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20 Importance Of Zam-Zam Water In Islam

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You’ve probably seen a gallon of water that was brought from someone who has visited Mecca to performing Hajj or Umroh. Yes, it was zam-zam water. The zam-zam water is a kind of holly water that come out from the well which called zam-zam well and located approximately twenty meters east of Kaaba.


In Addition, Kaaba and zam-zam well is a holly destination for billions of muslim’s pilgrims each year, who visit spesifically to pray and drink from zam-zam well. The zam-zam water is very special for muslims because the origin of the zam-zam well unlike ordinary wells. Ordinary wells are made simply by digging or drilling holes in the ground.

Based on history, the zam-zam well are made by prophet Abraham’s son, Ishmael, that’s when Ishmael scraping the land with his feet and suddenly the water sprang out. Then, Abraham’s wife, Hajar, enclosed it in sands and stones, because of that muslims believe  that the well is a miracuosly  generated source of water from god, which began thousands of years ago. Muslisms believe zam-zam water without no reason, as these are the importance of zam-zam water in islam:

1. A Great Historical Lesson 

Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the prophet Muhammad said:

“When Ibraaheem (Abraham) had differences with his wife, (because of her jealousy of Haajar, Ismaa’eel’s (Ishmael) mother), he took Ismaa’eel and his mother and went away. They had a water-skin with them containing some water, Ismaa’eel’s mother used to drink water from the water-skin so that her milk would increase for her child. When Ibraaheem reached Makkah, he made her sit under a tree and afterwards returned home. Ismaa’eel’s mother followed him, and when they reached Kada, she called him from behind,

`O Ibraaheem! To whom are you leaving us?’

He replied,

‘(I am leaving you) to Allah’s (Care).’

She said,

‘I am satisfied to be with Allah.’

She returned to her place and started drinking water from the water-skin, and her milk increased for her child. When the water had all been used up, she said to herself, ‘I would better go and look so that I may see somebody.’ She ascended the hill of the Safaa and looked, hoping to see somebody, but in vain. When she came down to the valley, she ran till she reached the hill of the Marwah.

She ran to and from (between the two hills) many times. Then she said to herself,

‘I would better go and see the state of the child,’

she went and found it in a state of one on the point of dying. She could not endure to watch her child dying and said (to herself),

‘If I go and look, I may find somebody.’

She went and ascended the hill of the Safaa and looked for a long while but could not see anybody. Thus she completed seven rounds (of running) between Safaa and Marwah. Again she said (to herself),

‘I would better go back and see how the child is doing.’

But all of a sudden she heard a voice, and she said to that strange voice,

‘Help us if you can offer any help.’

It was Gabriel (who had made the voice). Gabriel hit the earth with his heel like this (Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, hit the earth with his heel to illustrate it), and so the water gushed out. Ismaa’eel’s mother was astonished and started digging. She started drinking from the water and her milk increased for her child…” [Al-Bukhari].

This hadith contain many values that muslims can learn. From that lofty history we can conclude that Allaah is always give humans help in every situations as long as the human believe in Allaah. Then you may want to read about Importance of Niqab in Islam

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2. Proof of Qur’aan is the word of Allah SWT

The great miracles which the Quraan contains of legislation, rulings, stories and beliefs, which could not be produced by any created being no matter how great his intelligence and level of understanding. No matter how hard people try to promulgate laws to regulate their lives, they can never succeed so long as they are far away from the teachings of the Quraan; the further away they are, the greater their rate of failure.

This is something that has been proven by the kuffaar themselves.  The story of prophet Ibrahim and his wife are reported by allah in several chapters of Quran, we first meet Abraham in chapter 2 and we begin to understand his journey to faith in chapter 6. Increase your knowledge about Importance of Islam in Western Civilization

3. Evidence of Hadist’s Rightness

Reports of matters of the unseen, both past and future, which no human being could speak of independently, no matter how great his knowledge, especially at that time which is regarded as primitive in terms of technology and modern tools.

