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12 Good Tips to Deal with Pressure After Marriage in Islam

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Getting married is the dream of every Muslim. As it is said to be half of the religion, it’s clear that a Muslim couple will be showered with blessing from Allah SWT. Everyone get married to be happy, but there is no guarantee that marriage is all about happiness. In fact, it’s a challenging journey full of trials. Not only from both you and your spouse, but also from everyone around you.


After marriage pressure is something hard to face. If you can’t handle it well, your marriage will be in trouble. There are some useful tips to deal with pressure after marriage in Islam to help you get through. Here are things you can do:

  1. Turn Back to Allah SWT

“Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.” (49:13)

Every hardship comes from Allah SWT and there’s no better solution but turning back to the Exalted. When everything feels unbearable, remember that Allah SWT always stay by your side. The pressure is originally from Allah SWT, so there must be the end of it.

Never leave Allah SWT when you’re sad, but always remember Him when you’re happy. Since everything in your life happen under Allah’s permission. Also read The Virtue of Saying Basmallah

  1. Be Mentally Prepared Before Getting Married

Marriage is the next big step for everyone’s life. It’s when you are establishing your own life and family. If you look at many other couple whose marriage last for a long time, doesn’t mean they had it easy. They must have through some rocky path during the marriage and the can make it.

It’s why preparing yourself mentally before marriage is important. So when you’ve pressure after that, you can handle wisely and not carried away by all of the negativity.

  1. Limit the Involvement of the Family

If you are married, you have to be independent from your parents. Unfortunately, parents sometime like to meddle in their children’s business, resulted in a rift and fight for your marriage. It causes some serious pressure for your marriage as well. Also read Virtues of Getting Married in Islam

To prevent it from happening, make sure that the involvement of your parents and families are limited. Make sure you take care of your marriage business all by yourself.

  1. Have Faith to Each Other

After marriage pressure usually comes from others. Thus, it’s important to build a strong foundation within you and your spouse. No matter what happen, always have faith to each other. Trust your spouse over everyone else, including your own parents. You are living the marriage life together, not with others. Don’t let anyone drive your family.

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  1. Don’t Listen to What People Say

At many times, people can be so mean. They say harsh words without considering your feeling that much. The most common after marriage pressure for newlyweds is about having babies. After months or maybe years of marriage and you don’t have any children yet, people would start talking about various things about your marriage. Also read How to Have a Happy Marriage in Islam

Don’t listen to those kind of saying. If something doesn’t make you to be better person, don’t ever listen. Only listen to those who are supportive towards you. Negative comments only make your life worse.

  1. Don’t Expect Too Much of the Marriage

Everyone must be happy for getting married. Allah SWT also promised the blessings and rewards for Muslim couple for the sacred bond. But to gain happiness requires efforts, and it often not easy. Keep your expectation low about the marriage. The higher your expectation, the much pressure you will get. Pressure from the inside is even more dangerous that one comes from others.

  1. Always Pray to Allah SWT

Allah SWT has promised those who remember Him, He will always remember them. If you feel like you are pressured in your marriage, pray to Allah to ask for His help to lessen the burden. Even when you face dead end everywhere, Allah SWT always have the best solution for you. Also read How to be Patience in Islam

Pray every time you want to pray, always remember Allah all the time through dhikr and ask for help only to Allah SWT.

  1. Be Patient

“Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” (39:10)

What is the key to face any difficulties in life? It’s no other than being patient. Allah has said that every Muslim who is patient enough while getting through the hardship would gain a tremendous reward in the end.

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  1. Face Every Problem Wisely

Be wise and think positive when you face pressure in your marriage. Actually, every trials and hardship are made to make you a better person and wiser than before. To be able to make it successfully, face every problems with wisdom. Be sure that everything is only temporary. Also read How to Get Blessing from Allah in Islam

  1. Ask for Support from Others

Go to your friends or family to find strength and support. You may also join a community of newlyweds, meet an expert, and do other things that can make you feel better. It’s important so that you know that you’re not alone and you can be more grateful since you know that there are others who have it worse than you are.

  1. Have Faith That Everything Will Get Better

Everything in this world is only temporary, including the problem you face. Remember that things eventually get better because this too, shall pass. Also read How to Improve Faith in Islam

  1. Surround Yourself Only with Good Companion

Good friends make your life better. Surrounding yourself with good companion invites more positivity to come and make you happier.

So those are the most useful tips to deal with pressure after marriage in Islam. Remember that Allah SWT is the helper for every problems and situation, so never leave Allah no matter what.

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