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Law of Holding Quran When Praying – Is It Allowed?

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“By men whom neither traffic nor merchandise can divert from the Remembrance of Allah nor from regular Prayer, nor from the practice of regular Charity: their (only) fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be transformed (in a world wholly new).” (24:37)


Salah or prayer is the main pillar in Islam. It has been mentioned many times in Quran, that the main duty of a Muslim is to perform prayer that it made obligatory. There are 5 obligatory prayer with number of sunnah prayer to be performed in day and night. In salah, we recite surah from Quran after Al Fateha. We should be memorize the surah and read it properly.

But how if we don’t remember the surah? Is it allowed to hold and read directly from Quran while praying? What are the law of holding Quran when praying?

We must have seen once or many times people holding Quran while doing prayer. Here are some opinion regarding the law of holding Quran when praying.

  1. Holding Quran May Distracts from Prayer

There is one condition for our salah to be accepted by Allah SWT and we receive His blessing by doing so. We have to be focused in our Salah, immersed in worshiping Allah SWT. It’s very hard to stay focus if we hold Quran on our hands or recite directly from it. As Quran must be handled with care, we can just hold it as we wish. Also read Etiquettes of Reading The Holy Quran

This is applied when we pray alone or together in congregation. Even when we don’t know which verse of Quran the Imaam is reciting, we better be silent and listen to it attentively.

“So, when the Qur’aan is recited, listen to it, and be silent that you may receive mercy.” (7:204)

  1. Not Holding Quran While Doing Prayer is Better

In Islam, there are no absolute law that we, Muslims, shouldn’t hold Quran when performing the prayer. However, since holding Quran may distract us from the prayer itself, many Muslim scholars agreed that not holding Quran would be better. Allah SWT never command Muslim to recite certain verses from Quran in Salah. Recite any verses that we remember, it would be enough for Allah. Also read Things that Spoil Prayer in Islam

What surah we recite is not the most important thing. How we fill our mind only with Allah and worshiping Him with all of our heart is all that matters.

  1. Recite What We Remember from the Quran

It has explained above that we can recite just any verses we remember from Quran. If we only remember the last three surah, it would be fine. But over time, we should practice more surah and memorize it. Also read Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadan

  1. Holding Quran May Resulted to Prayer’s Invalidation

An Islamic scholar, Imam Abu Hanifah said that a person who holds or read directly from the Quran when they pray, then the prayer could be considered as invalid. There will be too many excessive movement when the turn the pages of Quran, continuously looking to the Mushaf and lost focus on worshiping Allah SWT. Also read Benefit of Taraweeh Prayer

As we all know, too many movement is one of the causes of Salah invalidation. And too many distraction cause us to lose focus, which resulted in no blessings were given by Allah SWT.

  1. Listening to the Imaam is Best

When we do Salah in congregation prayer, the Imam may be reciting verses from the Quran which we don’t know. We shouldn’t follow what the Imam recite, but we should listen to it. Also read Virtues of Taraweeh Prayer Congregational

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The imam has been appointed to be followed, so when he says takbeer, then say takbeer, and when he recites, then listen attentively.”

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Law of Holding Quran When Praying According to Islamic Scholars

Three major schools in Islam has their own opinion on law of holding Quran when praying. Here are the explanation.

  • Hanafi

Hanafi is one of four major schools in Sunni Islam with the largest followers around the world. Regarding the law of holding Quran when we are praying, Hanafi has an absolute law that it is not permissible at all.

  • Shafi’i

Another major school in Sunni Islam, Shafi’i has different opinion with Hanafi. According to Shafi’i, Muslims are allowed to hold Quran while they are praying, either in obligatory or Sunnah prayers.

  • Maliki

While Hanafi and Shafi’i has opposed view regarding the law of holding Quran when praying, Maliki stands in the middle. In Maliki, Muslims are allowed to hold the Quran in Sunnah prayer. But during the obligatory prayer, holding and reciting from the Quran directly is prohibited.

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How to be Focused in Prayer

From the explanation above, we know that holding Quran during prayer can distract us and causing our prayer to be invalid. How to stay focus when praying so that we can get the most blessing from Allah?

  • Position yourself the right way before Salah. And slow down while doing every movement. It allows you to relax during Salah.
  • Get immersed into what you recite during Salah by understanding the meaning. When we understand what we recite, it draws us closer to Allah SWT and allows us to be more focus in Salah.
  • Know that the biggest enemy in Salah is none other than Satan. Anticipate all the evil tricks Satan may do to distract us during Salah.
  • Go to a quiet place where distraction is minimal. Also, do dhikr before Salah to help improving the concentration during Salah.
  • Every Salah is important. Emphasized the importance of Salah as if it is our last. By doing so, we would give our utmost devotion and worship.
  • Make dua to Allah SWT and ask for His forgiveness if get too distracted in Salah. Ask Him to improve your focus and concentration.

Those are the explanation of the law of holding Quran when praying. As there is no absolute law regarding that matter, we better not holding the Quran if it could distract our Salah.

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