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Law of Cannot Reading Quran in Islam for Muslims

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While living in the world, it’s important for a Muslim to seek for Allah’s blessing. Most of us worship Allah with sincere heart as well as doing as many good deeds as we can ever other day. One of the greatest deed that would invite a lot of Allah’s blessing is reciting Quran.


Quran is the most sacred book which had sent down by Allah SWT as a revelation to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Everything that Muslims need, and mankind in general were all written inside the Holy Book. Sadly, not all Muslims are capable of reading Quran.

It makes many wonder of the law of cannot reading Quran in Islam. Here are some explanation regarding of it.

  1. Reciting Quran is One of the Greatest Gift

Among many of the greatest gift Allah SWT had sent down to Earth, the Holy Quran must be one of them. Reciting the Holy Quran is one of the greatest gift for human being. The words written there was from Allah, so reciting it means we are having conversation and feeling connected to the Exalted. See also Etiquette of Reading The Holy Quran

  1. Muslims Can Read Quran in Another Language

“So, [O Muhammad], We have only made Qur’an easy in the Arabic language that you may give good tidings thereby to the righteous and warn thereby a hostile people.” (19:97)

The verse above proves that Allah SWT Create the Holy Quran in Arabic language. However, not all Muslim are from Arabian countries, so sometimes it’s hard for them to learn it. The Holy Quran has been translated in another language as well for foreign Muslims to understand.

  1. Reading Tafseer is Also Rewarded by Allah SWT

Even if we only read the tafseer (translation of the Holy Quran) in our native language, we are still highly awarded by Allah SWT. There is no excuse for not reading Quran just because we cannot read it in Arabic doesn’t mean we can read it at all. See also Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

  1. It’s More Important to Understand Quran

There are many different opinion regarding should or not Muslims to read Quran on its original language. But understanding Holy Quran as whole to the deepest meaning is more important than being able to read it in Arabic without understanding the true meaning. If this is the case, then it would be better to read Quran which provide Arabic and literal translation in it.

  1. Making Dua in Non-Arabic Language is Permissible As Well

As said before, Muslims are spread all over the world. Not every Muslims understand Arabic language. Not only applied to when it comes to Quran recital, but also when a Muslim is making dua. Muslims are also allowed to make dua in other language but Arabic. See also Law of Holding Quran without Wudhu

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  1. Learning Arabic is Strongly Recommended

One of the greatest Islamic scholar, Imam Shafei urged Muslims to learn Arabic, even in small amount. It’s an obligation for every Muslims as Arabic would be greatly advantageous in many deeds such as making dua, reciting Quran, and many more.

If our native language is not Arabic and we use the excuse not to read Quran on it original language, it only shows that we put no effort in obeying Allah’s command to read Quran in Arabian.

  1. Being Able to Read Quran Arabic is the Most Important

Muslims should not feel burdened because Allah gave command to recite Quran in Arabic. It doesn’t mean we must understand Arabic as a whole. The most important thing is to be able to read Quran in Arabic. See also Law of Holding Quran When Praying

As for the meaning, we can read it through tafseer after we recite the original language. Learning to read Quran in Arabic is not that difficult anyway.

  1. Reading Quran in Arabic Gives Different Experience

For non-Arabian Muslims, we have provided by tafseer or translation of Quran in another language. But reading Quran in its original language gives different feeling and experience. We can never feel the beauty and profoundness of the word Allah has created Himself.

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  1. Reading Quran in Arabic Shows Our Love to Allah SWT

For Muslims from other countries outside Arab, reciting Quran in Arabic requires effort and struggle. The fact that we are willing to go through the long process shows how much we love Allah SWT. We need clear and devoted heart to do so, so it doesn’t really matter if we don’t understand the meaning completely. See also Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadan

“Indeed, it is a noble Qur’an. In a Register well-protected; None touch it except the purified. [It is] a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.” (56:77-80)

  1. Quran Verses Cannot be Substituted by Other Language

Translation is not so different with substitution. Whereas Quran can never be substitute with other language. Nothing can ever be compared with Allah’s words. Tafseer is a Quranic translation which show human’s appreciation to understand the meaning of Quran, not replacing it in another language.

  1. Reciting Quran is Worshiping Allah SWT

There are many ways of worshiping Allah SWT, and one of them is reciting Quran in its original language. As written inside the Holy Quran, reciting Quran in Arabic is obligated, so every Muslims should feel the urge to learn Arabic if they haven’t understand it yet. See also How to Memorize Quran

  1. The Rewards Cannot be Extended

There are indeed great rewards are given to Muslims who recite Quran in Arabic. The rewards are appreciation to the effort and difficulties a Muslim have gone through, so it can never be extended by reading Quran in another language.

After reading the explanation on law of cannot reading Quran in Islam, we should feel the urge of reciting Quran, since Allah’s big rewards come alongside of it. As long as we are still capable, we should learn to read Quran in Arabic and experience the profoundness of Allah’s words as well as marveling at its beauty while reciting.

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