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20 Wise Ways How to Get Blessing from Allah in Islam

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The blessing is something that sounds simple but we can’t do anything such as doing daily activities, working, studying and other else without the blessing, especially from Allah. We need to know that only Allah can give the best blessing so we must pray and only believe in Him.


To get Allah’s blessing, it is not enough just to pray. There are a number of endeavors we must undertake and the ones we must possess, all of which revolve around virtue, and this shows us that the blessing Allah has given to His servants is very much related to whether they carry out and fight for the establishment of the virtues or not. We need to do good deeds and have a good akhlaq, not creating too many sins so Allah can give the blessing.

Here is presented how to get the blessing from Allah in Islam.

1. Always obey Allah

If we want to get Allah’s blessing, we must obey Allah and His apostles in any situation and condition. We must not obey Satan and do the prohibited one that can create a sin. Allah really hates people who don’t follow His command but want His blessing without any efforts.

And obey Allah and the Messenger so that you may receive mercy. (Al-Imran 3:132)

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2. Establish the prayer

The act that is mentioned in Surah At-Taubah below can make us obtain Allah’s blessing because such deeds belong to a virtuous group of deeds and Allah is very fond of all forms of virtue, so it is only natural that God’s grace will be given to those who do such things. The important one is establishing the prayer, especially five-times prayer, and Sunnah prayer because we will get more rewards and blessings from doing this.

And the believing men and the believing women, some of them (are) allies (of) others. They enjoin the right and forbid from the wrong, and they establish the prayer and give the zakah, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. Those, Allah will have mercy on them. Indeed, Allah (is) All-Mighty, All-Wise. (At-Taubah 9:71)

3. Read Qur’an and practice it

Qur’an is a book that is very blessed and Allah makes it holy so we need to read this every day so we can get the blessing from it. Qur’an is a guide for us if we want to acquire devotion to Allah SWT, we must follow the instructions contained in the Qur’an. In addition, we need to practice it so we can get more rewards and blessings from doing good deeds.

And this (is) a Book We have revealed it – blessed, so follow it and fear (Allah) so that you may receive mercy. (Al-An’am 6:115)


And when is recited the Quran, then listen to it and pay attention so that you may receive mercy. (Al-A’raf 7:204)

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4. Don’t damage the earth and protect it

We do know that life is only temporary. However, we need to take care of the earth because later there will be future generations that live here. So, we must do the deeds that do not destroy them but protect them.

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Whatever deeds do not contradict the values that come from Allah and His Messenger and do not disturb others, even others can feel the benefits of good, no matter how small the benefits that can be felt. Allah will give the blessing to the one who makes use of his time to do good deeds and maintain the earth in his life.

And (do) not cause corruption in the earth after its reformation. And call Him (in) fear and hope. Indeed, (the) Mercy of Allah (is) near for the good-doers. (Al-A’raf 7:56)

5. Believe only in Allah

We must believe only in Allah to get His blessing because only He can give the best blessing to us. We need to hold Islam firmly as our religion and never hear the temptation of Satan and do it. Allah only gives His blessing to the one who never abandons his religion for benefits.

So as for those who believed in Allah and held fast to Him, then He will admit them in Mercy from Himself and Bounty and will guide them to Himself (on) a straight way. (An-Nisa 4:175)

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6. Follow Allah’s command and stay away from His prohibition

As a Muslim, we must always follow Allah’s command because His command is very beneficial for us to live on. In addition, we must stay away from His prohibition because it can lead us to the path of darkness that Allah hates.

  By doing this, Allah will give His blessing to our life in this world and will guide us to the path of light which can lead to the heaven.

He commands them to the right and forbids them from the wrong, and he makes lawful for them the pure things and makes unlawful for them the impure things and he relieves from them their burden and the fetters which were upon them. So those who believe in him and honor him, and help him and follow the light which has been sent down to him. Those (are) [they] the successful ones.” (Al-A’raf 7:157)

7. Ask forgiveness to Allah

If we create sins and mistakes in our life, we need to ask forgiveness to Allah. The sins and mistakes that have already done can become an obstacle that blocks Allah’s blessing to us. Allah loves His servant who admits his wrongdoings and wants to repent to Him. He will not doubt to give His blessing to the servant like this.

He said, “O my people! Why (do) you seek to hasten the evil before the good? Why not you ask forgiveness (of) Allah so that you may receive mercy?” (An-Naml 27:46)

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8. Become a gentle person

Islam is a religion that teaches us to become a gentle person that never hurts the friends and enemies. We must not follow the people kill the others on behalf of Islam such as terrorists. There are some Prophet’s stories that tell us His way of living in the past that always loves all people and never hurts them so we must follow this to get the blessing from Allah.

So because (of) Mercy from Allah, you dealt gently with them. And if you had been rude (and) harsh (at) [the] heart, surely they (would have) dispersed from around you. Then pardon [from] them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. Then when you have decided, then put trust on Allah. Indeed, Allah loves the ones who put trust (in Him). (Al-Imran 3:159)

9. Give love to other people, animal, and His creations

We must love other people equally and never discriminate them. We are the same as Allah’s creation so we must get along well. Not only that, we also need to love His creations such as animal and plant and use it well for our benefits. We may be the perfect creation but we can’t live without them so we must treat them well. Allah will give the blessing for the love towards His creations.

“Those who are merciful, then Allah will love them (give them grace), love/pity the inhabitants of the earth, then surely the inhabitants of the heavens will love you.” (HR Abu Daud and at-Tirmidzi)

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10. Be patient when facing difficulties

In this life, there will be many problems and difficulties that we encounter so we must be patient when facing them and leave everything to Allah. He will give His blessing and guide us because of our patients and never leave us alone when facing them.

And surely We will test you with something of [the] fear and [the] hunger and loss of [the] wealth and [the] lives and [the] fruits, but give good news (to) the patient ones. Those who, when strikes them a misfortune, they say, “Indeed, we belong to Allah and indeed we towards Him will return.” Those on them (are) blessings from their Lord and Mercy. And those [they] (are) the guided ones. (Al-Baqarah 2:155-157)

More Ways to Get Blessing from Allah in Islam

Here is presented more ways to get the blessing from Allah in Islam.

  • Improve self and self-introspection
  • Give sadaqah, zakah, and infaq
  • Visit the sick person and pray for him
  • Help other people
  • Reconcile the people who fight
  • Deepen the knowledge of Islam
  • Keep the words and deeds in order
  • Dhikr and always remember Allah
  • Have a good akhlaq
  • Join the recitation and social activities

That’s all how to get the blessing from Allah in Islam. Hope we can do all of these and remember Allah so the blessing will be given to us and we can live in good condition with it in this world.

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