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13 Rules for Naming Baby Names in Islam

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No doubt Islam is the best present from Allah to us, His devotee in this world. All elements regardless how we live and pray had been settled down in the right order and ways. Cycle of life began when people was born to the world by his mother’s intermediaries.


Name is a wish, it’s what we always heard. Name is one of the ways how we differentiate each people we meet. Before giving name to their children, every parent need to know the right rules and procedures in Islam. Here we present 13 rules for naming baby names in Islam.

  1. Islam require every parent to giving name for their children.

Allah said :

يا زَكَرِيّا إِنّا نُبَشِّرُكَ بِغُلامٍ اسمُهُ يَحيىٰ لَم نَجعَل لَهُ مِن قَبلُ سَمِيًّا

O Zakaria! Indeed, We give you the good news of a son, whose name is “Yahya.” We never have made anyone with his namesake before.’(Maryam : 7)

From the verse above we all know that giving name for the baby is crucial. The name given will be used by their children both in the world and in the Hereafter. No wonder it’s the responsibility for the parent to give the best name for their children.

  1. Naming the baby is father’s right

A man, as father, bears big responsibility to create a good name for his children. It will be better if he considers his spouse to take a part and takes some advice before deciding the name.

Rasulullah said :

“The children have three rights over their fathers. The first is that they are given good names. The second, they are provided good education; and the last, they help them to select good spouses.” (Ibnu Najjar)

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  1. A child ‘nasab’ is on his father and not his mother.

Nasab is to the father not a mother. In the Hereafter Allah will call the names of every muslims followed by his father’s name.  A father is charged to name the baby by following syariah rules and referring to Arabic language. Thus he will not harm his child because of choosing a bad name.

  1. The exact time to naming the baby

Rasulullah SAW said to naming the baby on 3 times:

  1. Giving name when the baby is born
  2. Giving name on the 3rd day after the baby was born
  3. Giving name on the 7th day after the baby was born

Giving name on the 7th day could be followed by hold aqeeqah. Read more : Laws of Aqeeqah in Islam 

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  1. It’s more likely to giving name with 2 syllables

Allah loves the names like Abdurrahman and Abdullah, said Rasulullah SAW as narrated by Imam Muslim, Abu Dawud, etc. The two names before, contain an adoration to our Creator and had a beautiful meaning as Allah worshiper. The other examples are Abdul Aziz, Abdul Ghofur, Abdurrahim, etc. The first shahaabah who named his child by that names is Ibn Marwan Al – Hakim.

  1. It’s more likely to naming the baby with the name of prophets and righteous people among the moslems.

Narrated by Muslim, al hadits Mughiroh bin Syu’bah radhiallahu ‘anhu as Rasulullah SAW said :

“ Indeed, they names ( their children) with the names of prophets and righteous people”

Shahaabah Zubair bin ‘Awan radhiallahu ‘anhu has named his 9 children by the name of shahaabah who was syahid (dead) in Badar war, they are Abdullah,’Urwah, Hamzah, Ja’far, Mush’ab, ‘Ubaidah, Kholid, ‘Umar, and Mundzir.

  1. Choose a good name with beautiful meaning

Syaikh al-‘Utsaimîn rahimahullah said :

“ Responsibility as parent is to pick their children name which is not make them feel embarrassed and hurt when they have grown up. Because it’s possible for their father to like an exact name, which is has no meaning inside.”

Yet later on the child feels disturbed by his name and annoyed him more. In fact, we all already knew that harm the other muslim is haraam in Islam. Based on that, it’s considered for the parent to choose the best name for their children and the most favored by Allah.

In summary giving name to the children is one element to know personality, Islamic knowledge who chose the name (his parent). In the common sense it said “min ismika, a’rifu abâk” (through your name, I can know your father).

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  1. You can ask ‘Aalim / religious leader for suggestion

If it is hard to choose the name, you can ask suggestion from ‘Aalim or religious leader you may know. In Rasulullah SAW era, shahaabah went to ask recommendation from him and brought their babies along. The action of shahaabah are the sign to hold some discussion regardless the issue.

  1. Don’t use name referring to the western

Although it’s only a name, names had a big influences for all moslems. If moslem’s names were dominated by western name, it was indicated weakness and unconfident of ourselves. Choose a good name which is known as moslems, for example Muhammad, Ahmad, Aisyah, etc

  1. Haraam using name which is indicated as servitude apart from Allah

It’s forbidden to choose name based on the name of deities, sun, idols and another adoration for people. The example Abdur Rasul (prophet worshiper), Abdull ‘Izza (‘Izza is idol’s name), Abdus Syamsu (sun worshiper).

Ibn Umar, Abu Hurayrah, Anas and others (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said,

Indeed, the best and most beloved names to Allah are: Abdullah, and Abd-ur-Rahman. The most truthful names are: al-Harith (cultivator) and Hammam (planner). The ugliest are: Harb (war) and Murrah (bitter).”

  1. Giving name by the name of Allah

We are not allowed to name our children by Allah traits. There are no other creation who could surpassed Him from every aspect, the example Rahim, Rahman, Kholiq, etc.

  1. Giving name of fasiq people, adulterers, and perpretator is not allowed

The law is makrooh for us to giving name a baby with bad deeds or immoral deeds. Parents could use another choices as we mentioned above in this article.

  1. The best way to discharge from prohibited names.

The way out is to change the names with another one which had a good meaning and allowed in islam. ‘Aisyah radhaiallahu ‘anha said

 ( رواه الترمذيكان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يغيرالإسم القبيح إلى الإسم الحسن           

“ Indeed, Rasulullah shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam changed bad names into good names “ (AT-Tirmidzi).

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So that’s all 13 rules for naming baby names in islam. Remember that our children would be called by the name we’ve given to them until forever. Hence, we should note in our mind to create the best name for our children regarding the rules.

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