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14 Romantic Ways How to Get Husband Love in Islam

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Everything in this world has two sides, as well as the household that must has good times and bad times. But that good time and bad time are not a reason to be emotional each other, hate and even farewell.


Instead, difficulty and happiness that are felt in the household must be a learning for introspection each other and maintain a household that is sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah ( A family with tranquility, love and mercy)

Many ways can be done by a wife to make a happiness household. One of  them is making happy the husband, so the husband will give much love to the wife. Here are some tips that can be applied about how to get husband love in Islam.

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  1. Straighten Marriage Intentions for Worship

The main thing is straightening our intentions as wives, that our marriages is exclusively as an obligation worship to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

So, our heart will be quieter and always happy without having to claim anything from husband because Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will always keep the harmony of a household that straighten its intention only to get the pleasure of Him. See also Blessing important of marriage.

  1. Obey the Husband

A husband is an imam and a leader in the household, so a wife must obey him. Obeying the husband is the basic foundation of a household that is not only a sharia obligation, but it can make the husband to love more his wife.

The meaning of that adherence is an adherence in positive things and it is not contradictory with Islamic law. If a husband command to do negative things, then the wife must remind him and reject that command.

  1. Always Cultivate Gratitude and Cheerful

A wife who always shows a gratitude and cheerfulness in her temperament will make the “home” where is the most comfortable and enjoyable place for a husband. Because from the gratitude and cheerfulness will flow positive energy for the husband, children and her house. See also how to have a happy marriage.

  1. Serve Husband with a complete heart

If the heaven of children is on the mother’s foot, then the heaven of a wife is on her husband. With serving and making her husband’s heart happy will be a reward field for a wife.

Serving here includes everything such as serving the husband’s biological and psychological needs (cooking and preparing food, doing the conjugal relationship, preparing clothes, and many more). You may also read Muslim wife duties for her husband.

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  1. Take care the self-respect as a woman

Maintaining or not a woman’s honor becomes the basic thing to determine views, assumptions, concerns and love of a husband to his wife.

If he knew that his wife cannot keep herself-respect before marriage, then the husband will be disappointed and even he cannot accept that adultery.

  1. Keep Loyalty

Loyalty is a fixed price that must be dept by a wife to her husband after they become husband and wife legally.

Islam regulates this thing clearly, that a wife may not relate or communicate with other men except there is a permission from her husband and it is done with the right purpose, time and place, such as she is accompanied by her husband or family.

  1. Apply Patience

A wife’s patience in serving and dealing her husband is very important to be applied in the household. This thing will become an important thing the husband want. That is having a patience wife. You may also read patience in Islam and how to be patience in Islam

  1. Give Rewards

A husband is an Imam in the household who must give the physical and conjugal needs. That is not easy thing to be done. Because of that appreciation or award is very important to be given on efforts or little works that have been done by husband to provide our needs.

The reward from our will always make our husband more happy and he will feel very useful for his household. So that will add his love for his wife.

  1. Always Open and Transparent

A husband is a reflection for a wife and vice versa. Because of that, as a wife, we must always open to our husband about anything.

Besides it can avoid sins, this is very effective to embed and grow husband’s trust to his wife. Because the more secrets in the household will be less trust, even it will cause a suspicion and conflict between husband and wife.

  1. Do not Compare Husband with Others

Humans are creatures who are blessed with uniqueness in terms of physical, psychological and social. Every human has his own ways to do his life with conditions that spin like a wheel, sometimes we are on the top and sometimes we are on the bottom.

Because of that, do not compare our husband to others who may be more lucky from our husband. For example, physical, rizq or behavior of others can degrade and hurt the heart of our husband.

  1. Always Ask for Husband’s permission

As humans, we need a little space to meet friends or family although we have been a wife. But, after marriage, all of our activities must be known and given a permission by our husband because a wife who came out without her husband’s permission will get a painful sin in the Hereafter.

Besides that, by asking for permission from husband, the husband will feel more appreciated and respected by his wife.

  1. Give Solutions for Husband

Although providing needs is an obligation of husband, but it is not wrong if we also help to lighten the economical needs of household. The way is seeking alternatives or helping husband’s business.

  1. Give Advices and Critics

Advice and critics are needed by every human, including our husbands because humans must have lacks and faults that should be remembered by others, especially their wives. Therefore, it is not wrong if we give advice and critics for the good of our husbands. But, we have to use the right ways and times in conveying advice and critics.

Do not our advice and critics humble and offend our husbands. You should deliver it slowly and use a good vocabulary, so that our advice are easier to be accepted. In addition, you should deliver it in the leisure time and alone.

  1. Good at Money Management

One criteria of ideal wife is clever to analyze needs and manage money. This is very important to be done because the household needs are not little and cheap.

So that, the skill of money management will be very useful to help the husband in providing the needs of household. See also tips for saving money in Ramadan.

Thus this article about how to get husband love in Islam. Hopefully, this article can improve our knowledge and our faith to Allah Subanahu Wa Ta’ala. Amen.

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