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7 Miraculous Virtues of Dhuha Prayer

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Islam is a religion that brings grace and teaches its people to do goodness’s. The function of the religion of Islam can be felt if the Muslims are doing their duty. One of the obligations of Muslims is to pray. Not only to pray, Islam also encourages its people to perform sunnah worship like dhuha prayer.


This is a way to increase the charity of worship and how to improve human morality. Dhuha prayer is a prayer done at dhuha time or between the time after sunrise or at 8 a.m before noon which is at 11 a.m which is one kind of sunnah prayer. Read more about  Virtues of Humility in Islam

As Muslims, we should be happy to do the deeds of worship including dhuha prayer. Dhuha prayer has many virtues that should motivate us to do it. The virtues of dhuha prayer are:

1. The Reward of dhuha prayer is like alms

Doing dhuha prayer has the same value as the value of deeds such as the virtue of alms. Alms that are meant are alms that is needed by 360 joints of our body especially if we sincerely do it (read the characteristics of people who are not sincere in worship). Read more about  Virtues of Salaam in Islam

Muslims who do dhuha prayer will get rewards as much as the joints. As the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, which reads:

“In every joint of one of you is alms, every tasbih (the utterance of subhanallah) is alms, every tahmid (alhamdulillah utterance) is alms, every tahlil (speech lailahaillallah) is alms, every takbir (Allahu akbar utterance) is alms, enjoins in the goodness is alms, preventing from munkar is alms. And the two Dhuha rakaats are worth the reward of all that”.

2. The need will be supported

Dhuha prayer is prayer that performed by someone at the beginning of the day. The person will be promised the fulfillment of sustenance or needs at the end of the day. Dhuha Prayer is a prayer performed to ask sustenance to Allah SWT. Read more about Virtues of Dhikr to Allah SWT

This is indicated by the stipulation of implementation time and implied in the dua that is read after the implementation of the Dhuha prayer.

In addition, Allah also promises to every Islamic Ummah who diligently performs Dhuha prayers that their needs will be sufficient, at least their needs in the afternoon or at the end of the day.

With that promise, Allah really wants to reward and reward the servant’s willingness to remember Allah in the time of Dhuha by fulfilling what them needs throughout the day. God’s promise can be found in a hadith qudsi. Messenger of Allah. Which reads:

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Verily Allah Azza Wa Jalla says:” O son of Adam, it is sufficient for me four rakaat at the beginning of the day, then I will suffice you in the afternoon

This promise of God will be the cause of the restless heart due to the lack of sustenance obtained and prevent the dangers of despair for some people who are not given enough sustenance. Dhuha Prayer is one of the intermediaries for the wishes to come true as well as doing the prayers.

3. Reach Ghanimah or gain faster

People who diligently do dhuha prayer will get ghanimah or a faster advantage over the permission of Allah SWT.

This happened at the time of the Prophet Muhammad where the Apostles compared the believers who performed the Dhuha prayer with the mujahid who set out to fight the battlefield which is close to their place of residence and then returned quickly to their place of origin with bring a lot of ghanimah (spoils of war) and certainly a victory. Read more about Importance of Subh Azan

This is the motivation to work the deeds of worship and the effort to keep tawakkal to Allah SWT because the benefits of tawakkal are very large.

The Messenger of Allah also considered that the profits that will be gained by those who perform the Dhuha prayer will amount to more than the benefits that can be obtained by the mujahid. It is as the saying rasullulah SAW which sounds:

Take profit (ghanimah) and hurry back!. They end up talking about nearby war intentions and the amount of ghanimah (profit) to be gained and quickly returned (due to close distance). Then the Messenger of Allah said; “Will you guys show me the nearest goal of them (the enemy to be fought), the most of its profit (ghanimah) and the quick return?


They replied: “Yes! The Apostle said again: “Whoever performs wudhu’, then enters the mosque to perform the Dhuha prayer, he is the closest to his destination (the battlefield), gain more ghanimah and return faster

4. Will be rewarded with a home in paradise

People who are always willing to spend their time to perform Dhuha prayer 12 rakaat in the early of the day will be promised reward by God in the form of a beautiful house made of gold in the hereafter. This is according to Anas Bin Malik who heard that Rasulullah saw said:

Whoever prays 12 rakaat Dhuha, Allah will make for him a palace made of gold in heaven“(HR Ibnu Majah)

5. Get the reward of Hajj and Umrah

The person who performs the Dhuha prayer diligently will get the reward of the hajj and the perfect umrah From Anas ra said, Rasulullah said,

Whoever does the morning prayer (shubuh) in congregation, then he (after the end) sat remembering Allah until rising sun, then he prayed two rakaat (Dhuha), he earns rewards such as the reward of Hajj and Umrah; perfect, perfect, perfect“.

6. Aborting the sins

Dhuha prayer will shed the sins of people who regularly perform dhuha prayers even though their sins are as much as foam in the ocean. Here are the hadiths that reinforce this. From Abu Hurairah ra, the Messenger of Allah said,

Whoever keeps the Dhuha prayers, then his sins are forgiven even though his sins are as much as the foam of the sea” (HR. Tirmidzi)

7. A special door in heaven will be created for people who do dhuha prayer

The other virtue that God has promised for the man who strives to pray dhuha is that he will be made a special door in heaven, the door called Dhuha door. Read more about How to Make My Faith in Islam Stronger

Thus it is clear that the person who diligently do dhuha prayer has a high position in the eyes of Allah SWT and he will be made a separate door to enter heaven regardless of whether he was Muslim from birth or mualaf. Rasulullah said: From Abu Hurairah ra, the Prophet Muhammad said,

In heaven there is a door that is called the door of Dhuha, when the Day of Judgment comes to keep the heavens  calling ; where is he who commonly pray Dhuha? Here is your door so enter it with the love of God “(HR.Thabrani)


Here Allah gives the privileged position to those who do Dhuha based on the number of rakaat:

  • The person who does two rakaat of Dhuha prayer will be recorded as a person who is not neglectful
  • The person who performs four rakaat of Dhuha prayer is recorded as a muhsinin (do goodness)
  • People who work on six rakaat Dhuha prayer will be recorded as obedient servants
  • The man who performed the eight rakaat Dhuha prayer will be recorded as the champion’s servant (Success)
  • The person who do twelve Dhuha prayers will be made a beautiful house in heaven

As the hadith which explains that the Messenger of Allah said:

From Abi Dhar, Allah’s Messenger said:

If you perform two Dhuha prayer then you are not recorded as a neglectful servant, or four rakaat, you will be recorded as a muhsinin (do goodness) servant, or six rakaat you will be recorded as slaves money or obedience, or eight you will be recorded as a champion’s  slave (Success), or ten rakaat then on this day your sins are not recorded, or twelve rakaat then Allah will build a house in heaven “.

Those are complete explanation about Virtues of Dhuha Prayer.

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