhari and Muslim)

With having pious friends, we will be easy to remind each other and invite in good deeds such as do five daily prayers. They know when are times for playing, working and praying. So we will not leave five daily prayers.

  1. Do dhikr in free time

One of ways to remember Allah is dhikr. This activity is one ways to not be lazy doing prayers. When we have free times or take a rest, don’t forget to do dhikr. Because there are a lot of antecedences of dhikr.

Then with dhikr, we will always remember Allah S.W.T. When we remember Allah, we will try to do His commands and Allah will remember us, too. Its means Allah will always give warning to us when we were careless with His commands. Allah said :

So remember Me; I will remember you.” (AL-Baqarah : 152)

  1. Reciting Quran

Quran is a guidance of Moslems. Quran has functions in daily life. There are live demands that will bring us to the heaven . With importance of reciting Quran in Ramadhan, we will always remember Allah, and try to do His commands and keep away from His prohibitions.

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  1. Use Smartphone

In this modern era, almost people have Smartphone. With the technology of Smartphone, we can do anything, include to make it as a reminder of prayer. So many applications that we can use to support worship, such as application to show Qibla, indicator of prayer times and adhan that can resound.

  1. Make agenda of Ramadan

We have to try to make an agenda of Ramadan, so that five daily prayers will not left in Ramadan. With that agenda, we are not only monitoring five daily prayers. But we can monitor another worships.

Those are some tips how to not be lazy doing prayer when Ramadan. Hope we do not leave prayers again and we will be His obedient servants.

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