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10 Importance of the Call to Prayer – Full of Bleesings

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Who is not recognizing Azan? Azan is a sign call for all Moslem as a reminder that it is the time for doing mandatory prayer and also to have prayer in pilgrims with its special pronunciation. Literally, azan is Isim occupies of Masdar Haqiqi Al Idzan which means notification and Al Iblagh which means to deliver.  As Allah SWT commandment, “


واذن من الله ورسوله الي الناس يوم احج الاكبر ان الله برئ من المشركين . ورسوله……….

Meaning :

“And (this) is an announcement from Allah to His Rasul and to His ummat on the Hajj day. Indeed, Allah SWT and His Rasul are releasing from those who are mushrik.”(QS. At-Taubah :3).

Azan here means that Allah SWT and Rasul are releasing themselves from those who are mushrik. Read more about How to Get Blessing from Allah in Islam

The origins of azan are described in several hadith which has the similar meaning narrated by Abdullah bin Umar,

When Moslem came to Medina, they are gathering. They are assuming it is the time to pray but none is call to pray. Therefore, one day they are discussed it and some of them said,” Applies a bell like Christians.” Others said, “Applies a trumpet like Jews horn.” Then Umar said,” Why do not you ask someone to call to pray?” then Rasulullah SAW said, “Hi Bilal, please stand up and echoing azan to pray.” (HR. Al-Bukhori, Muslim, at Tirmidzi and Nasai’).

The literature and way to do azan are explain in a hadith :

It is narrated from Nashr bin Al Muhajir (Abu Muhammad’s teacher) that mentioned a name of people who has dreamed from Anshar clan came to ‘Abdullah bin Zaid. Then he faces the Qiblah and said,

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar (Allah is Almighty, Allah is Almighty) – two times. Asyhadu an laa ilaaha Illallah (I testify there is no God but Allah SWT) – two times.  Asyhadu Anna Muhammada Rasulullah (I testify Muhammad is as Messenger of Allah SWT)—two times. Hayya Ala al shalah (let’s go pray)—two times. Hayya alal falaah (lets go to the victory)—two times. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar (Allah is Almighty, Allah is Almighty) laa ilaaha Illallah (there is no God but Allah SWT). He paused a moment, then he stood again uttered the same sentences and when came to Hayya Ala al shalah, he added Qad Qamat al Salah, Qad Qamat al Salah. Rasulullah said, “Dictated the sentences to Bilal.” Then Bilal is echoing azan with those sentences.” (HR. Abu Dawud).

Based on the explanation of azan, there are some virtues of azan as hadith of the prophet:

1. Azan is the most powerful sign call

Azan is being echoing in the whole world. Surely, it is the beautiful voices echoing from Islam which is done five times in a day until at night. Though azan is being echoing from the whole world, it have the same meaning to admire the greatest of Allah SWT, invite people to pray and also to reach a victory. Azan is also as our remainder to face Allah ta’ala. Read more about Importance of Foods in Islam

2. Azan as our remainder to against carnal desire

It is mentioned on azan there is a sentence of Hayya alal falaah which means let’s go to victory. It has a close relation to the victory of our self against our desire. Such as when we feel a bit lazy to pray in a pilgrim at the mosque especially after azan is being echoing, we should against our laziness. Therefore, azan is as our remainder to always win against our lust to motivate us to be more diligent. Read more about The Purpose of Islamic Economy in Life

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3. Azan extrudes demons

Abu Hurairah told that Rasul mentioned,

“When azan is being echoing for prayer, demons are left behind in the condition of flatus so it won’t hear azan. When muadzin is finished echoing azan, he came again and left when iqomat is being read loudly and he left again.” (HR. Bukhori, Muslim).

4. It has the greatest rewards

Abu Hurairah R.A informed on Rasul statement,

If only people are realizing the amount of reward in azan and in the first shaf, and they cannot get it unless it is by lottery, indeed they are willing to get the lottery.” (HR. Bukhori, Muslim).

5. Those who heard azan both creatures or other object will be testify for muadzin

As it explained on the hadith of prophet :

It shall not be listen to trees, mud, stone, genie and human being unless they will testify for him.” (HR. Ibnu Khuzaimah).

It is also narrated from Bukhori ,

”There’s none genie or human and also nothing can hear the beautiful voice of the muazdin echoing azan, except for being a witness of the good deeds for muadzin in the doomsday.” (HR. Bukhori).


6. Those who are echoing azan surely will be forgiveness for all his sins

Ibnu Umar mentioned that Rasulullah said,

Muadzin will get mercy at the end of his azan, and in each of wet and dry which is asking for his forgiveness for him.” (HR. Ahmad).

It is also narrated from other relative that Rasulullah SAW prays for Imam and muadzin,

Dear God, please lead the good way to Imam and give mercy to all muadzin.” (HR. Abu Dawud).

7. Rewards for muadzin

As it explained on hadith,

”Muadzin will be rewarded as the same as the reward of people who are praying with him.” (HR. An-Nasai’).

It means that when Mu’adzin is echoing azan and people are coming to the mosque due to the calling, muadzin will get the virtues of the rewards from people who are coming with him. Read more about Rights of Minorities in Islam

8. The neck of muadzin will be lengthened on the doomsday

As it explained on the hadith of prophet,”All muadzin is those who will lengthen on the doomsday.” (HR. Muslim)

9. Muadzin will be proud of Allah SWT in front of angels

As it explained on hadith,

” Your God was amazed to a herdsman of sheep in the top of the mountain. He was echoing azan for himself and then he prayed after that. Allah SWT commandment,” Please seen of my ummat, he is echoing azan and iqomat to pray. He’s not fear of me and I have forgiveness and put him into heaven.” (HR Abu Dawud and Nasai’)

10. All muadzin will be put in heaven

Among those hadith which is explained the virtues of azan, Rasul gave statement as it is narrated from Abu Hurairah,

” We shall once go together with Rasulullah SAW, then Bilal is stand up for echoing azan, and after he was finished, Rasullah SAW said, “ to whom it read loudly with confidence, surely he will get heaven.”

Thus, that is the virtues of azan. Hope it can helpful and increase our faith to Allah SWT. Wallahu alam.

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