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Prohibition of Fasting on Friday – Laws

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For some people, there are forbiding and questioning about the prohibition as well as some hadith that stated about prohibition of fasting on Friday and for more details in this discussion we will review it completely for you.


“And let no one of you fast on Friday unless you have fasting the day before and after.” (Hadith of Bukhari)

Besides, in other narrations also mentioned if Ummul Mu’mini Juwairiyah, Rasulullah SAW entered her while fasting on Friday, the Rasulullah said as follow :

“Are you fasting yesterday?” Ummu Mu’minin answered, “No”. Then Rasulullah asked again, “Do you want to fast tommorow?” She replied, “No”. Then Rasulullah replied, “Then break it (your fast)” (Hadith of Bukhari)

The Law of Fasting on Friday

About the law of fasting on Friday of Jumhur, most scholars have expressed their opinion about the law degree of fasting on Friday is a makruh (an act that if absaint on doing it, we will be rewarded by Allah SWT). See also : things to do on Friday in Islam

1. I.a Syarbini 

“It makruh to conduct fasting only on Friday. This is to kept our body stronger on Friday to carry out our duties and obligations.”

2. Imam Al-Baihaqi

“Makruh on a person that specifically fast on Friday that he does not fast before and after as the words of Imam Ahmad and Ishaq.”

3. Abu Hurairah

He also said that he listened of Rasulullah ‘allaihi wa sallam said, “And let no one of you fast on Friday unless you have fasting the day before and after. (Hadith of Bukhari : 1849 and Muslim : 1929)

4. Hadith of Muslim

“Do not specialize Friday night with other particular night prayer that is not done on any other nights. Do not also specialize Friday with certain fasts that are not done on any other days unless there is a fasting done because of the cause at that time. (Hadith of Muslim : 1144)

5. Juwairiyah binti Al-Harits

“The Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa salla ever seen me on Friday and he is fasting, later he said : “Are you fasting yesterday?”No”, she replied, “Do you want to fast tommorow?” He asked again, “No”, she replied again, “Then break it (your fast)”, said The Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

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6. Ibn Qudamah 

“It is makruh to specialize fasting on Friday unless it coincides with the habit of fasting. Like the Daud’s fasting, which is a day of fasting and a day not, then coincide with Friday or coincide with fasting habits in the beginning, end or mid of the month.” See also Al-Mughni, 3 : 53

7. Imam Nawawi

“The scholar of Shafi’yah opine that it is makruh to conduct fasting on Friday solely. But if followed by fasting before or after or coinciding wiht habitual fasts like fasting of nadzar cause recovering from illness and coinciding with Friday, then it is not makruh. See also Al Majmu Syarh Al Muhaddzab 6 : 479.

Nadzar : i.e a promise we made if something good or our wishes granted by Allah SWT


8. Syaikh Muhammad bin Sholih Al ‘Utsaimin 

“Excluded from this prohibition is, if we fasting before and after of Friday, or coinciding with the habitual fasting such as fasting of ayyamul bidh, or coinciding with the fast of Arafah, or fasting because of nadzar. (Syarhul Mumthi 6 : 465)

9. Syaikh Sholih Al Munajjid

“Fasting on Friday is allowed if it is along with the fasting of Arafah and also fasting of Asyura because at that time, the intentions are fasting for Asyura and Arafah an not fasting of Friday on its own.

Some of the hadiths regarding the probition of fasting on Friday are indeed so strong, but the scholars only restrict fasting of Friday only limited as makruh and not haram (forbidden) since in some other narrations also mentioned that some of the companions also had a fast on Friday as Ibn Abbas radhiyallahu ‘anhu. It proves that if fasting on Friday is indeed a prohibiton, then surely the Prophet’s companions will not oppose it.

In Ibn Majah’s narrative, it is also mentioned that the words are quoted from Ibn Mas’ud radhiyallahu ‘anhu.

“It is very little i saw the Prophet shalallahu ‘alaihi wassalam breaks his fast on Friday.” (Hadith of Ibn Majah)

With some arguments above, even for some people of Hanafiyyah and Malikiyyah, argue that fasting on Friday is also not makruh. Meanwhile one of Malikiyyah scholar also adds that if the prohibition of Rasulullah SAW from fasting on Friday is because feared it would be a obligation, but the fear was gone since he was dead (shari’a is perfect).

“Do not you specialize fast on Friday, unless fasting the day before and after.” (Hadith of Muslim : 1144)

The wisdom of the above prohibition that specializes for fasting on Friday is that Friday is a sacred day in a week an it is 1 of 3 holidays that have been prescribed and Islam itself has 3 holidays ie Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, and also the weekly holiday that is the day of Friday.

That’s why, it right that Friday is forbidden to conduct fasting (specifically) since Friday is a day where men should prefer the Friday prayers, pray more and perform dhikr. This is similiar to the day of Arafah for pilgrims who are not commanded to fast since they are preoccupied with prayer and dhikr.

So if there is someone said that the reason is that fasting on Friday is a weekly holiday then it should be made fast on that day and that day becomes haram as the other 2 holidays ie Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha not only been specialized.

However we can also said that Friday is different from the other 2 holidays since it happens repeatedly 4 times in a month and there is no legal prohibition on that day and there is also no characteristic of those 2 holidays that can be obtained in Friday. See also : ways how not to be lazy doing prayer when Ramadhan

If someone fast a day before and after it, then fasting is not intended to make a special fast on Friday because he already fasting a day earlier ie on Thursday or a day after that on Sunday.

Nevertheless, if fasting on Friday is conducted to pay fast debts that have to be done since there is time limitation, then indeed it is not prohibited as well as on Thursday which the day before that also accompanied by fasting, then it is not prohibited or if it continues on Saturday the day after to do fasting, then that day would not prohibited.

From the reviews we have explained it can be concluded that prohibition of fasting on Friday is makruh and not haram. This is proven with several laws and hadiths that have been described above. Fasting on Friday is forbidden in order for men to be foccused on prayer, dhikr, and other worship activities, because the more important thing on Friday is Friday Prayers. Hopefully, these article can give an information and add insight about the law of fasting on Friday.

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