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15 Ways Women Ask to Be Proposed According to Islam

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In general, the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam or the way a woman invites a man is embarrassing; especially, to express their desire to be proposed according to Islam by a man they believe can become their imam in the family. But it turns out the righteous man never came to ask them to become his wife. Of course, women should give the code or express it directly so as not to become a burden on her heart.


If there is a righteous man who is well known for his moral virtue, the faithfulness of his faith and is ideal for becoming a life partner, can a woman be silent? How does it feel if the man had decided to marry another woman? Well, surely we will feel disappointed.

Here are 15 ways women can ask to be proposed according to Islam.

  1. Offering Yourself Directly

There is a hadith about the law of women asking to be married in Islam which tells of a woman coming to the Prophet then offering herself to him sallallaau au alaihi wasallam. He said, “O Messenger of Allah, do you need me?” At that time, there was a friend’s daughter Anas bin Malik. He was immediately shocked to hear that.

He then assessed that the woman had no shame. He said, “How a little embarrassed,” he said. But, Anas replied to his daughter by saying, “He is better than you. She was pleased with the Messenger of Allah, so she offered herself to him,” he said. (Narrated by Al Bukhari from Anas bin Malik)

  1. Using Intermediaries or Guardians

If women are shy; of course, the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam does not convey it directly to men who want to be made husbands but by finding true love in Islam. Women who do the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam convey their desires to be favored through an intermediary guardian. The guardian is in charge of delivering to the man the woman wants to ask.

  1. With the Help of A Woman’s Father

From Abdullah bin Umar r.a. that Umar bin Khattab r.a. when Hafah (his daughter) widowed he said: “I came to Uthman ibn Affan and then I offered Hafah to him”, then he (Uthman) met me and said: “After I consider then at this time I have not wished to marry.”

Then I (Umar) met Abu Bakr r.a. while saying: “If you want, I want to marry you with Hafshah.” So Abu Bakr just kept quiet without answering at all. So I (Umar) stayed for a few nights, then Rasulullah s.a.w. came asking for his hand, then I married him (Hafshah) with him.” (H.R. Bukhari Juz XI p. 80)

  1. Through Other Brothers

Umm Habibah binti Abu Sufyan said: “O Messenger of God, marry my sister Abu Sufyan’s daughter.” He asked: “Do you like that?” I (Umm Habibah) replied: “I am no stranger to you and you are the one I want to be with me in the kindness of my sister.” (H.R. Bukhari)

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  1. Asking for the Desire to Get Married

In another account Sahal bin Sa’ad radiallahu anh said, “A woman came to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and said, ‘Ya Rasulallah, I surrender myself to you (willing to be married).’ One friend said, ‘Just marry with me.’ So, the Messenger of Allah said,” I married you with a dowry in the form of reading the Qur’an that you have.” (Bukhari)

  1. Confiding in Married Female Friends

Female friends who have been proposed one by one and married usually make some women wonder, when they will be asked. The desire that emerges is then expressed through the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam. They will confide in their married female friends with the aim of fishing for men.

  1. Discussing the Future

Usually, if women have started asking and discussing the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam, it means that they have established themselves to have a family so that they often have future talks.

  1. Talk About Children

The way women ask for another application according to Islam is by changing their attitudes which become more like children. If at this time a woman starts to enjoy playing with children, it could be a form of seriousness if one day she will become a mother and usually this is the code of women who want to be immediately proposed.

  1. Setting the Ta’aruf Deadline

This seems to have been a code from the woman. If the woman clearly explained that giving Ta’aruf a deadline would mean that she did not want to talk anymore, it was a way for women to ask according to Islam by saying if she did not just want ta’aruf.

  1. Delivering Through Men’s Parents

Usually, a woman who does the way a woman asks to be proposed according to Islam and becomes clear about her relationship status will approach the man’s parents. For example, often giving food, sending greetings via messenger, saying happy birthday, staying in touch with parents when the man is not at home, conveying her seriousness to the family.

  1. Often Tells Happiness After Marriage

The way women ask to be proposed according to Islam is done by telling a marriage life to tell a portrait of a happy family and how interesting it is. It was intended to provoke that women have the desire to be immediately proposed and married.

  1. Giving Satire

The way women ask to be proposed according to Islam, for example, women say they want to be serious, establish a relationship to a further level of marriage. Women say things like this in the right way and not jokingly so that the man also seriously thinks about it.

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  1. Tell a story that His Parents Want to Have Grandchildren

Maybe men should understand when women do the way women ask to be proposed according to Islam by fishing with parents, namely if parents want grandchildren. So that of course the road must be done by way of proposals and marriages.

  1. Discuss About Cooking

Women who had no interest in cooking suddenly surprised men with their own cooked food. The way a woman asks to be proposed according to Islam then confesses that she has taken a cooking course. When asked, the reactions vary. Some of them immediately admit that taking a cooking course is an effort to prepare themselves to foster a household. But, there are also some ways women ask to be proposed according to Islam which gives an ambiguous answer so that men think and immediately propose.

  1. Improve Yourself

One of the characteristics when a woman does the way a woman asks to be proposed according to Islam is because she feels she has the right to go through the household, she will improve herself. Starting from his physical appearance, she who used to like a modern appearance followed Islamic Shari’a and changed her appearance to become more mature and fit as a married woman.

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She would prefer to wear beautiful Muslim clothes to display an Islamic and adult appearance. Women also become more diligent in worship when they feel they are ready to step into the household ark. They ask for guidance from God to convince themselves to the men they choose.

Taking part in worship is also an effort to improve itself. With worship, women will be more calm and secure because they feel they are protected.

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