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20 Pleasant Ways How to Treat Your In Laws in Islam

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Everything changes when a Muslim get married, both for the wife and the husband. They have extend their family by marriage, and thus some new things come along. They will gain new parents, siblings, and relatives that called in laws.


How to treat your in laws in Islam has always been an issue. Here are the right way in Islam to treat the in laws.

1. Love Them As Your Own Family

When you are getting married, you should be accepting of your partner’s family too. As you can’t get married without their family’s permission, so now you have to cherish and love them as your own family. Their happiness is your happiness so their sadness is your sadness too.

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2. Give Them Respect

Always give them respect. Respecting could have many meaning, such as you should love them, cherish them, treat them with a good manner and not doing things that may cause harm to them. As a child, you should be understanding to them and not treating them harshly.

3. Pay a Visit to Them

If you are living separately from your in laws, pay a regular visit to them. If you’re a wife and your husband cannot regularly visit his family, you may go in his place instead. Love your in laws as if they are your own and they will return it with many good things to you.

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4. Accept Their Advice

As someone who is more experienced in life, your in laws will give various advice for your life. Accept it no matter what, whether you are going to use it or not. The point is to listen to them carefully. It’s a way to respect them.

5. Don’t Share Their Secret

After you get married, you may discover some unpleasant secret about your in laws. It may surprise you but you have to remember one thing: you must never share their secret, including to your own family. You are a part of them know, so take their secret as if it is yours.

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6. Do Your Spouse’s Obligation

For a woman, you can share the responsibility of your husband to his parents. For example, as he is busy with work, you can go to his parents’ house and pay them a visit in your husband’s place. It proves how much you love your husband.

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7. Honor Your In Laws

Your in laws is a family for your spouse that they love all of their love. If you love them, so you must love their family too. You can honor them in many ways such as never complain about them, brag your husband in front of them, and accepting the advice they give to you.

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8. Speak in a Good Manner

Speak to your in laws like you speak to your parents. Speak in a low, polite tone that is very pleasant to be heard. Don’t snap on them and using bad choice of words while talking to them. Consider that they might get hurt by your rude manners.

9. Don’t Let Them Interfere Your Life

In laws still have limitations in your life. They may give their advice as often as they want, but they don’t have any right to forced do this or that. The decision is fully belong to you and your spouse. Event though their advice is nothing you would do, accept it well but don’t use it immediately.

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10. Don’t Share the Details of Your Life with Them

Still about the limitation, your in laws has not right to know the details in your life. You better not telling them and just keep it as your secret. If they ask about it, you have the right not to answer it. Don’t include your in laws or your own parents to your private life.

More Ways to Treat In Laws in Islam

Marriage in Islam means not only you and your lover who got married. You also married their family too and should be treat them like yours. However, there must be some different since treating you in laws is not the same as treating your own family. Even though one must not be disrespect their in laws. Here are more ways how to treat in laws in Islam:

  • Help the with housework even though it’s not your obligations. Whether for man or woman, by helping your in laws will show that you do love them.
  • Greet the properly when you meet them. Especially for woman, not all in laws are your mahram, so don’t take off your hijab in front of in laws relatives that is not one of it.
  • If they held a wedding party or such, make sure you attend it. It’s no obligation but it will be better if you can come.
  • Everything that you heard from your in laws should be bear with patience. Don’t tell your own parents about it.
  • Be good to all in laws, especially mother in laws since she has suffered to raise your partner.
  • As for daughter in law, she doesn’t has any obligation to be devoted to or forced by her husband’s family in everything. If she is doing good to them, it’s only out of kindness.
  • As for son in law, he has to make sure that his wife is living in a good circumstances and must promise to his in laws that takes full responsibility of his wife’s happiness.
  • Also for son in law, if he can afford to buy house for his own family, then he shouldn’t ask his wife to live together with his mother.
  • A daughter in law should give the right of her in law, whether they live together or separately.
  • In laws, husband and wife should each know their respective rights. For the sake of the family harmony, one should never violating the rights.

Those are ways how to treat in laws in Islam. We Allah SWT always bless our marriage and let’s be the better version of us as a Muslim everyday.

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