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13 Things not to Delay in Islam

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We may unwittingly delay to  do something, indeed we can do it at that time. But are we defeated by our laziness. We delay to study, muroja’ah (repeat Qur’an)- even though there are so many benefits of completing reciting Qur’an in Islam, or do another good deeds. Indeed we should know, the word “sawfa… sawfa” or “maybe later” are parts of Evil’s army. It is based on the word of Ulama salaf.


If you like to delay in doing good things and imagine without realization, it is a basic from the wealth of a broken man (Ibnul Qayyim). Al Hasan Al Bashri alsa said,

“Be careful with procrastination. Now you are in today and you are not in tomorrow. If tomorrow comes, you are in that day and now you are still in today. If tomorrow never come to you, then do not you regret over the things that escape from you today.” [From Ma’alim fii Thoriq Tholabil ‘Ilmi, Dr. ‘Abdul ‘Aziz bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdillah As Sadhaan, 30, Darul Qobis]

Remember the advice of Imam Asy Syafi’i where he got this advice from a Sufi,

“I have been together with Sufi. I did not get a lesson from him except two things. (such as), he said that time is like a sword. If you do not cut it (use it), then it will cut you.” [Al Jawabul Kafi, 109, Darul Kutub Al ‘Ilmiyah]

Procrastination (delay) in doing good things is as same as with planting a regret in the Doomsday later. How many people will regret at that time because their habits that always delay good deeds and arrange their times well. Indeed, time is the main capital in our lives. Therefore, you must know about Ways how to avoid procrastination in Islam

Here are some things not to delay in Islam to do good deeds in our daily lives :

1. A sureness, the death will come sooner or later

Sometimes, we really wants to have something, but we do not get it. Whereas we never wait for the death, but it must come to us.

Ali bin Abi Thalib radhiyallahu anhu said, “Indeed I am surprised to see someone who chase something decay. And there is no uncertain things except life. I am also surprised  to see someone who forgets certainty. And there is no certain things except the death.”

So that, as long as we have a chance to do good deeds, do it. You need to know How to repent sincerely in Islam and Ways to get good deeds in Islam because we never know when the death will come to us.

2. The arrival of seven unexpected things

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said :

“Soon you do good deeds because seven things : (1) What do you only wait poverty that forget, (2) or the wealth that mislead, (3) or sickness that damage, (4) or age that weaken, (5) or the sudden death, (6) or Dajjal, the worst supernatural things that will come, (7) or the Doomsday, while it is more powerful and bitter.” (It was narrated by Imam at-Tirmidzi in his Sunan)

3. The mercy of Allah is not something that must be waited

As Moslem, we must chase and attempt the mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Because it will not come by itself. Why would we wait the arrival of Allah’s mercy while there are many people who chase because they want to get that? Are we worried that we cannot get that mercy? From Ibnu Abbas r.a., Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said

“The penitent is someone who wait the arrival of Allah’s mercy… Day and night go fast, then do a good thing through both of them into eternity. And avoid procrastination to do good deeds, because indeed the death comes suddenly. And do not you deceived by the word “The softness of Allah”, because the Heaven and Hell are nearer to you than your strap sandals.” (Narrated by Ashbahaany and Tsabit bin Muhammad Al Kufy)

4. We do not know that there is still the next day

Sahl bin Abdullah rahimahullah said,

“A fool is like a dead, a forgotten is like those who sleep, someone who do vice is like a drunken man, someone who always do vices is like a perish, and constantly is delay and delay is someone said : “I will repent tomorrow”, and this is a self recognition, how will he repent tomorrow, indeed he cannot guarantee that he will get it.” (see the Tafsir Book of Al Qurthubi, 4/211)

 5. Delay to do good deeds is a soldier of evil that can destroy many human

“Abu Al Jald rahimahullah said : “I get that delay to do good deeds is one of evil’s soldiers, he has destroyed many His creatures.” (See the Book of Hilyat Al Awliya’ wa Thabaqat Al Ashfiya’, 6/54)

Evils are very happy, if they see many human who fall into procrastination. So we need to fight our lust and desire to delay good deeds.

6. Never work without priority

The common cause from delay work is there is no a clear goal from our activity. We do not know what we will get if we do it or what effect our work for others. This confusion make us be slothful to do a task. So that, we should make a priority. Sort your duties from the hardest or the most important. Then, start from the highest priority. Insha Allah, you will have a motivation to do your duty and you do not delay again.

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7. Clear your mind from many information

Sometimes, we will be confuse when we have to choose information that we must accept first. Many people will turn their attention to easy things. So, their important works cannot finish on time. They should choose the most important information to do their work. So that, their work will be not delayed.

8. Take a breath, try to keep calm

When you meet a hard task, do not be panic and stress. Moreover, do not delay to do it. Please try to keep calm and take a breath. Then try to do what you have to do at that time. Get rid of bad thoughts from your mind.

9. Get sufficient sleep

If you do not get sufficient sleep, you will be weak and stress. You cannot focus to finish your task. Finally, you will postpone your task. In fact, many people are fear to take a rest and get sufficient sleep, because they think that it is as same as spend their times. Indeed, by getting sufficient sleep, someone can be more competent to do their tasks.

10.  Forced yourself to do your work

Sometimes, finish the work is not the hardest thing, but start to do it is the hardest thing. However difficult your work, you must force yourself to start it. If necessary, start from the easiest work. If you can force yourself to start it, then there is a big chance to finish it, too.

11. Stay away from distraction

You should know about the most thing that can disturb your concentration. Hand phone? Social media? Or talk with your partner? Well, throughout the process of finishing your work, you should avoid those things. Hold on your focus. If your work does not need internet connection, it is better if you turn off your internet connection and start to focus without distraction.

12. Give a reward to yourself

Feel your right to get happiness. Every you are success to finish a duty. Do something that can make you happy. If there is no one appreciate your work, you can start from yourself. You may also read ways how to gain happiness in Islam.

13. Work as your rhythm

Find your rhythm. When your best time to think and work. So that, you can harness your gold time to finish your work.

Thus 13 things not to delay in Islam. Indeed, we cannot guarantee that we can meet the next day. So, as a faithful, we should not delay to do our works because Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala does not like people who delay their works especially if they delay to do good deeds. Na’udzubillahhimindzalik.

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