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Law of Men Makes Women Crying in Islam

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There is no human in this world who wants to be hurt and betrayed. All human want to get happiness, love and peace within themselves. For that, every human should give love, honor and award each other.


One form of rebound and emotion that Allah SWT created to His creation is crying. Crying is a form of sadness in human beings. But sometimes, crying is a form of emotion or a form of helplessness in human beings to meet a problem.

Allah SWT said this in Quran that crying can be a reminder of our sins and fear to Allah SWT, “So let them laugh a little and [then] weep much as  recompense for what they used to earn.” (Q.S. At-Tawbah : 82)

Sometimes, men make women crying. Remembering women are creatures of Allah SWT who are very perceptive with their feelings. For that, women often cry. There are many reasons that make women crying and every their crying can be understandable. Here is an explanation about the law of men women crying in Islam.

Women are sensitive creatures

In fitra, women are sensitive creatures. For that, they often cry as a rebound of women to meet their problems. For women, crying is not a shameful thing or something that humble them. Of course, it is different with men. Men are difficult to cry if there is nothing that make them really shock.

The Prophets also cry if they remember Allah SWT, as it is delivered in Quran :

“Those were the ones upon whom Allah bestowed favor from among the Prophets of the descendant of Adam and of those We carried [in the ship] with Noah, and of the descendant of Abraham and Israel, and of those whom We guided and chose. When the verses of the Most Merciful were recited to them, they fell in prostration and weeping.” (Q.S. Maryam : 58)

Here are things that make a woman sensitive to her feeling and they vent it with crying.

  1. Hormonal

In the body of women, there are a hormone called Estrogen. Estrogen is the most important hormone in women. This function of this hormone builds various female organs such as female area, breast or parts of reproductive systems including its forms. For that, this hormone is only owned by women and it will be not in men’s body.

Estrogen can take care reproductive system, so it can work well according to its system. These are including to relieve stress, pressure on muscles and hamper the formation of muscle mass. Besides that, this hormone also triggers a sense of empathy, arranges emotional stability and mood in women.

This Estrogen always increases when the period of menstruation come until one week after that period. Estrogen is also useful for clean the wall of uterus that there is the blood of menstruation. After that, the blood of women will smooth again and the mood or emotional of women will be stable, too.

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  1. Fitra as a Mother

The fitra of a woman is a Mother. For that, she must have a lot of love to her children. Because children will do more communication and get a big love from their mother. While their father will be less because he has to work and earn a living.

Without a lot of feelings and high intuition, a mother will be difficult to take care and grow her children. For that, this fitra should be not lost. The sensitivity of these feelings must be maintained in a balanced way, so they will be useful as their functions.

  1. Fitra as a Wife

Of course, a wife has different duties and obligations from her husband. Fitra as a wife with love makes her more sensitive to her feelings and love toward her husband. It is also a fitra of women. A woman has a duty and function in her household to make her husband happy in psychological or mind.

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  1. Has a Monthly Cycle (PMS)

When a woman get menstruation, she often feel pain. For that, this will affect the feeling of women. It may be that a woman should really struggle to control her emotions, feelings and moods that can also be in unstable conditions. For that, this is an own struggle for a woman to still be able to balance it.

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  1. The Strengthen of Feelings

In some psychological literature, it is mentioned that the power of women is on the aspect of their feelings. Their brain contain various memories and feelings. This is different with men who think a lot about logical, rational and factual things.  A man has a weakness in terms of feel, empathy and intuition.

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The Law of Men Make Women Crying in Islam

All Islamic law are certainly not rated from aspects of behavior or activity. Islam also looks the intention and orientation of behavior that has been done. A good activity is not necessarily good if its orientation is bad.

The man who made a woman cry, there must be some causes. Whether from the male aspect or indeed the woman. Because of women has high sensitivity and feelings, so it is necessary to find out first about that man is a cause of women crying or indeed women often cry.

For that, it can be noticed from various aspects that exist. This is an explanation about that.

A. It is viewed from the Orientation

The orientation of men make crying women can be various. For example, he made women crying deliberately for things that women do not want :

  • Intend to hurt
  • Intend to do bad things
  • Intent to hurt the heart of a woman

Of course, those are forbidden things if the orientation hurt or make a woman angry. But, it will be different if the orientation educate, announce, make a woman to have better moral aspects. Its meant that the good intend is no problem, because it can make a change of women.

B. It is viewed from the cause of women crying

It is viewed from the reason of women crying, she is crying because she has been hurt or something that make her sensitive.  Of course, if it is only caused by her sensitivity or common things, but she is crying, the men is not wrong. Of course, the man  is not guilty in that case.

For that, it is as our reminder that is recited in Quran, “and that He is Who makes people laugh and weep.”

Everything, either laughing or crying come from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Thank to Allah all kinds of His blessings. Hopefully this article is useful for us and we can make a better human. Amen.

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