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The Law of Women Going Out at Night in Islam

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Islam forbids their people to do something not without a reason, that solely is for the goodness of the human itself. And any prohibitions in Islam are neither burdensome nor disadvantageous, as the opposite its protect and give benefits to human being.


And women as creatures that have a lot of harm, weakness, and also could arouse a lust for men, therefore a lot of limitations and rules given by Islam to them, start from Islam laws for women using a parfume,  the muslimah dress code, the way of primping, and many others. However, all of that things are meant to be the good for muslimah, so they always protected from the cursed devils temptation and evilness. See also Muslim Wife Duties for Her Husband

Not only that, Islam as a good religion and always protect muslim women also had a rule and time for muslimah to leave a house. Then wheter in Islam a woman is allowed to go out at night?

Women Going Out According to Islam

At this modern era, women going out at night is not an unusual things, in this globalization era it turn out to be normal for a woman going out at night doing her needs, whether it’s buying things, meet someone, working, or other reasons.

In Islam, women allowed to go out, to meet their needs, whether it’s for food, clothing, or others. As said in the following hadith:

“God has allowed you (women) to go out of the house to meet your needs”. (Hadith of Bukhari)

In the above hadith, it’s not mentioned when a woman allowed to leave her house to meet their needs. It means, there is no time limit for women out of the house.

Yet, even there is no law or commandment of God that discusses and prohibits directly about the law for women to go out at night, as a good woman we still had to know the time and the limitations when we’re going out of the house.

As a good muslimah, it would be proper not to go out very often at night, nor came out late at night if it’s not necessary needed, since it’s not good, and could be bad as women are awrah in Islam. And each time a woman step their food outside, the devils will beautify them. As said in the following hadith :

“The woman is awrah, when she comes out, the devil will beautify them” (Hadith of At-Tirmidzi)

The woman is allowed to go out at night without a mahram,  if it felt safe, she only needs to ask a permission to her parents or husband if she is already married.

However, if her leaving felt unsafe and worrying then it would be better if accompanied by her mahram, as if her father, brother, sister, or husband. it is intent that nothing bad would happen to the woman itself, and to avoid her from defamation.

And when they go out, either night or day, as a good woman according to Islam better for muslimah to close their awrah decently and not showing their body curves and all awrah, no tabarruj, and not using parfume excessively. Therefore before a woman going out at nigh they had to pay attention of this following prohibitions :

  • Showing of Body Curves

Of all that as a woman, to look beautifull nor attractive is a must. In fact, to get that beauty we dress up and wear a make up to complete the lackness both in our body or in our face so that others only seen our beauty. But in Islam women must dress as simplas possible so that our body curves would not be revealing. As one  Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa salla) mentioned :

“There will be women who will be dressed yet they appeared to be naked. Their heads will be like the humps of camels. They will not enter Jannah and will not even smell the scent of Jannah while it can be smelt from a far distance (Hadith of Sahih Muslim)”

This hadith is about Muslimah or Muslim women as those without eeman would not be enterening Jannah, they have clothes but it will be so tight so that all parts of their bodies will be revealing to others.

See also How a Woman should Dress in Islam

  • Tabarruj

Means something excessive in revealing jewelry and beauty, in Quran surah Al-Ahzab is mentioned that:

“And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as (was) the display of the former times of ignorance” (Al-Ahzab 33:33)”

Syaikh Abdur Rahmas as Sa’ interpret the ayat as advie for women not to go out of their house wearing make up and using parfume frequently, as women in former times of ignorance, since they did not know the knowledge (religion) and eeman. This is merely to avoid people (women) itself from any infamation and all the reason behind. See also Tremendous Benefits of Modesty in Islam 

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  • Using Parfum Excessively

Becoming the center of attention and get the positive respond from everybody is every women wish. One of the things that could make it happen is by using perfumes or fragrances. Perfume or fragrances is one things that could rise woman self confidence and kept them away from bad odor when they gathering with others. Some of them may not use parfumes or fragrances for attract men or evade not to scent heavily and arouse men lust, as mentioned in following hadith:

“A Woman who wear fragrances then passing through a group of men in order they smell the scent of it then she considered as a prostitute/courtesan”

In so many cases, women intentionally to wear a perfume to get men attention and after that the man will getting stimulated because of the heavy scent. And as we know that in Islam the beauty of a woman is merely for her husband. A woman honor stand at her attitude and behaviour that will protect them from harmness.

All that rules above (given in Islam) simply just to avoid man lust who see women, so that they are save in everytime they go out and to protect them from sins.

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