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12 Effective Tips to Boost Islam Spirituality in Daily Life

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Life can sometimes be hard and unpredictable that we unknowingly become too immersed in the worldly things. We become distanced from Allah SWT and feel like our spirituality decreasing. At times like this, all we need is the most effective tips to boost Islam spirituality in daily life.


When we are losing our spirituality, we feel lethargic and life seems really bad. The best way to bring back the spirit and energy is by getting closer to Allah so the worldly life is balanced with our spiritual world. Here are some tips to be followed to boost Islamic spirituality in daily life.

  1. Pray Sunnah Prayers

When the schedule is tight, we tend to rush our prayers. As long as we have done the obligatory prayers, then that’s it. But we know that we can’t do the prayers in a rush. We have to do it slowly as praying is the time when we are connected to Allah SWT. Also read Types of Sunnah Prayer

Do the sunnah prayer before and after obligatory prayers to boos our spirituality as we become closer to Allah SWT. Make it a habit so that we won’t fell complete unless we have done the sunnah prayers.

  1. Remembering Allah SWT Through Dua

Actually, rushing after Salah brings many disadvantages to us. Among times where dua is definitely accepted is after Salah, so spare sometimes to make supplication to the Exalted. Making dua won’t take more than 5 to 7 minutes and even less sometimes. Dua is a way to remember Allah. Make dua everywhere and every time.

  1. Remembering Allah Every Morning and Evening

Another tips to boost Islamic spirituality in daily life is by remembering Allah SWT every morning and evening by doing dhikr. We can follow the dhikr our Prophet used to recite before sunrise and after the sunset. By making this a habit, our life becomes stress-free and we’ll always feel energized. Also read Importance of Dhikr in Islam

  1. Do Night Prayers

There are various kind of night prayers, and whoever doing those will be rewarded with tremendous blessing from Allah SWT. In daily life, the best of night prayers we can do is Tahajjud prayers. When everyone else is asleep, doing the night prayers make our communication with Allah SWT more intense that we feel closer to Him.

  1. Pray Dhuha Prayer

Not only at night, doing Dhuha prayer in the daylight is also recommended to boost the spirituality. Besides, Dhuha prayers brings many benefits such as increasing our fortune. By doing Dhuha prayer, the rewards is the same as we give charity on behalf of every bone in our body. Also read Virtues of Dhuha Prayer

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  1. Make Dua Before Sleeping

One of the causes that make us feel our spirituality is decreasing is we often miss obligatory Salah, especially Fajr prayer. To prevent this, make dua every time before going to sleep. Ask Allah SWT to help you wake up by the time the prayer occur.

  1. Recite Quran Daily

We don’t have to set a high target regarding Quran recital in daily life. We don’t have to read it for one hour or one juz one day if we are unable to. As long as we don’t skip reciting Quran daily will be enough to keep Allah SWT in our remembrance. Also read Benefits of Completing Reciting Quran in Islam

  1. Make Friends with Good People

The power of friendship can’t be underestimated. Who our friends are is one of the most defining factor to our spiritual life. Thus, we have to choose our companion carefully. Make friends with people whose spirituality is better than us, so that we will always be motivated and inspired by them.

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  1. Attend Gathering for Knowledge

A good Muslim will seek for knowledge as long as he lives. It’s strongly recommended for everyone who wants to boost their spirituality in daily life to seek for knowledge. Attend gatherings of knowledge such as school, seminars, and many others. Upon seeking knowledge, Allah SWT has promised tremendous rewards. Also read Virtues of Gaining Knowledge in Islam

  1. Visit the Mosque Often

Visiting the mosque frequently can help boosting our spirituality as well. It’s good to visit the mosque for attending the congregation prayers, but nowadays mosque is also a medium for Muslims to do other Islamic activities. There are many knowledge gatherings done in mosque, da’wa, etc.

  1. Have a Strong Will to Change

Allah SWT will not change somebody if they don’t have a strong will to change. So everything must be started from our heart. If we want to be better, we have to be committed in ourselves, so that everything occur in the future won’t shake our strong willingness to be better. Also read Tips to Change Undesired Habits in Islam

  1. Get Closer to Allah SWT

Allah SWT is the best helper for everyone, so never do something without wishing for His help. Get closer to Allah by performing religious deeds, worship Him diligently, and continuously making dua to Allah SWT.

So those are all the effective tips to boost Islam spirituality in daily life. Remember that we are nothing without Allah SWT, so we must not forget Allah in any ways. May Allah SWT always give us His best help and make us closer to Him. As there is nothing in this world is better than being loved by Allah SWT.

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