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14 Morals of the Prophet’s Wife that Must Be Followed by Muslims

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In addition to the Prophet Muhammad having ways to make his wife happy as the way the Prophet loved his wife, the wife of the Prophet also did so to her husband. The wife of the Prophet was a woman who was greatly glorified by the Prophet Muhammad, as in the words of the Prophet Muhammad:


“The noble people of men are many, but the noblest women are Maryam bint Imron and Asiyah the wife of Pharaoh and the virtue of a wife of the Prophet is like the virtue of tsarid over all food.” (Narrated by Bukhari: 5/2067 and Muslim: 2431)

Here are the 14 morals of the Prophet’s wife that must be followed by Muslims:

1. Very Obedient to the Husband

The attitude of Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, to the Prophet Muhammad who was exemplary was included as a wife who obeyed her husband. The habit of Aisha while at home was that she always carried out housework every morning. Without any sense of complaining to the Prophet Muhammad, Aisha the Prophet always tried to do her housework well and diligently.

2. Stubborn But Fair

Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, was a woman who was very stubborn, jealous, and hard to yield but she was very fair. The combination of several of these traits is only possessed by people who have high morals and good behavior. One of the events that showed that his stubbornness was when Aisha of the Prophet adhered to her position when slandered and then Allah revealed a verse that freed her from the accusation.

3. Faithful to the Prophet Muhammad

The next attitude shown to the Messenger of Allāh is faithfulness as the key to a happy household is faithfulness. At that time, the Prophet gave Aisha, the wife of the Messenger of Allah, a choice, whether she wanted to stay with the Prophet with a simple life or get the divorce and get the world.

So the answer is, she chose to stay with the Prophet Muhammad whatever the conditions are so that this is what makes the Aisha worth to follow.

4. Patiently Look After Her Husband When He is Sick

When the Prophet Muhammad was sick, he chose the house of Aisha to settle until he died. As a wife, Aisha of the Prophet certainly guarded the Prophet Muhammad well and took care of him until he recovered. Until at one point, the Prophet Muhammad died in the bosom of Aisha, the wife of the Prophet.

Abu Wafa’ Ibn Aqil said, “Look at the Messenger of Allāh, he chose to stay at the house of Aisha when he was sick and chose the father of Aisha to replace him to lead humans, but still the Rafidhah people forgot that great integrity.”

5. Always Calm when Angry

Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, was one of the women who deserve to be lauded as the criteria of a good wife according to Islam and of course it must be an example of other Muslim women. She has a gentle heart, full of love, warm, and loyal to her husband. In addition, Aisha the wife of the Prophet always spread peace and loves even when Aisha was angry at the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet told Aisha the wife of the Prophet, “Really I know your anger and field when you are calm.”

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6. Sharing Knowledge with Your Husband

In addition to his gentle heart, Aisha was a smart woman. She always shared her knowledge with the Prophet Muhammad. Even thousands of the hadith of the Prophet who talked about law, revelation, behavior, and many others originated from the wife of the Prophet’s wife. Urwah bin Zubair once said, “I have never seen anyone who was clever about the science of jurisprudence, medicine, and oration more than the wife of the Prophet Muhammad.” Aisha was like a sponge capable of absorbing knowledge from the Prophet Muhammad and his friends.

7. A Wife Who Has Courage

Aisha the wife of the Prophet was also a wife who had a quwwah attitude or a very strong determination in defending the truth. We can see this when the people dare to question the sanctity of Aisha when he returned home from the Bani Musthaliq War.

This could destabilize the Prophet’s trust in Aisha but the attitude of Aisha to her husband was to stick to the truth. Allah SWT then justified the chastity of Aisha in the Al-Quran surah An-Nur verse 12. Aisha the wife of the Prophet said,

“Indeed, something that befalls me is more despicable if until Allah SWT says about me through revelations that will be read.” (Narrated by Bukhari 4141) It was this attitude of Aisha who later strengthened the Prophet’s trust in her.


