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13 Reasons For The Prohibition of Riba In Islam

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Islam does not forbid anything except because there are dangers and negative effects contained in it and it is not Islam enjoining anything unless there is a goodness there.


Similarly, the problem of usury that not only makes the perpetrators suffer but furthermore will make the Muslims become humiliated by Allah ta’ala. Therefore Islam is strongly opposed and combat this riba because it has many negative influences both individuals and communities include:

1. Allah Almighty and Wise can not forbid anything good and beneficial to man, but only forbid what brings harm to man, both individually and society.

2. The way of usury is an unhealthy business path because the profits derived by the owner of capital is not the result of work or effort.

The benefits gained by exploiting others who are essentially more weaker and to them Such practices harm small and small entrepreneurs and otherwise add wealth to rich people and powerful people without taking any risks. Read more about Rules of Trading In Islam

Treasures do not give birth to wealth, money does not bring in money. New treasures can develop with work and effort for both parties and the welfare of the community. so as to realize a fair common life between wealth and work.

3. Riba can cause moral and spiritual crisis.

People who have the capital (large) are willing to increase their wealth in any way. This leaves a greedy and selfish nature regardless of the surroundings of the surrounding community, and heightens the gap between the rich and the poor that ultimately leads to feeling asocial. Each group attaches importance to its own group, inclines, to divisions, overthrows, and will clash with each other other. Read more about Rules of Waqf In Islam

4. Riba can cause humans to be reluctant to work

It lives only from taking the treasure of man with the vanity way ignoring the good and bad, the important treasure increases, no affection to the poor. This is very contrary to Islam which prioritizes hard work and compassion for the poor.

5. Riba can cause destruction and forging

Many people who lost property and eventually become poor people Conversely the party who has the capital, can have other people’s property by just spending a little capital. Read more about Law of Aqeeqah During Ramadhan

6. Many economists believe that the current economic crisis is caused by the usury system.

The usury system caused many disasters in some countries and nations. In Indonesia alone The success of development was also caused an economic gap that can lead to social vulnerability. Banking with interest system has a big role in creating conglomeration and economic disparity at the same time.

Banks with interest systems are known to be very successful in collecting people’s savings with attractive interest rates. Thanks to the seduction and promises of great profits, the people flocked to save in the bank.

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In practice for lower layers of society it is easier to save than to borrow. Why is that? If you save a limit the amount that can be saved is not too big and can be done o! Eh them. And this is the banks’ trick to attract funding from the generally composed community and middle and lower society people Then who can borrow? Read more about Importance of Treating Guest in Islam

Who can afford to borrow are those who have big business because the bank limits the amount of loans that are large enough and varies according to each bank, and prioritize the borrower whose loan amount is greater because the bank’s profit will be bigger and the operational cost is smaller. In addition, not all people are able to pay the interest rate on the loan.

So the channeling of funds only for those who can pay interest savings only have access to banks that are generally the main customers they are big businessmen / conglomerates. Read more about  Rules of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

As it is well known that in banking theory, the operational costs of the banks are charged to the distribution of funds, and this means the operational costs of the bank salaries of employees, rents, electricity, telephones, promotions, gifts etc.), are charged to borrowers of funds This means the actual borrower who is bear the operational costs of the bank. Is it here already?

Reality is not, interest is the concept of cost then the burden of the already high loan interest by the borrower of funds, as much as possible will be shifted to the final insurer. Who are they? They are the (small) people as the final bearer. How to? If the borrower of funds is a trader then the interest expense is shifted to the price of the goods sold.

Whereas if the borrower of funds is a producer then the price burden is shifted to the price of goods / services produced As a result, the parties who always benefit is the traders, businessmen, banks, and depositors of funds above, others who always harmed the Small People as the insurer the last cost burden So what the small people get is that they only have access to banks at relatively small saving rates which means that their profits are smaller, but the large number of people makes the banks raise more funds from them with promises and lure gifts. Read more about  Rules of First Wedding Night in Islam

If this goes on continuously. then there will be a transfer of wealth from the small people to the rich / conglomerate, either through their savings in the bank directly, as well as the ultimate burden of the cost Specifically about the savings in the bank by the small people, this does not mean without them realize help the problem for entrepreneurs ) that are sometimes problematic. If the above continues in the long run, there will be a deep and deep divide between the rich and the poor. And this is called can cause disaster by many economists.

7. In addition to the above, usury can also lead to moral and spiritual crimes, including:

  • Selfish,
  • Bakhil,
  • Insightful narrow,
  • Breathtaking stone,
  • Uncompromising attitude,
  • Encourage greedy attitude, and
  • Spreading jealousy,

All will cause misery among the people.

Imam Razi explains why usury is forbidden, some of which are summarized below:

  • Depriving the wealth of others,
  • Destructive of moral values,
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

8. Riba will relieve feelings of pity to those in need so as to elicit the nature of individualism that does not want to know about the tribulations of others.

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said:

“No compassion is lifted but from a wretched man” (Narrated by Abu Dawud 4942, shohih at tirmdzi 2/180).

9. Riba will make the faqir (the borrower) feel sinful and uneasy even though he knows that it is not allowed.

10. Riba will make the borrower’s side or the one in need feel depoliticized because he feels no one is helping him

11. Riba will endanger morals and soul, because most people who are involved in it are people who soulless, short-thinking, and other disgraceful properties.

12. Riba will destroy the lives of people

Because the people who apply the system of usury then it is a mirror of a society that is individualistic and fragmented. No one else helps each other and lightens the others unless there is motivation behind them then they will help each other.

13. Riba endangers the individual and social economy.

Among the examples, Loans of a lower class family or middle class in great need will usually be complicated because the lender’s purpose is not a willingness to help. If assisted it will be charged with a troublesome interest. Read more about Tips for Teaching Children Ramadan Fasting

If the borrower dies then the debt will continue to be borne by his heirs. Likewise, the lending of the underdeveloped countries to the world’s banks-often embroiled with political interference in the borrowing country-will certainly have an impact on the economy of the people because to pay its debts sometimes the state will inevitably raise the price of fuel or the need other principal. Not a few of these systems also cause economic crisis because of the many debts that can not be repaid.

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