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10 Miraculous Dua For the Last 10 Days of Ramadan

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Actually, There is no place for us to lay our hopes other than Allah S.W.T. Allah become only one place for us to request and rely. He has to answer all of His promises. Especially in this Ramadan, trust and believe if all our hopes will be heard and granted by Allah S.W.T. This is a promise from Allah to someone who did fasting willingly and solemnly. It will born pure heart and soul to Allah S.W.T.


As dua tha has been learned by Rasulullah especially in this holy month, “Asyhadu an-laa ilaha illa-Allah, astaghfirullah.. Asaluka ridhoka wal jannahwa a’uudzu bika min sakhatika wan naar.”. I testify that there is no god but Allah, I plead Allah’s forgiveness, I ask Your blessing and heaven, O God, I beg of Your wrath and the Penalty of Hell.

While in the night, we are recommended to recite dua, “Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbul afwa fa’fi annaa”. O Allah as You are most Forgiving, You love forgiveness, therefore forgive me.”

When The end of Ramadan get close, it is not mean our good deeds become loose. But we have to more diligent in letting goodness, before we are in the end of Ramadan. One thing that we can do is reading dua.

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The Last 10 Days of Ramadan

In history of Sayyidah ‘Aisyah r.a, she was told when she entered the last 10 days of Ramadan, The Prophet Muhammad saw left his wives and focus on his praying in the night and he awoke his wives to pray. Kind of prayers that Muhammad did in the night are dhikr, itikaf, and reciting Quran.

We have been told Abu al-Yaman said, we have been reported Syu’aib said, we have been told Abu az-Zanad from al-A’raj from Abu Hurairah said that Rasulullah saw said, “whoever established the Lailatul Qadr by faith and wishes the reward, he is forgiven his past sins.” (Bukhari 34)

The Prophet Muhammad saw commands us to read dua in the last 10 days of Ramadan. That dua are dua Ramadan, dua Qunoot in salat Witir and dua the expectation of Lailatul Qadr.

1. Dua Qunoot

We have been told Qutaibah has been said to us Abu al-Ahwash from Abu Ishaq form Bruaid bin Abu Maryam from Abu al-Khaura’ As Sa’di he said, al-Hasan bis Ali r.a. said, “Rasulullah s.a.w learn me some sentences in Salat Witir, they are

“Allahummahdini fiiman hadait, wa’aafini fiiman ‘afait, watawallanii fiiman tawallait, wabaarik lii fiima a’thait, waqinii syarrama qadlait, fainnaka taqdli walaa yuzdla ;alaik, wainnahu laa yadzillu man waalait, tabaarakta rabbana wa’aalait.”

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2. Dua The Expectation of Lailatul Qadr

We have been told Qutaibah has been told to us Ja’far bin Sulaiman Adh Dhuba’i from Kahmas bin al-Hassan from Abdullah bin Buraidah from Aisyah, she said, “O Rasulullah, if i know what night is the night of Lailatul Qadr, what should I say during it?” he said, “Say:

Allaahumma innaka ‘afuwwun kariimun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annii

O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.”

Abu Isa said, “This hadith is shahih”. (Ath-Tirmidhi 3435, Ibn Majah 3840, Ahmad 24215, 24320, 24322, 24330, 24559 and 25018)

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The best way to end Ramadan is praying dua farewell which was read in the end night of Ramadan. But you are recommended to read dua in the last two days of Ramadan, in the night of twenty ninth day and thirtieth day. These are some alternative dua that you can use in the end of Ramadan.

  1. The first dua for last Ramadan

Jabir bin Abdillah ra from Muhammad al Mustafa saw : “Who read this dua in the last night of Ramadan, he will get one of two goodness : meet the next Ramadan or forgiveness and mercy from Allah”.

O Allah, do not you make this fast as the last fast in my life. If You are determined otherwise, then make this my fast as fasting is blessed, not only a void.”

  1. The second dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, I beg You with the mercy of Your grace, nobility, goodness, forgiveness and gifts. Do not make this Ramadan as my last chance. May you take me to the next Ramadan in the best circumstances and show me the next crescent of Ramadan along with those who see the power of Thy Mercy. Blaze on your squeak. There is no God but Allah.

  1. The third dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, I beg You, may You pour Your Grace to Muhammad and His family and make this month full of the glory of Ramadan that has passed from us since You sent down to this world as a blessing in keeping religion, soul and all my needs. Give me the blessing to overcome all the problems, perfect the give of Your blessing, send me from all the ugliness and decorate me with holy clothes in this month.

  1. The fourth dua for last Ramadan

O God, I wish You do not make this fast as the last fast in my life. If you had the opposite provision, then I beg to make me happy into a fast filled with grace and not a useless and meaningless fast. If there is my sin that you have not forgiven or the torture that I will get for that sin that causes the dawn to rise this evening or this month passes, then please forgive the servant of the loving Substance of all who love. 


  1. The fifth dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, please accept my fasting with the best possible acceptance, forgiveness, mercy and also the essence of Your pleasure. So that, You can win me in all goodness and all the grace that You have lavished on this holy month.

Save me from the hesitation of disaster that is lurking and also the prolonged prayer. By Your grace, lend me to those who have the virtue of the night of al-Qadar, the night you have set as the good night of a thousand months in the majesty of the rewards, the beauty of gratitude, the glory of treasury, the long life and the prolonged ease.

  1. The sixth dua for last Ramadan

This dua is dua which was learned by Rasulullah as dua farewell of Ramadan at the night of twenty eight and twenty ninth. Someone who read this dua in the last night of Ramadan, he will get two goodness : meet the next Ramadan or forgiveness and mercy from Allah

O Allah, Ramadan will be passed away, I plead with You through Your glorious Faces, through Your perfect sentences, If I still have left my sin that You have not forgiven, the sin that caused me to be tortured by it or until the passing of this Ramadan, then forgive all of my sin, O Allah.

O Allah, do not you make this fast as the last fast in my life. If you are determined otherwise, make my fast as a fast that is blessed and not the empty fast. The Holy One of Allah with all His Words. Amen.

  1. The seventh dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, give me a guidance to Your depravity and do not You give Satan to overpower me. Make heaven for me as a place to stay and rest me, O Allah who provide needs for the person who ask.

  1. The eight dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, fill my life with many good deed of sunnah and honor me with all of my prayers. Bring my middlemen to You amongst all the middlemen, O Allah who is not busy with the request of the person who ask.

  1. The ninth dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, cover me with grace and give me taufiq and guard. Purify my heart and the slander, O Allah who bless believers.

  1. The tenth dua for last Ramadan

O Allah, make my fasting with thanksgiving and  recipients above Your reverence and also the apostle’s apathy. Branch is strong and strong thanks to the principal and finally, accept the essence of Ramadan fasting and also willing heart when doing it only for Allah S.W.T.

Thus the article about dua for the last 10 days of Ramadan. I hope, it is very useful for you and we get many blessing from Allah S.W.T in this Ramadan.

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