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15 Best Ways on How to Avoid Arrogance in Islam

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Arrogance is not a quality that a Muslim should have. Instead, it was Shaytaan who has always been arrogant, starting from the day when a human was first created. He refused to to show his respect to Adam, saying that he was higher than the first human creation because of what they’re made of. Shaytaan said,


“I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay.”

As much as Allah SWT hates everyone who is arrogant, what are the best ways on how to avoid arrogance in Islam?

Keep Allah SWT near our heart and keep ourselves in the remembrance of him, so that He will help us to stay away from arrogance. As Allah SWT has promised.

“Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa [i.e. he is one of the Muttaqoon (the pious)” – Al Hujuraat (49:13)

Here are all the best ways on how to avoid arrogance in Islam.

1. Stay Down to Earth

Arrogance arise whenever we are full of ourselves and feel like we own everything in the world. While in fact nothing are really belong to us, we must stay humble and down to Earth. Act like we are the poorest human, in terms of imaan and other worldly things so that we will always look for the blessing of Allah SWT and continue to work hard.

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2. Always in Remembrance of Allah Through Dhikr

How to keep Allah SWT near us all the time? It’s through the continuous dhikr that always wet our lips. There are many forms and words of dhikr, and each of them are equally loved by Allah SWT. Don’t forget to send the blessing to our Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) as well.

3. Repent from the Sins

Human commit sins every time, even when they don’t realize they are. As a sinner, we shouldn’t be so proud of ourselves and develop an arrogant manner. We must reflect a lot on ourselves and repent from all the sins we used to do, whether we realize it or not. It’s how we will always kept grounded.

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4. Socialize with Good People

Your friends are the mirror of who you are. One of the best ways on how to avoid arrogance in Islam is by surrounding yourself by a bunch of good, selfless people. Choose friends who always remind you to stay humble and walk you together in the right path blessed by Allah SWT.

5. Help Others As Much As You Can

To make us feel more and more grateful to all the blessing Allah SWT has given to us, we must see the life of others as often as we could. By helping others in need, we come to realize that we actually have a better life and somehow luckier than them. And all of that is because of Allah SWT.

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6. Be Grateful to Allah SWT

Never stop saying Alhamdulillaah all the time because the blessing of Allah SWT are always near. The fact that we are still able to breath, see and listen are blessing itself. Don’t take anything for granted because what we think as something small is actually the thing that others wish for.

7. Keep in Mind That Everything Belongs to Allah SWT

As human doesn’t own anything in the world, they don’t have the right to be walking with over pride.

“And do not turn your cheek [in contempt] toward people and do not walk through the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah does not like everyone self-deluded and boastful.” – Luqman (31:18)

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8. Don’t be Belittling Others

If you have a higher status in the society or if you happen to be blessed with wealth by Allah SWT, you must not belittling others. That’s where arogance come from, when someone think that they are higher than anyone else and start abusing their power.

9. Be Humble

No better cure for an arrogant soul other than being humble. Keep yourself and your heart grounded, don’t be blinded by worldly matters such as power and wealth. As everything will return to Allah, actually we own nothing to be boasted.

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10. Remember the Punishment

Not just it’s something Allah SWT hates, but arrogance brings its own consequences to anyone who possess that traits. On the Day of Resurrection, everyone who lived with arrogance would be stepped underfoot.

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More Ways to Avoid Arrogance

Here are even more ways on how to avoid arrogance in Islam. All Muslims should apply this in their lives:

  1. Be wise when responding the praises we receive from others. Don’t let the praise makes us become full of ourselves and eventually arrogant.
  2. Even though you are boss or hold a high position, try the best not to give orders, especially in small things. Don’t let yourself make you think that you are above others.
  3. As much as anyone else praise you, be kind and praise others too. Share the credits in everything, especially to Allah SWT.
  4. Do many good deeds and charity.
  5. Remember, keep in mind that nothing in this world happen without the permission from Allah SWT.

Those are all the best ways on how to avoid arrogance in Islam. Let’s all be a good Muslim, starting from avoiding and stay away from all the bad traits that Allah SWT hates, since it may distanced His blessing for us.

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