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Importance of Self Reflection in Night in Islam

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The beauty of Islam in teaching of His ummat to get closer to Allah SWT is shown by the continuously guidance of Al-Qur’an. It is being taught that as a faithful ummat we should perform all His commandments and avoid all his prohibitions.


The virtue of Islam in teaching us about the Godly is by looking at into ourselves or introspection which is called Musahabah. It means that way of His ummat to realizing of himself for better life future.

The importance of Musahabah and its meaning

Musahabah is taken from the word of “hasiba yahsabu” then shorten become “hisab.” Etymologically, the word “hisab” means “calculation”, while in Shari’ a Islam it means as motivation into oneself about everything that has been done both vertically (to Allah SWT) and horizontally (to humans) from all perspectives.Read more about Prayer for Those Who Hate You

It is a recommend method used to complete our God-fearing to Allah SWT (read also: conscience in Islam, ways to peaceful in Islam)

Musahabah is identical with seeing and musing back on what we have done with eagerness to improve ourselves to be better in future to get Allah SWT blesses both in the world and doomsday. Here are some postulates explanations about Musahabah:

  • “To all devout people, be Godly to Allah SWT and shall you introspection of yourself for tomorrow (doomsday), and be Godly to Allah SWT, indeed, Allah is omniscient.” (QS. Al-Hasyr 59).
  • Syadad bin Aus RA mentioned that Rasulullah SAW said,” The clever person is one who evaluates himself and gives charity for life after death. The poor person is one who is following his lust and daydream to Allah SWT.” (HR. Imam Turmudzi). Read more about How to Improve Faith in Islam

Both postulates explained that Allah SWT is commandment of His ummat to always beware on the bad attitudes in order to lead himself into goodness as a reflection of his God-fearing to Allah SWT as his provision for after life at the doomsday.

Musahabah is known as musahabah of self reflection or musahabah attitudes. It is important to evaluate oneself for everything which has been done to change it into better. However, there is specific musahabah which is looking at into the deepest of our heart called musahabah of heart.Read more about The Virtue of Dhikr to Allah SWT

In etymological, there is similarity between musahabah of self reflection and musahabah heart which is looking at into oneself both as physically attitudes and from soul. The difference is tends to the attitudes which are unconsciously done by human like resentment, jealousy etc.

Ways of the Good Musahabah

Heart musahabah is needed to all human in order to improve of our mental life and spiritual. It can be done by remembering all of our feeling inside to other like spite, resentment and other bad feelings into others.

There are three successful keys in its relation to musahabah of self reflection:

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  1. Sincere

The lack of self sincere is the major thing for those who are often to feel the jealousy, envy and some others. Sincere defined as the ability of oneself to accept all the facts of live given by Allah SWT. it has a close relation to the lost and  the of feeling of unwillingness etc.

Those feeling should be transformed into sincere  because everything is already determined by Allah SWT and being of sincere of oneself, it is easier to achieve the peaceful life and burden of something.

2. Patient

Patient is the godliest fearing to Allah SWT recommended by Rasulullah SAW. It is known that Rasulullah is very patient confronting of anything even when he had been despicable, spit on, beaten and others in order to fight Islam.

As of His Ummat and the paragon of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as His Messenger, we should patient and manage of our carnal desire. Our patient is usually be tested by looking at our reaction into another behavior that sometimes is un-convenient to us which push us up to be more patient and manage ourselves not to be angry or do the harm attitudes to others. Read more about How to be Patience in Islam for Making a Better Life

3. Honest

It is the major capital of life which is been given to all human as of His perfect creature. We should be thankful to Allah SWT by not misconduct to other because patient that can avoid us to the bad matters in future so it will brings us to bless by Allah SWT.

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The advantages of musahabah self reflection

Below are some advantages of musahabah self reflection as it recommended by Rasulullah SAW:

  • It can assist all Muslim about the weakness of oneself so that he can improve of his quality of life.
  • As a faithful ummat of Allah SWT, human should realizing his obligation to worship better in order getting closer to Allah SWT without any purposes.
  • Realizing that all of malady heart is bad and useless because it can physically continue as self destroyer. It has proven from some researches which has done as example the liver, kidney failure that caused of the growing of resentment. In anatomic, the resentment will push the stomach nerves into bottom that caused of the worst painful and be affect to loss the appetite so it makes the condition of the liver being unhealthy and push more the work of kidney inside.
  • Able to see the good and the bad by realizing that the bad will account for in the doomsday.

Musahabah is able to manage carnal desire which is belongs to the heart. Realizing to unfollow the misguide pattern in life will makes us always to thankful and grateful to Allah SWT. in addition, human is the best creature that can improve himself than others.

It is recommended by Rasulullah SAW to always introspection every night because some hadidh are mentioned that at night is the best time to communicate to Allah SWT especially at the quarter of three or before the Fajr comes.

It is very recommend in Islam in order to get abundant blesses from Allah SWT and makes someone more thankful and accept of his provision and be more appreciate about the meaning of life which is heaven. Read more about Value of Friendship in Islam

Hopefully this article is useful as our meditation to improve our god-fearing to Allah SWT.

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