There are many things which had not been discovered yet, and which have only been discovered after lengthy and difficult exploration with the most modern equipment, but Allaah told us about them in the Quraan, and the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) mentioned them. You may want to read about Dua for Hardship in Islam

4. The Greatness of God’s Sign

Al-Masjid Al-Haraam (The Sacred Mosque in Makkah) is the first House of worship appointed for mankind. Along with this appointment, Allah blessed this sacred place with many signs of distinction. Allah Says (what means):

“Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance for Al-‘Aalameen (the mankind and jinn). In it are manifest signs (for example), the Maqaam (place) of Ibraaheem (Abraham); whosoever enters it, he attains security…” [Quran 3:96-97]

Zamzam is one of those signs. Chronologically it is the first, for when Ibraaheem, the Patriarch, may Allah exalt his mention, left his wife and infant son at the barren valley, following Allah’s command, he made a humble request:

 “O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in an uncultivable valley by Your Sacred House (the Ka’bah at Makkah) in order, O our Lord, that they may perform salah (prayer). So fill some hearts among men with love towards them, and (O Allah) provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks.” [Quran 14:37]

Zamzam was the first among many fruits.


5. Muslim’s friend

Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet Muhammad said:

“One difference between us (believers) and the hypocrites is that they could not drink much from Zamzam.” [Ibn Maajah]

A Muslim loves Zamzam and drinks it abundantly until he is full, whereas a hypocrite could not. This inability is caused by innate dislike to whatever the believers do in accordance with Allah’s wishes, which, in turn, causes the wretched one to forsake this divine gift for a mere mortal one. Read more about Importance of Friendship in Islam

6. Immortal Water

One of the greatest attributes of Zamzam is that it will never dry up. This is a gift from Allah to Makkah and to its pilgrims. Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet Muhammad said:

“… May Allah bestow his mercy upon her (Hagar, the mother of Ismaa’eel), had she let go (of the water of Zamzam) it would have become a spring (rather than a well) whose water shall never dry.” [Ahmad].

Every year, millions upon millions of pilgrims drink Zamzam water, which has been around for thousands of years. It is fed daily to the Prophet’s mosque in Madeenah in large quantities, and is packaged and shipped to millions of Muslims worldwide, without the slightest blemish in its flow. It is the epitome of munificence; the more we drink, the more it gives.

7. Blessed water

After the rebirth of Zamzam on the hands of Abdul-Muttalib, the Makkans accorded Zamzam the veneration it deserved.

They used to drink from Zamzam whenever they were about to engage in matter of grave importance. Al-Haarith Ibn Khaleefah As-Sa’di narrated that Quraysh always commenced their preparation to fend enemies by drinking from Zamzam. This was so customary that one could easily infer the gravity of matters from the collection of pots near Zamzam.

The Makkans realized that Zamzam was blessed water. They sought its blessing in matters of gravity, and many a times it was the difference.

8. The miracle origin

Mecca is built on a mass of igneous rock, and due to the process in which they form, these rocks have no pores and – due to partial melting of the minerals of which the rock comprises -cause any existing pores to close up.

Science tells us that water reservoirs can only exist in rocks that are highly porous and permeable. Geologist Dr Zaghloul Al-Najjar, head of The Committee of Scientific Signs in the Quran and Sunnah states that this simple and great fact verifies the sanctity and holiness of the land.

9. Positive Energy

Within Zam-zam is an ingredient different to other waters, which heals and helps energetic and cell systems within the human body. The German Scientist Dr Knut Pfeiffer,and head of the largest medical centre in Munich, has studied Zam-zam with his colleague and assistant Husam Othman.

A miracle in itself is that the Zam-zam specimen they studied still extraordinarily increased dramatically the energetic fields in human cells having travelled from Saudi Arabia to Munich, sustaining climate changes, probably having gone through an X-ray machine at customs, and then being stored for approximately two weeks. The opposite reaction would exhibit with other types of water especially if stagnant for some time, including water from Munich which is considered chemically pure.

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10. Health Benefits

From a medical point of view, zamzam water is proved by researcher around the world have unique substances that differ itself from other source of water. Some of the health benefits of zamzam water are high concentration of calcium, contain anti bacteria substance, cure illness, Unique crystal structure, strengthen human cells, help diet, increase fitness, maintains clear vision, increase stamina and many others.


  • Strengthen muslim believe
  • Heavenly Connection
  • Venerable water even before islam
  • The names of zam-zam
  • Evidence of muslim’s historical struggle
  • Healing Nature
  • Object of historical and scientific research
  • Water fasting
  • Support muslim’s fight
  • Its purity

Those are complete explanation about how many importance that Zam-zam Water have. Surely that Zam-zam Water is so beneficial for body health. Therefore, so many people even from outside muslim want to drink this miracle water.

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