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15 Virtues of Getting Married in Islam

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Married is a worship, Allah will not create men but only to worship Him. All our activities should be intended to worship Him.


All of our mistakes we should ask forgiveness of Him. All the favors we have got should be grateful for praising His name. Every test that comes to us is as good as we only ask for His help.

By getting married, there are many we can achieve. What are they? This is the primacy of marriage that we can achieve. Read more about Virtues of Gaining Knowledge in Islam

1.      Keeping Sainthood

It can not be denied that in this present era, free sex has become a common thing. But as Muslims, we should not follow such bad habits.

Allah SWT has given the best solution for two people of different types in fulfilling their sexual needs by marrying. Read more about Virtues of Feeding The Poor in Islam

By living a marriage obligation, couples will be easier in regulating sexual emotions while keeping themselves from misconduct to Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW said,

“O youth! Any one of you is capable of marriage, so get married, because the marriage is easier to subdue the view and better keep the farji (penis). Anyone who has not been able, let him fast, because that fast can fortify him. “[Al-Bukhari].

2.      Has Heredity

The purpose of a subsequent marriage is none other than to have offspring so that it can complement and make life more enjoyable because no one can cool the eyes of a believer in addition to seeing his wife and also descendants who fear Allah SWT.

“O our Lord! Grant us wives and descendants who please us, and make us priests for the righteous. [al-Furqan: 74]

3.      Complete Worship

Like a story where there were 3 young men who asked the Prophet’s wives about the way of worship of the Prophet and after being told, they felt that their worship was still lacking, so they wanted to be improved again.

“One of them finally decided to diligently worship and stay away from marriage. After knowing the news of these three companions, the Prophet Muhammad forbade him and said that he worshiped, also married”. [al-Bukhari: 5063, Muslim: 1401].

In the above hadiths show if it is better if less worship but married compared with choosing to bachelor even diligently worship because marriage is the longest and most enjoyable to do.

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4.      Keep away from Zina

Having sexual desire is a human nature and Islam is not ordered to eliminate that desire but control it well. With a marriage, it will further subdue the views while keeping the pubic as well as away from ourselves from the acts of adultery that is hated by Allah SWT.

“Do not go near adultery; it is a nasty deed again a bad way.” [al-Isra: 32].

5.      Complying with Human Demands

Marriage is a legitimate human nature and done marriage aqad through a marriage and not in a dirty way such as courtship, cohabiting, adultery, lesbian, gay and so on that deviate from the teachings of Islam.


6.      Fortify Morals

One of the main goals of marriage in Islam is the way to fortify the human dignity of all kinds of vile and dirty deeds that can only degrade the true dignity of the very noble man. Read more about Virtues of Gratefulness in Islam

In Islam to see if marriage is the process of forming a family that is very powerful in maintaining women and men from damage and also protect the community widely and this becomes a way to improve the best morality that can be done by Muslims.

Rasulullah SAW said,

“O youth! Whoever of you is capable of marrying, then marry, because the marriage is more subdued view, and more fortify the farji (male genitalia). And whoever can not afford, let him shaum (fasting), because that shaum can fortify him. “

7.      Enforcing Islamic Household

In the Qur’an it is said that if Islam justifies thalaq or divorce if husband and wife can no longer enforce the limits given by Allah SWT. If both parties can not implement the source of Islamic law, it is justified to re-reconcile or re-marry if the couple has been able to enforce the limit given by Allah SWT.

“Talak (who can be referred to) twice. (After that the husband can) withhold well, or release well. It is not lawful for you to take back something that you have given them, unless both (husband and wife) are afraid of not being able to live the laws of God. If you (the guardians) fear that both are incapable of observing the laws of God, then both are not guilty of the payment that (should) be given (by the wife) to redeem himself. These are the laws of God, so do not break them. Whoever violates the laws of God, they are the zhalim. “[Al-Baqarah: 229]

8.      Increasing Worship To Allah SWT

Viewed from the viewpoint of Islam, in the purpose of life according to Islam is fully used to serve and worship only to Allah SWT at the same time do good with fellow human beings.

So when viewed from this, then the household is a good land for worship and good deeds in addition to worship and other good deeds. In fact, married couples are also worship in Islam. Read more about Law of Maintaining Beards According to Islam

Rasulullah SAW said,

“Someone of you have sexual intercourse with his wife is alms!”

(Hearing the words of the Prophet, the Companions astonish) then asked:

“O Messenger of Allah, does one of us vent his lust for his wife will get reward?”

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied:

“What do you think if he (a husband) have sex with other than his wife, is not he a sinner? Similarly, if he has intercourse with his wife (in a lawful place), he will get a reward. “

9.      Creating the Holy Bond

Marriage also aims to create relationships between men and men who are not mahram into a holy bond that is lawful and certainly in ridha by Allah SWT so that the couple muhrim in Islam. With the union of this couple in marriage, then the two men have become a halal couple at the same time avoid the sin.

10.  Establish Cooperation Between Husband and Wife

Life after marriage, it will be established a good cooperation between husband and wife in terms of educating children and also keep their lives. In marriage is needed cooperation between husband and wife so that can be bonded between the two and also closer between the couple. Read more about  Virtues of Night Lailatul Qadr

11.  Establishing Silaturahim Inter-Large Family

Getting married not only brings two people into one family, but also means to unite the two big families of each couple and the lesson is to increase more and more relatives where as we know if the primacy of connecting the ropes of the relationship can not only increase the sustenance but also increase the age.

12.  Perfecting the Half of Religion

Implementing marriage means completing half of the religion so that it complements our piety which is also balanced by doing half the other worship.

Rasulullah SAW said:

“If a person married then it means he has perfected half his religion. Then bertaqwalah on the other half “.

A similar thing has been narrated from Anas ra, he said:

“When a servant marries, it has been perfectly half his religion, then fear Allah SWT for the remaining half.”

13.  Living the Sunnah of the Prophet

The Apostle has set a good example and encouragement for all His people by following every sunnah that is given and married is one sunnah that must be considered.

This is because in a marriage there are many pleasures and also worship. Read more about Law of Ramadan Fasting Without Doing Taraweeh Prayer

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Rasulullah SAW said,

“Do not you die unmarried”.

14.  Opening Doors for Rizq

By making a marriage, then Allah will also open the door of sustenance by itself and we as servants do not have to fear and worry with poverty. Rasulullah SAW,

“Seek sustenance in a marriage”.

And it is the duty of the man after marriage to earn a living for his family life.

Hadith narrated by Al Baihaqi is said if,

“Whoever has been given sustenance in the form of Sholehah’s wife by Allah SWT., Means He has helped him from half his religion. Then, let him be cautious of Allah SWT in the remaining half of his religion “.

15.  Avoid From Fitnah

Fiqih marriage will also keep both sides both women and men of all slander because many men and women who go together, holding hands and so on all that will cause slander. Read more about Virtues of the Last 10 days of Ramadhan

The slander must be shunned because of the act of self, especially for us muslin and the way is to get married.

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