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Law of Wife Scolding Husband in Islam

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The marriage obligation is one of the advices in Islam, but today we often see women who have become wives scolding or yelling at their husbands and done without being guilty or sinful and taking it as an usual matter. (Read Important of Marriage in Islam).


This may be done because of their ignorance of the law of wives scolding their husbands. For that, in this opportunity we will provide important information for wives and also women who will marry and become a wife about what the basis of Islamic law of  scolding the husband and know if the household life according to Islam is not as easy as the reverse the palm.

The law of snaping or scolding the husband is not allowed and belongs to the type of major sin in Islam because the husband is the one who must be the most obeyed and respected by women as  wife.  As we know if Rasulullah SAW in some hadith says that husband has high position than wife.

If I could command a person to prostrate on someone else, I would have ordered a wife to prostrate to her husband.” (Abu Dawud, Al-Hakim, Tirmidhi)


It is not fitting for a man to bow down to another human being. If it is appropriate for a person to prostrate on another person I would have ordered the wife to prostrate on her husband because of the extent of her husband’s right to her … “(HR Ahmad)


And the best of wives are those who are obedient to her husband, wise, inherit, little talk, do not like to talk about something useless, not fussy and do not like to speak frenetic and be loyal to her husband.” (HR An Nasa’i )

If indeed the husband made a mistake, it should be for the wife to remind the husband but must be done in a good way, said a gentle word, do not yell or use a loud voice and also not to offend the husband because there is a law of  wife against husband according to Islam that will be accepted if done.

Wives who show a rude attitude to husbands or husbands who rude to the wife show if they have bad morals and there is less knowledge among them. (Read Things to Know about Marriage in Islam)

Related Hadith

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Rasulullah SAW said,

The best woman for the husband is a fun when she was seen, obedient when governed, and doesd not against her husband both in her heart and not spend (wear) his property in a case that is hated by her husband “(H. R. Ahmad)

If the husband is scolded, barked or tyrannized which is characteristic of ungodly wife against this husband, the angels of heaven will be very angry at the wife who has scolded her husband.

Angels  are wrath with wife who scolded husband

If the husband is scolded, barked or tyrannized which is characteristic of ungodly wife against this husband, the angels of heaven will be very angry at the wife who has scolded her husband.

(Read Islamic Way to Treat Your Wife)

Rasulullah SAW said,

“Not a wife who hurt her husband in the world, but the wife from the group of angels will say,

Do not hurt him. May Allah enemies you. He (the husband) is only a guest by your side; it is almost he will leave you to go to us “(Narrated At-Tirmidhi)

It should be the wives to stay away from the tyrannical attitudes on their husband because the rivals of the wives are very heavy and not because of another women but the angels of Allah SWT who characterizes in the Quran, as follows :

  • “Indeed, for the righteous is attainment – Gardens and grapevines, and full-breasted [companions] of equal age”. (QS an-Naba’ : 31-33)
  • Thus. And We will marry them to fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes“. (QS. Ad-Dhukhan : 54)
  • They will be reclining on thrones lined up, and We will marry them to fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes“. (QS. At-Tur : 20)
  • Fair ones reserved in pavilions” (QS. Ar-Rahman : 72)
  • In them are good and beautiful women” (QS. Ar-Rahman : 70)
  • Indeed, We have produced the women of Paradise in a [new] creation. And made them virgins. Devoted [to their husbands] and of equal age”. (QS. Al-Waaqia : 35-37)

Hadith Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud Radiyallahu

The first group of people who enter paradise, as though their faces are moonlight on a full moon night. The second group is like the best star in the sky. For every one of the heavenly scholars are two heaven’s angels.

In every angel  there are 70 jewels. The legs can be seen from behind the meat and jewelry, as red drink that can be seen in the white glass. “(Narrated by Thadrani with sanad shahih)

In some of the above hadith has been said clearly that the prohibition of the wife to tyrannize, scolded or snapped at her husband because it will someday will get a heavy rival which is the angel of Allah SWT so it should be very shunned and should not be done.

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If the wife feels that anger can not be arrested, then it is still not allowed to show the anger with excessive emotion. It would be better to say istighfar and ask forgiveness of Allah SWT because istighfar will more lighten the heart that is hot. Do not follow the lust for being emotional but try to restrain the emotion.

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When it is felt a bit calm, then start talking with your husband to find a way out and do well while giving the best advice on errors that have been done by the husband.

That are the reviews of us about the law of wife scolding husband so that women can become criteria of candidate wife according to Islam which are good. Hopefully this article can be useful and make your family  with tranquility, love and mercy.

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