8. Often Spoiled and Jealous

Umul Mu’minin Aisha the wife of the Prophet was one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad who had a spoiled and jealous nature to her husband. Not because she was the only one who was married to the Prophet Muhammad when he was young, but because the Messenger of Allāh also liked it if his wife was spoiled and jealous of him.

9. Motherly Attitude to Husband

Besides having a spoiled and jealous nature, Aisha was the figure of a wife who had a motherly attitude. So no wonder, even though she was married to the Prophet Muhammad at a very young age, Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, became a comfortable place and a warm embrace for her husband.

In addition to this motherly nature, Aisha was given to the Messenger of Allah, she also often cared for, educated, and taught Allah’s knowledge to the small children around her house. She is one of the references of leading friends and sources of various issues in the fields of science, religion, the Koran, and the Sunnah.

10. Her Love is Sincere and Deep

In addition to the intelligence of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad who was so extraordinary, her attitude as a wife to the Prophet Muhammad also could not be ruled out. She has a sincere and deep love for the Prophet Muhammad. This strong love then she realized by always following and applying the sunnah that was done by the Prophet in his life. In fact, she also invited all Muslims to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

11. Never Oppose Husband

Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, was a wife who had never once opposed the orders of the Prophet Muhammad for nine years; they took care of households together. Just like when there was something that disturbed the feelings of the Prophet Muhammad, then by using only gestures, Aisha the wife of the Prophet must have immediately soothed him.

12. Shidiq Woman Among Women Believers

In her lifetime, Khadijah the wife of the Prophet was known as a woman who was so honest (Shidiq). Even from the honesty she had, she got extraordinary adulation from the Messenger of Allāh to the point that she had never in the least forgotten what Khadijah Rasulullah’s wife had done during her lifetime. And this is what the Apostle always told the friends.

13. Giving Descendants to the Prophet SAW

From the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, only Khadijah the wife of the Prophet and Mary Al-Qibti gave him the offspring. But from the descendants of Khadijah, the wife of Rasulullah, the children of the Prophet continued to grow to adulthood. And those of the descendants of Mary Al-Qibtiyah were only a son named Ibrahim and he died when he was a child whereas, from Khadijah, the Prophet had 2 sons and 4 daughters which 2 of the sons of the Prophet and Khadijah also died in his childhood. And the others are Zainab, Umm Kulthum, Ruqayyah, and Fatimah and the four of them were defenders of the religion of Allah SWT.

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14. Accompanying Her Husband during His Difficult Days

Khadijah was a woman who was patient in helping the Messenger of Allah while receiving the first revelation in the cave of Hira, strengthening and giving serenity when the Prophet got a burdensome dream and also prayed with the Messenger of Allah when Islam was still secretly recited. Khadijah the wife of the Prophet was always loyal and accompanied the Prophet in undergoing a difficult day even though she was a woman from a family who was respectable. Khadijah the wife of the Messenger of Allah accepted the Messenger of Allah as he was and never complained. Here the primacy of faith in Islam is very much demonstrated by Khadijah the wife of the Prophet.

“Do you know the figure I told you that I saw in a dream, he was Gabriel. He told me that he was sent by my Rabb to me. Khadijah the Prophet’s wife said: Cheer up, for Allah’s sake, Allah will always treat you well. Therefore, accept what comes to you from God, for that is the truth.” (Muslim)

When the Messenger of Allah returned from Hira’s cave, he was in a state of fear and anxiety and said to Khadijah the Prophet’s wife “Cover me … cover me …” (Muslim)

Khadijah then gave strength and serenity to the Prophet with a strong sense of faith in Allah: “Allah will not humiliate you forever, in fact, you really are a person who likes to connect the fraternity, respect guests, bear people in need, meet needed people who are not able to, and help people who are affected by the disaster.” (Muslim)

The thing that Khadijah did would not be able to be done by people who have weak faith. Because of the firmness of her faith, Khadijah the wife of the Prophet always believed that every hint given by God was true.

Further reading:

Those are the attitudes of the Prophet’s wives to him who were overwhelmed by love, affection, and loyalty even though at that time, their financial conditions were difficult. But this difficult condition could then foster sincerity and a sense of affection, deepening a sense of love, and loyalty.

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