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The Importance of Polygamy for Wife

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Quoting from the words of Prophet SAW:


“Not allowed to marry a woman and her aunt at the same time also a woman and her aunt from mother.”

This proves that polygamy is one of the things that is allowed for a man such the law of polygamy in Islam.

To marry another women except his wife’s relatives forbidden for him, like a woman who has no blood related to him. He was permitted to marry two, three or four women for the word of Allah SWT:

“….(other) women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then (marry only) one or those you right hand possesses….” (QS. An-Nisa : 3)

So a man can marry a free single woman (if she agrees) and allowed to marry up to four people.

The benefits of polygamy are overwhelming for both husbands and wives and these benefits are not hidden from people with true insights, as if a man is limited to a woman while there are many women in a society, the a lot of women will be short of husbands. See also : law of polygamy without wife permission

But is it true polygamy has avails or benefits for the wife? Where we know in Indonesia itself polygamy is one of the scourges that are avoided by society. However, true there is always a benefit in every thing that is allowed by the though of Islam such as honest benefits according to Islam.

1. Have Much Time to Worship

Did you know that being a wife is a very busy and difficult role? Wife must be smart in managing the household and also her husband especially if they later have children.

Of course the role of being a wife will take up a lot of time and will also decrease your time to worship. but we also know that this world is just a temporary stopover place that will be held accountable.

If you let a husband polygamize, then the house and husband will be more easier since there is a second wife who helps the job and you will be able to focus more on worship like the law of two wives live at home.

2. Encouraged to be Better

Who says there is no competition lead into a good results? If your husband does polygamy, surely you will be encouraged to be better so that you are not inferior to your husband’s new wife is not it? By often improving the quality as a wife will certainly make you be a better person in the future as the word of Allah SWT about women.

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3. Relief in Work

Yes, as explained in the first point that there will be someone who helps you in taking care of daily needs in your household. It means that you are no longer take care of it by yourself but work it cooperatively and it should make your cohesiveness and your husband’s new wife.

4. Decreasing the Risk of STD 

Yes, instead of letting your husband snack haphazardly or having a prohibited relationship with another woman, mutually replace. You’d better let him marry again, how not you will also be affected if your husband has STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.


5. Train Our Faith

Allowing your husband to marry again is not an easy decision. At first you will feel so sick and miserable, but if you look deeper. This is a provision that is also not forbidden by Allah, so you can train your patience and blessing His love towards you. See also : importance of marriage in Islam

6. Getting Rewards

If you live and give your husband permission sincerely to polygamy, then the reward is worthy promised by Allah to you. It’s hard, but the rewards will be worth it much less if it is associated with life after death.

7. Avoid Divorce

Unlike the case of polygamy, divorce is a case hated by Allah SWT. Therefore, instead of doing something that you hate, it is better to accept gracefully that your husband has the right to have another wife in addition to you.

8. Keeping Good Relationship

Relationships between 2 families that exist on Martial base will be ruined if a divorce happen. Especially if you already have children. The debate over custody will be the main problem later on. And the child who should get the affection of a complete parent will become neglected and become a certain psychic problem in the future. See also Islamic rules for engagement before marriage

9. Proof of Allegiance

Is not it before you become a wife you have promised to always obey and be faithful to your husband? By letting husband have another legal partner on his will is proof that you are faithful and loving him.

10. Reduce Sin

If your husband has asked permission carefully for polygamy, but you reject it then you will sin if they make a forbidden relationship secretly isn’t it? Rejecting polygamy is classified as misguide behavior and a characteristic of bad thinking which very hated by Allah SWT. See also : law of rejects polygamy in Islam

11. Self-Development

If all this time you are busy taking care of husband and family, you can develop your own potential with the amount of free time gained.

12. Make a Good Relationship

Good relationship between people is a thing that is favored by Allah SWT. Be friendly and do not make your husband or wife as an enemy.

13. Keep Up the Honor

If you forbid and your husbands are still insistent, then this will be a disgrace that can be uncovered sometime. So allowing it will keep your honor as a wife and him as a husband.

But as husband and wife the most important thing is how to make household be more conducive both for parents and children, since every decision made by parents will impact to them directly or indirectly. So before deciding everything we should maintain the family first and how to have a happy marriage in Islam.

Such is the explanation of what the importance of polygamy for wife that the wife must know before deciding to allow her husband to do polygamy.

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