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25 Importance of Subh Prayer – Full of Blessings

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Subh prayer is one of the fardhu prayer (mandatory) that must be done by Muslim at dawn till the sunrise. This is one of the difficult prayers to do because many people still sleep at this hour and have difficulty getting up. This prayer is good to start the day that may not be easy for us. If we leave this prayer, then we will be lazier for the other fardhu prayers. We must know that there are many benefits and importance of doing this prayer.


Establish the prayer, at the decline (of) the sun till (the) darkness (of) the night and Quran at dawn, indeed, the Quran (at) the dawn is ever witnessed. (Al-Isra 17:78)

Here is presented the importance of Subh prayer.

1. Become a non-hypocrite Muslim

We will be said to be hypocritical for leaving the Subh prayer because most people leave the Subh prayer for sleep and don’t want to wake up because of the laziness and tiredness. As Muslims, surely we must carry out Allah’s commands rather than anything else. Allah prefers His people who are not hypocrites and remember Him.

“Surely the most severe prayer performed by the hypocrites are the Isha prayer and the Subh prayer. If they knew the virtue of both, they would come to them even by crawling. “ (HR Bukhari No. 657 and Muslim No. 651)

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2. Allah will assure the life

Allah will assure the life of His servant who does Subh prayer. We will get the help and direction from Allah in our life both in the world and the hereafter. We will get the protection of Allah and thus, who is in the protection of God, that person should not be hurt, those who dare to harm him are threatened with a painful punishment, for he has violated the protection that Allah gave to the man.

“Whoever prays Subh prayer then he is in Allah’s assurance. Therefore do not let Allah demand anything from you of His guarantees. For whom Allah demands with something of His guarantees, Allah will surely find it and will lay it down upon his face in the Fire of Hell. “ (HR Muslim)

3. Gain blessings from Allah Ta’ala

Subh prayer in the congregation has a chance to get the blessing from Allah Ta’ala. Therefore, activities carried out in the morning, especially mandatory activities and carried out in the congregation like Subh prayer, has been prayed for a blessing. In addition, Subh prayer is to start a day so Allah will give the blessing for all activities from the morning to the night.

“O Allah, bless my people in the morning.” (HR Abu Dawud, Tirmidzi, and Ibnu Majah)

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4. Get a full night’s prayer reward

Full night prayer is really difficult to do because there are many activities that we need to do in the day and we may not have time to do it. However, if we do the Subh prayer, then we will get the reward like full night prayer. It is really beneficial for us as Muslim to hold responsible in the Hereafter.

“Whoever performs the Isha prayers in congregation, then he is like a man who performs half-night prayers. Whosoever performs the dawn prayer in congregation, then he is like a man who performs night prayers all night long. “ (HR Muslim, from Uthman ibn Affan Radhiallahu ‘anhu)

5. Angels come and see us when we are doing Subh prayer

When we do Subh prayer, the angels will come and write the practice of our prayer. Then, they will go to the heaven and say what they have seen to Allah. Of course, we will get rewards from this. The angels only come when we do prayer and they will be around and protect us from the temptation of Satan.

“Angels take turns seeing you day and night. The angels met in the Subh prayer and the Asr prayer. Then those who stay with you go up to the heavens and are asked by their Lord, and He knows better the condition of his servants, “What is the condition of my servants when you leave?” The angels replied, “We left them in a state of prayer, and we went to them in a state of prayer. “ (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

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6. Get the reward of Hajj or Umrah when dhikr until the rising of the sun

Not only get full night’s prayer reward, we also can get the reward of Hajj or Umrah by doing this prayer. It can be used as provision when we go to the hereafter later.

“Whoever prays Subh prayer in congregation then he sits to dhikr to Allah until the sun rises, then prays two raka’at, then for him like the reward of Hajj and Umrah, perfect, perfect, perfect.” (HR Tirmidzi)

7. Salvation from Hell’s torment

Salvation from the torment of Hell means good news about entering the heaven. This reward certainly applies to those who perform the Subh prayers perfectly (congregation).

