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12 Benefits of Kissing in Islam – Is it Allowed?

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Islam is not a religion that is ignorance to love and passions between Muslim. The Prophet (SAW) himself is a passionate person who always shows his love for his wife and his followers. One form to show love is by kissing, who often done by Muslim spouses, between husband and wife. Kissing is not only to show love and affection, but holds its own benefits we never know. Here are the benefits of kissing in Islam.


1. Kissing is the best intimacy among spouse

Among all kind of affection existed, kissing is said to be the best intimacy in form. Between spouse, husband and wife, kissing is said to be tightening the bond. This is a habit that the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself did to his wife. This is one of the many things the Prophet (SAW) did to show his love for his wife.

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2. Kissing the wife is a form of Sadaqah

According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), marriage is half of the religion. In Islam, marriage between men and women is sunnah, and it said to be increasing the blessing of Allah through their marriage. Every good deeds you do to your wife in your marriage is counted as a good deeds you do for your religion.

That is how Islam sees marriage. Even if you only kiss your wife, it is counted as sadaqah. The Prophet (SAW) said, Conjugal relations with your wife is a sadaqah.”

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3. It reduce the blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common indication of the hypertension disease. We have to keep our mind relaxed so that our blood pressure stays normal. Kissing has its own benefit in human’s health, according to a scientific and medical research. When you kiss, your blood vessels are dilated, which make your blood pressure stays low.

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4. It shows love and affection

Kissing is commonly described as the ultimate form of love and affection. It’s not necessarily between husband and wife, kissing shows affection between a Muslim and Muslim, between Muslimahs when the meet or about to separate, between parents and kids, also between Muslim and Islam. You show your affection toward the Holy Quran by kissing it.

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5. Kissing releases happy hormones

When people kiss, their feeling would be better than before, especially those who feels overwhelming feeling like anger or sadness. It has been scientifically proven that kissing stimulates the brain in increasing the release of oxytocin, the hormone of love. The more oxytocin released, the happier the person would be.

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6. Extend the lifespan of a person

This is another scientific research conducted in kissing, love and relationship. People who are in love and full of affection in his life will live longer than those who doesn’t. It has proven that people who is in love and doing all things to show their love will live longer, and their lifespan could increase. A simple kiss every morning with you wife or husband will increase your lifespan by 5 years long.

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7. Kissing helps to improve the immune system

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has giving example of maintaining the health of a Muslim by regularly exercising. Beside keeping the body to stay healthy, exercising is a form of gratitude towards Allah SWT who has given us the body to live in. To have a healthy body, it’s important to keep all the disease away by improving out immune system. The benefits of kissing in Islam is that it helps to improve our immune system so we don’t fall sick easily.

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8. Lowers the risk of stress

As said before, kissing make someone happier and make their mood better, especially when the feel sad or depressed. There is also another benefits of kissing in Islam that every Muslim should know. Kissing lowers the risk of stress and depression. It makes the brain relaxed by stimulating it to release more happy hormones rather than the sad ones.

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9. Increasing the self esteem

In a particular situation, a Muslim could feel insecure and not confidence. It can be caused by many things that probably happen to him. This is why when someone is about to face some serious occasion like exams or interview, they received kiss from their loved ones. Kissing has been proven to be increasing someone’s self esteem and confidence because they feel loved.

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10. It’s a sunnah from the Prophet (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the role model of every Muslim in the world, is a romantic person when it comes to the relationship with his wife. He often lay his head on his wife’s lap, combing and stroking her hair, also kiss him to show his affection. He also told all Muslim to do such things to their wife since it Sunnah and counted as a good deeds, which resulted in Allah’s SWT rewards for them.

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11. Showing sympathy on a certain occasion

Kissing is not only happen during the good times with a happy feeling. Kissing is sometimes a good way to show sympathy during a a bad situation. For example is grief. When we comes to a deceased Muslim family, a Muslim is allowed to kiss his family to show support and sympathy.

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12. To express proud and compliment

At last, kissing show how we are proud of someone. When our loved ones just win in a competition or just achieve something great, we kiss them to show how proud we are to them, also as a form of compliment to that person.

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So those are the benefits of kissing in Islam. May we are among them who are affectionate in Allah’s SWT way and under the guidance of Him.

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