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20 Importance of Niqab in Islam – Surprisingly Beneficial

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Islam is a religion that meticulously set rules for its believer. From the crucial things like religious ritual to a sunnah tat should be applied to daily life. All of them have one purpose: to provide an orderly life for Muslims. One of the Sunnah mentioned both in the Holy Quran and Hadith is about the woman clothes. It is clear than every Muslim woman should wear hijab and the only parts of the body could be seen by others are face and palm.


However, some of our sisters doing extra things in order to gain the blessings and seeking the love of Allah SWT by wearing niqab. The sisters wearing niqab without no reason, as these are the importance of niqab in Islam:

1. Preventing Man to Look at Woman’s Body

As a Muslim, we have to protect our body by wearing oversize clothes along with khimar and niqab. Its a fact that the first thing a man look at us is our face and body, and sexual desire may arise from it. Allah SWT strictly said that part of a woman’s body that should be protected is everything but her face and the palm of the hands. But man is often look into a woman’s face for too long time and unable to lower his gaze as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always told us. By wearing niqab, a woman perfectly protected her body from the eye of men.

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2. Seeking the Love of Allah SWT

While living in the world, mankind must seek the love of Allah SWT in everything they do. Obeying Allah SWT means drawing oneself nearer to Him and close with His love and blessing, so Allah SWT will love him back. As for woman, wearing hijab is an absolute command. Our sisters is close with Allah’s SWT bless nearer to him if she is doing more than covering everything but her face and hands. Wearing niqab is a right thing to do for our sisters to seek for the blessing of Allah SWT.

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3. To Show People That We are the Real Muslim

What can distinguish Muslim with the other religion? It’s how much they covered themselves. It is clear that a woman’s body is privacy and not to be shown in public. Allah SWT has set the rules for the sisters in order to cover themselves fully, as written in the Holy Quran. When a sister covers her body according to the Islamic Sharia Law, it also confirming her identity as the real Muslim. No one will asked a woman who wears niqab what kind of faith she has.

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4. People Respected Us and Cautious While Talking to Us

Believe it or not, the way people dress themselves affects the other people treatment toward them. If a sister covering her body wholly, only showing her face and hands, moreover when she does an extra by wearing niqab, it increase the respect of the people around her. It also makes people to act cautious towards her and raise her value in front of the society.

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5. As a Form of Shyness

Every Muslim woman should possess shyness, meaning someone has to know to keeps what private remains private. What private is not something to be shown to public, and Islam distinguishes both of them very clearly. As for woman, it is said in the Holy Quran that what is not necessary displayed to the public must be covered.

In Surah An Nur verse 31, said that:

woman should “not to display their beauty except what is apparent of it”. “It” refers to the mahram, which means woman is only allowed to uncovered herself in front of her family.

While going outside, she has to covered his body as a from of privacy and manifestation of what Allah SWT called the “shyness”. The highest degree for a woman’s clothes after hijab is wearing niqab and gloves.

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6. To Hide Our Emotion from Everyone

It is important for us to keep our dignity in front of the public, and we must not flaunt any emotion publicly. We have to be able to conceal whatever we feel, and showing only happiness and good feeling.

Showing many of our emotion, especially the negative one invites people judgement towards us despite not knowing what situation led us into such emotion. But it sometimes hard to pretend to be happy when we are not. This is where the importance of niqab in Islam comes. It helps us woman to hide our emotion from other people.

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7. To Block the Unpleasant Smell and Odors

We interact in public and met all kind of man with different habits and attitude possible. It sometimes cause uncomfortable feeling and it will seems rude if we just avoid them. At those time there is no other choice except to keep up with them. We are in public after all.

The most uncomfortable one is when we are close with smoking people or with people who has bad smell. One advantage that our sisters who wear niqab gain, they can protect themselves from all these unpleasant things.

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8. Preventing Germs and Dust from Entering Out Mouths

The other importance of niqab in Islam is to protect the wearer from dust and germ. It is a big advantage to protect the health of the body.

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9. People Won’t Measure Us Physically

Nowadays people tend to measure us up by our body and physic, and our mind and view often left behind. Wearing niqab allowed us to speak up our mind more and being listened by others.

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10. To Protect Woman

The most importance of niqab is the purpose to protect woman from other’s bad intention that may came unexpectedly. Crime toward women often caused by physical attraction, and niqab is a good shield from crime.

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  • Make the world knows that She proud of her religion.
  • Prevent to Sun Damage such as Sun burn and Sun Spots.
  • Feeling Secure and protected from bad person
  • Protect from doing negative acts
  • Sleep while mouth open in public places, mostly in a bus.
  • Avoid other measurement of my beauty and body
  • Prevent us from inhale a smoke.
  • For not to be so Flirty as women
  • Keep men to protect her sight and prevent his lust.
  • Get a reward from Allah SWT

So those are the importance of niqab in Islam. May all of our sisters could be encouraged to covers themselves more, under the intention of seeking Allah’s SWT blessings.

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