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15 Practices Entering Heaven without Hisab

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Among Muslims who go to heaven, there are those who go directly into it and some have to wait long, and there are those who have to stop by hell. If you can choose, surely you want to go to heaven without having to wait, without having to stop by hell, but just go in, without being scorned without punishment. How to? The following is explained in the discussion, 15 practices entering heaven without hisab.

  1. Tawhid

The uniqueness of studying monotheism is the greatest knowledge, the most obligatory obligation, and the greatest commandment of Allah. Therefore, the features obtained by Al-Muwahhidin (those who believe in Allah) are many and very large.

Among the virtues of the science of Islamic monotheism that are gained by them:

  • Tawhid experts get security and guidance,
  • The returned place is Heaven, Allah Ta’ala saved him from hell,
  • The Tawhid expert gets the chance to be forgiven for all his sins,
  • The weighing scale of monotheism defeats the scales of heaven and Earth,
  • And the culmination of the virtue bestowed on the Tawhid expert is getting the opportunity to enter Heaven without hisab.
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  1. Charity Based On the Basis of Islamic Law

Sa’id said, “How good a person who acts in accordance with the arguments he hears, but Ibn Abbas radhiyallaahu ‘anhu told us the hadith from the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. He said, “I have shown some people by Allah, then I saw a Prophet with several people (not up to 10 people, pent.), a Prophet with someone and two people, and a Prophet who was alone. Suddenly a large group of people appeared to me. I thought they were my people, but it was told to me, that is the Prophet Moses and his people.”

“Furthermore, I suddenly saw a large number of people again, and told me, “This is your people, with them, there are seventy thousand people who enter heaven without hisab.” Then he rose and entered the house. People talk about who they are.”

  1. Tawakkal

Some of them said, ‘Maybe they are friends of the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam. ‘There are others who say, ‘Maybe they are people who are born in an Islamic environment and have never been partners with Allah’, they mention the others too.

When the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam came out, they told him this. Then he said, “They are people who do not ask for ruqyah, do not do kay, and do not do tathayyur and they stand only on their Rabb.”

  1. Died in The State of Repentance

“Indeed the practice is only based on the closing.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari). For that reason, always pray for prayer in Islam.

  1. Cleaned From Shirk, Bid’ah, and Maksiat

It means to be cleaned of sins with all kinds of things (shirk, bid’ah, and immorality), he is a servant dies in a state of repentance from all sin or his sin has been dissolved with a smelter (mukaffirat) sin.

  1. Far From Big and Small Shirk

Syaikh Shaleh Al-Fauzan hafizhahullah explains As-Saabiqun bil khairaat (people who hasten in kindness) in his book I’anatul Mustafid that they are survivors of big and small shirk. They abandoned illicit things and makruh.

In fact, they leave some things that are illegal/halal. They are serious in carrying out obedience, both obligatory and sunnah. They are those who first do well. So whoever reaches this level, he enters Heaven without hisab.

  1. Saying Creed When Died

In the asyhadu speech, muhammadar rasulullah contains demands far from immorality and heresy. It is because the consequences of the Muhammadar Shahada Rasulullah are obedient to the case ordered by the Prophet, justifying what he informs, away from prohibitions, and not worshiping Allah but according to Shari’a at what he taught. (At-Tamhiid: 33)

  1. Saying Laa Ilaaha Illallah When He Died

Shaykh Shaleh Alusy-Shaykh hafizhahullah, in his book At-Tamhiid explains the realization of Tawhid perfectly is the realization of syahadatain laa ilaaha illallaah, Muhammad Rasulullah because in the words of a Tawhid Expert, laa ilaaha illallaah, there is a demand for Tawhid and far from shirk with all the kind.

  1. Faithful Followers of the Prophet

Instead of Abu Bakr, Rasulullah said: “I was blessed by Allah. 70,000 people from my people entered heaven without reckoning. Their faces look like the moon on a full moon. Their hearts are all the same. Then, I appeal to God and Allah adds to me every one person becomes 70,000 people.” (Ahmad’s hadith in the Musnad with a valid sanad)

  1. The First Person to Enter Islam in the Period of the Prophet

They are those who believe first, brought near to God, a large portion of the previous people, and a small group of people later. (Al Waqiah 10-14)

  1. Have Perfect Moral

Groups of people who will enter heaven without reckoning are groups which are mentioned in the surah Al-Waqi’ah verses 10-14. God gives them the nature of believers first and they are brought near to God in heaven. They are a large group of people who were former and a small group of people later. To them, God has instilled glory, love of destiny, and grandeur. They are a mirror in faith, good deeds, jihad, knowledge, grace, tenderness, love, perfection, morals, and grandeur.

  1. Got a Charity Book in the Right Hand

As for the person given the book from his right hand, then he will be examined with an easy examination and he will return to his people (those who share faith) happily. (Al Insyiqaq 7-9)

  1. People Who Are Patient When Tested with Severe Diseases in the World

“On the Day of Judgment later, after the scale of the charity is installed, people who diligently pray are called to receive their reward in full, people who are diligently fasting are called to receive their reward in full, people who like to fast called to receive their reward in full, and those who go on pilgrimage are called to receive their reward in full. But the scales of the people who were tried with the sickness were not installed, they were also not tried, they were not only rewarded, they were not treated.”

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  1. Dead in the State of Shahid

Abu Nu’aim of Ibnu Abbas said that the Prophet said: “On the Day of Judgment, the martyrs are presented to be rebuked, and those who are charitable are presented to be taken away. The people who were tried with the disease were also presented, but not to be humiliated or tried. They were even given a lot of rewards so that healthy people in the Mahsyar field hope their bodies will be cut into pieces and cut a good reward by Allah.”

  1. Always Gratitude and Qana’ah (Receiving What It Is)

“O my grandson is always qana’ah, surely you will become the richest man. And fulfill your obligation, surely you will be the most devoted to God. O my grandson in heaven there is a tree named Balwa intended for people who are tried by suffering from illness. For them, there is no weighing of charities, and no court is held but instead rewarded to them.” He then read the letter Az Zumar verse 10: “Surely only those who are patient are rewarded without limits.”

More articles:

If someone has perfect goodness, for example in terms of morals, deeds to others, etc. but he has the character of infidelity and shirk, then he is not included in the 15 groups mentioned above, but they are immediately put into hell without being deprived of charity even though they have a lot of good deeds while living in the world. It happens because everyone who disbelieves and shirk will be ensured to go to hell because they do everything in the world, not because of Allah and never worship Allah, as the word following,

“And the trumpet blew. That is the day of the implementation of threats and every one of them comes along, with him a servant angel and an angel of witness. Lo! You are in a state of neglect of this, We reveal from you the covering (covering) your eyes and your vision on that day is very sharp.”

And those who accompanied him said: “This (the record of charity) is available on my side.” Allah said: “Throw the two of you into hell; all those who are very rebellious and stubborn, who greatly hinder virtue, break the boundaries again hesitantly, who worship other than Allah then, throw him into a very torment.” (Qaf 20-26)

So, those are noble practices that get a promise from God to go to heaven without being scorned. Hopefully, it can be a motivation for all of us to improve our noble deeds so that we are far from hellfire.

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