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Law of Holding Quran without Wudhu – Reasons and Manner

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Quran is a book that is highly adored in Islam. It contains all the things that mankind need in life. More than that, Quran proves the Existence and Greatness of Allah SWT through the verses in it. Every way of life, Sharia law, and the history of Islam were all written in the Quran. It’s clear that Quran in Holy and hold a high position in our religion.


Regarding how precious Quran is, should we take wudhu first before holding the Holy Quran? Many Muslims may ask the same questions about law of holding Quran without wudhu.

‘Amr ibn Hazm (may Allaah be pleased with him), stating that the Prophet (peace be upon him) wrote to the people of Yemen: “No one should touch the Qur’aan except one who is taahir (pure).”

The hadith above stated that a Muslim must be taking wudhu before he gets hold of a Quran. While purifying ourselves is a must before holding the Holy Quran, there are further explanation regarding that matter.

Why We Should Purify Ourselves Before Holding the Quran?

Quran is more than a book in Islam. As it contains the past, present, and future of mankind and the universe, one must be pure before touch or hold it. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Quran Can Only be Hold by the Pure

As sacred as the Quran is, only the pure can hold it. The pure is not only who has taken the wudhu, but they must be free and clean from any najs. That is why a woman who is on her period is prohibited from holding the Quran or any other Muslims that is not in a pure condition even after taking wudhu. They have to clean themselves by performing ghusl before taking wudhu and holding the Quran. Also read Law of Holding Quran When Praying

  1. Quran Contains Revelation from Allah SWT

All verses that was written inside the Holy Quran are more than just verses. Those came directly from Allah SWT as a revelations to our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allah SWT had the word delivered to our Prophet through His angles Jibril or directly to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Thus, it is enough to make the Holy Quran a sacred book.

  1. Quran is the Most Sacred Book in Islam

As has been mentioned many times above, Quran is the most sacred book in Islam. It contains the saying of Allah SWT, Quran was sent down to the Earth as a revelation for Muhammad’s prophecy, as well as a proof that he was the last Messenger of Allah SWT, the 25th prophet Allah SWT has chosen. Also read Etiquette of Reading The Holy Quran

If we look inside the Holy Quran, it reveals the Greatness of Allah. There written many facts and prove regarding human’s inventions, nature phenomenon, and many other things that were all discovered in the modern era, whereas Quran has been sent down long before that.

  1. Quran Should be Treated in a Special Way

Holy Quran is a book that must be treated in a special way, as Quran is more than just a book. It’s why anyone couldn’t get hold of the Holy Quran if they are not in a pure condition.

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  1. Caring for Quran Means Caring for Allah SWT As Well

When we handle Quran with care, it means we also caring for Allah SWT as well. Quran is one of the many proof that Allah SWT does exist even though we never see Him directly, and likely will never do. Also read Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadan

What Should We Do Before Reciting the Holy Quran?

Reciting the Holy Quran is one of the biggest deed a Muslim can do. Before doing the recital, make sure we have done the things below:

  • Purifying Ourselves is a Must

Purifying self means cleansing all the dirt and najs, just like how we do before doing prayer. In Islam, wudhu is the act of purifying oneself. And for those who are in big najs (such as menstruation or just have a sexual intercourse) make sure we have perform ghusl.

  • Do Not Place Quran Directly on the Floor

Quran shouldn’t be placed as low as the floor. At least put a pillow between them. It’s even better to place the Holy Quran on the table, far from the floor referring its high status in our religion. Also read Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

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  • Hold Quran with Right Hand

According to the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), everything that is good should be done with the right hand. Thus, we must use our right hand to hold the Holy Quran.

From Aisha (RA): “The Prophet PBUH used his right hand in applying perfume, in eating, and used his left hand in the toilet or when removing any harm.” (Abu Dawood)

  • Direct All the Focus to Quran

Put all of our concentration and focus while reading the Holy Quran. Don’t pay attention to anything but the Quranic verses. Don’t talk in the middle of the recital to show our respect towards the Holy book.

  • Begin the Recital with by Seeking Protection

Reciting Quran should be started with “Audhu Billahi mina-Shaitan-nir-Rajeem” which means we seek for Allah’s protection during the recital. Through the words we ask Allah SWT to help to be more concentrate and focused while reading it, seeking only for His mercy and blessings. Also read Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam

  • Recite the Quran Slowly

Immersed in every words inside the Quran by taking time while reading it. Let everything internalized as if Allah SWT is talking to us.

  • Understand the Meaning of Quran

Quran were written in Arabic that we who lived outside Arab countries are having a hard time to understand it. Read Quran which provide interpretations on our own language so that we can understand it better.

After understanding the law of holding Quran without wudhu, we all know that we must purify ourselves in order to hold the Holy Quran. And as a good Muslim, we must defend Quran and all of its content until the End of the Day. By reciting Quran, we also get much blessing from Allah SWT.

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