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Importance of Female Child Education in Islam

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In Islam, a child is assumed as a pleasure and fortune or it is also can be kind of test as if as our wealth to measure our God-fearing to Allah SWT whether we love Allah SWT or the world only.


It is stated on Al Qur’an,

” To all devout people, do not be your wealth and children are slight you down to remember Allah SWT. Indeed, those who are acting like that are considered as lost.” (QS. Al Munafiqun:9).

There are many stories and history of the prophet which had being tested by the joyful of descendant or child. Allah SWT is remaining us to always increase our worship and comply with all His regulations by not putting our children or wife becomes as our obstacles.

Children is become the highest responsible because we must teach them to be able to continue the Islam vision. Read more about How to Have Good Dreams in Islam

“Dear believers, indeed, in between of your wives and children there is enemy inside of it. Be careful of you and if you are not forgive, scold also condone (them), indeed, Allah is Merciful and Forgiveness. Indeed, your wealth and children are kind of test (for you), and next to Allah SWT is the greatest rewards.” (QS. Athtagabun:14-15).

The challenges and virtues to educate of female children

Today, it is become special challenges to educate female children due to the existence of social media and the change of social life in society. As parents, we are demanding to solve all problems in creativity and restful to encounter the problems arise.

It is not the wise way to restrain or strain our daughter in order to fulfill of our demands. Here, we are trying not to give bad deeds to our daughter about the parenting which is believed descended with them in future.

Then, it must be solved by parents with all their strategies without making our children feel restrain with themselves because of the parents parenting. Read more about Importance of Aisha in Islam

However, no matter the big challenges are made, parents will get rewards and the virtues when they educated their daughter in a good parenting.

  1. A great rewards from Allah SWT

To educate our children become pious children is not simple matter. It is a kind of test given by Allah SWT in giving good parenting because we will get great rewards from Allah SWT if we are committing to get His blessed. Read more about How to Improve Faith in Islam

It is become our struggles that need some funds, big efforts and all kind of endeavor for the goodness of the children. Thus, patient and heartfelt in educate of our daughter are become our prime capital in order to get rewards from Allah SWT both in the world and doomsday.

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2. Prayer from Pious Children

It is very efficacious prayers that can lead us to heaven because they happiness are our precious investment in future. It is the most beautiful reward to parents which is always to teach them the pillar of Islam, the basic law of Islam, the function of Faithful to Allah SWT, the source of Shari’a Islam and the pillar of Faithful. Read more about Rights of Siblings in Islam

The role of parents in educating of female children

There is other virtue to educate daughter from parents because daughters are considered as asset in Islam whereas it is supported by Rasulullah SAW statement that mentioned if the women are good, then it will also good for the nation.

It caused of women have the strategic function in ummat so parents must responsible to make them as beautiful women in Islam, women in Islam version, Muslimah Women in Islam, Pious women in Islam and the best women to be marriage in Islam. Read more about Quran Verses of Respecting Parents

Therefore, there are specialties in educating of female children for parents:

  1. Teach women as wife to husbands

Women in future have responsible and act as a wife in her family. Thus, by giving good knowledge and preparing those to act as a wife in her family is become parents’ obligation and responsible so they can be good wives to their husband.

Therefore, it is better for parents to guidance their daughter with good and wide knowledge in educating their children to become sholehah wives and aware of having a good family.

Any kind of women profession, a family woman and spouse has responsible to give happiness to their husband, family and kind of sakinah frame. Read more about Importance of Devotion to Parents

2. Teach women as prospective mother in family

Women are also being a mother in her family and the method of educating from their parents will give impact to them in future. Therefore, parents should give good deeds to their daughters so they can adjust it when they are already being a mother.

Parents education has big impact to their children especially daughters. When women grow up, they have obligation and responsible for teaching and raising their children, influencing them to have good attitudes as it as in Islam since it will embed in their subconscious childhood.

The purpose is to avoid women failed in performing their function as it being educated by their parents in their childhood to build happiness family in Islam, family in Islam, Family of Sakinah in Islam, Harmonious Family in Islam and Sakinah, Mawaddah and Warrahmah Family in Islam.

3. Educate women as house builder of Ummat

Women will have responsibilities in relation to their spouse and family and also giving the merit to their family with all their knowledge by doing multitasking.  It is parent obligation and awareness to educate their children of having the best skills in future including educating their children, taking care or family as of their submission to Allah SWT. Read more about Law of Women Going Out at Night in Islam

Religious values, divinity and awareness of giving merit to others must be taught in their childhood because it will be difficult to apply them when they are already adult.

4. Teach women to responsible of their selves

Daughters have their own responsibilities to take care of themselves especially in covering their aurat, their genitals and avoiding the free sex and zina.

It is parent role that must able to manage their daughters not to fall down into misguide in Islam.

Therefore, parents have an obligation to always giving good deeds and education to their children so their daughters have awareness of having take care their selves and not fall down into bad deeds both in the world and doomsday.

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