From Umarah Radhiallahu ‘anhu said, “I heard the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu’ alaihi alaihi wasallam) said, ‘Someone will not enter the Hell who prays before sunrise (Subh) and sunset (Ashar).” (HR Muslim)

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8. Can see Allah Ta’ala on the Day of Judgment

Not everyone can see Allah on the Day of Judgment. It all depends on the practice of our prayer when we are still in the world, especially Subh prayer. Allah promises that He will show Himself to the people who do Subh prayer.

From Jarir Bin Abdullah al-Bajali Radhiallahu ‘anhu said, “We once sat with the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, then He looked to the moon on that full moon night, the Messenger of Allah said,’ Know that you will indeed look to your Lord as you look to the moon like this. You are not blocked from seeing it. If you are able to not leave prayer before sunrise and before it goes, then do it! “ (HR Bukhari and Muslim)


9. Get the perfect light and good tidings

We will get the perfect light even though it is still dawn when we do Subh prayer. In addition, we will get good tidings which are the perfect light on the Day of Judgment too.

From Buraidah al-Aslami radhiyallahu anhu from the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “Convey the glad tidings to the people who walk in the dark towards the mosque, with perfect light on the Day of Judgment.” (HR Abu Dawud and Tirmidzi)

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10. Get the abundance of sustenance

Allah will give sustenance to the people who do Subh prayer. The sustenance that comes from Him is unexpected and can come from anywhere.

And He will provide for him from where not he thinks. And whoever puts his trust upon Allah, then He (is) sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah (will) accomplish His purpose. Indeed, Allah has set for everything a measure. (At-Talaq 65:3)

11. Receive Allah’s protection

Doing Subh prayer is like doing something good in the eyes of Allah. He will not leave His servant who does it and will protect Him from anything that can disturb the prayer such as the temptation of Satan.

“Whoever performs the Subh prayer in the congregation, then he is in the protection of Allah.” (HR Ibnu Majah)

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12. Avoid evil deeds and sins

By doing Subh prayer, we will avoid the evil deeds that can be done at the dawn. In addition, Allah will forgive our sins.

“Whoever keeps the two prayers (Ashar and Subh) in the moments of his preoccupation, of course, he will be more guarded fardhu other prayers because these prayers prevent cruel and evil deeds. The second time is also the time that the angels of night and day watch. At that time the practice of the servant is lifted and it is possible that sins are forgiven for two prayers. Finally, he can enter Jannah (heaven). “ (‘Aunul Ma’bud, 2/68)

13. As a measure of faith and iman

The person who has big faith and iman does not find it difficult to do Subh prayer. Allah can measure the faith and iman of a person by Subh prayer to know whether he is faithful enough to Him or not.

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14. Able to withstand the lust

Whoever do Subh prayer then he is able to withstand his lust to go to sleep. If we can do this, we can also withstand the lust from other activities and temptations.

Then succeeded after them successors, who neglected the prayer and they followed the lusts so soon, they will meet evil. (Maryam 19:59)

15. Not waste any time

By doing Subh prayer, we will not waste any time that is given to us. Life is only temporary and Allah has already warned us to do the good things because no one knows the time of death.

“Indeed, their appointed time (is) morning. Is not the morning near?” (Hud 11:81)

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More Importance of Subh Prayer

Here is presented more importance of Subh prayer.

  • Start the day with easiness
  • Can do exercise after it and become healthy
  • The obligation as Muslim
  • Can breathe the fresh air and grateful for the life
  • Allah will increase the degree
  • Can pray in the quiet and silence time
  • Cure stress and mental illness
  • Can talk with other Muslims
  • Get holiness
  • The symbol and key to victory

That’s all the importance of Subh prayer. Hope we can do this prayer and have an eagerness to get up and don’t go to sleep again.

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