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Benefits of Read Al-Qur’an Every Day for Life

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The best book is Al-Qur’an in which is loaded with knowledges including moral, good behavior, honesty, kindness and others. Reading Al-Qur’an can affect the soul and mind to always be calm.


A Muslim who never reads Al-Qur’an is just like a body which is not being dressed, it is very embarrassing and does not need to be imitated since Allah will dislike it.

As the hadith that been narrated by Muslim which stated by Abi Ummah ra:

“Your Majesty Rasulullah says read Al-Qur’an since it will be an intercessor on the Judgment Day for those who read it.” 

Therefore these are the benefits of read Al-Qur’an every day and the miracle of Al-Qur’an in the world:

1. Getting reward and goodness

Reading Al-Qur’an can make the surrounding atmosphere more peaceful, calm and full of blessings. Therefore someone who reads Al-Qur’an will get double rewards and goodness from Allah SWT as a pious human being. Read also: virtues of Dhuha prayer

As a hadith narrated by Tirmidhi below that:

“Whoever reads a single letter from kitabullah (Al-Qur’an) then he will get a goodness one time. But each goodness will be repaid ten times.”

2. Give a better degree and authority

Reading Al-Qur’an can make a person look even lighter and full of authority. This condition can make a person more cherished, respected and valued by many people.

As the hadith states:

“People who are great in reciting Al-Qur’an will always be accompanied by the most honored reciter angels and obedient to Allah SWT and people who stumbled in reading Al-Qur’an then took the trouble to learn it then he will get the reward twice.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

3. Get a blessed and protection from Angels

Reading the Qur’an with a calm and patient heart can bring mercy from Allah SWT and get protection from angels both from a visible and invisible crimes. Read also: how to make my faith in islam stronger

As the hadith states:

“When Muslims gather in the mosque of Allah and they recite Al-Qur’an and learn it, it will come to them the serenity, the grace of Allah and protected by angels and Allah said in the presence of those who are nearby.” 

4. Give intercession when the Judgement Day arrives

Reading Al-Qur’an give us a lot of honor and goodness that never been imagine by mankind before even it also happen when the Judgement Day with a great honor.

As the hadith that states:

“Read Al-Qur’an verses since indeed in the Judgement Day later it will give a good intercession to all the reciter.” (Narrated by Muslim)

5. Make someone into a noble behaviour

Reading Al-Qur’an with a calm and happy feeling will change someone which before had a bad behaviour into a noble one or better one. Read also: punishment of leaving shalat intentionally

The majesty Rasulullah SAW ever said:

“The best people among you is the one who read and learn of Al-Qur’an and teach to others.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

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6. To make our heart more calm and peace

Reading Al-Qur’an can calm the mind and soul also the way to calm heart and also make our  love to Allah SWT growing. Against all the Prophets and Apostles and angels become stronger.

As the commandement of Allah ta’ala that clearly state in surah Ar-Rad verse 28 below:

“Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah heart are assured. (QS. Ar-Rad: 28)

7. To make our heart more calm and peace

Diligent on reading of Al-Qur’an with a sincere heart can save theirselves from any visible and invisible evilness and misery during the world and the hereafter, it is realized because Allah SWT protect it. Read also: how to make life easy in Islam

The majesty Rasulullah said that:

“The most blessed and special service is to read and studying Al-Qur’an and practice it in daily life even on every single verse that has been read contains 10 goodness and teachings of truth in it.”

8. As a cure of the body illness

For those who deligently and adjust theirselves to recite Al-Qur’an then Allah SWT, will protected them from every illness.

As the below 2 hadiths that say:

“You should use medicinal types like honey and recite Al-Qur’an (Narrated by Ma’ud)

“Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down (for you). “There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing from people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.” (QS. An-Nahl: 69)

9. Could cure the diseases of heart

Reading Al-Qur’an with a sincere heart can dispel and cure the diseases of heart that include jealousy, envy, happy to talk about the ugliness of others, feel revenge and others. Read also: how to make life easy in Islam

As a hadith that states:

“Surely this heart can be rusty as an iron becomes rusty by the touch of water.” Then how to keep this heart from rusting? asked the Companions, Rasullulah SAW said “Believe me…by reading Al-Qur’an.” He replied. 

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10. It could give an abundance favors for our parents in the Judgement Day

For a child who is accustomed to reading Al-Qur’an from solely because of his love to Allah SWT and both his parent then Allah SWT will protect both his parents and give him pleasure including the crown on their heads as a sign of blessing.

As Rasulullah ever said:

“Whoever reads Al-Qur’an and practices it solely for the sake Allah SWT then Allah will give the crown of both his parents head and pleasure on the Judgment Day and will look more light than the sun’s rays so you will not expect that the reward is due to the deeds of Al-Qur’an reader’s deeds.”(Narrated by Abu Daud)

The beauty inside Al-Qur’an

  • Reading Al-Qur’an is an obligatory for Muslims who are really proud of Islam. Proud to be a Muslim is a form of high love for Allah SWT, the only god who created nature and its contents.
  • There is no meaning if a Muslim can not read Al-Qur’an at all, it is like an illiterate person. Although not able to read it as great as people in the time of the Prophet but understand how to read it is good enough for a Muslim, especially if you have a strong desire to master the contents of Al-Qur’an (clever on reading of Al-Qur’an), then perfected a person as a Muslim.
  • Learning to read Al-Qur’an can be applied at the early age of the children so that their love of Islamic norms is stronger and in the future make Al-Qur’an as a guide of life, pride, identity as a Muslim and as a protection for the heart and as a symbol of great Islamic.

Studying Al-Qur’an which in it includes how to read it, how to sing it, understand the meaning conveyed and want to practice it in daily life is an obligation for all Muslims in the world, since Al-Qur’an is a symbol and basic of Islam that will never change or timeless. Read also: virtue of marrying on Shawal

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