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10 Most Importance of Respect in Islam Must Know

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Respect is always an important issue in human life, including in Islam. Respecting each other and respecting Allah SWT is something a Muslim must done, because it determined how good of a Muslim someone is. Having respect in life brings us many benefits to relationship between human and relationship with Allah SWT. Learn about more importance id respect in Islam here:


1. A Good Quality of a Muslim

Every Muslim must possess certain behavior that shows him as good one. One of the qualities is respect, towards Allah SWT and to other Muslim as well. It is important for a Muslim to have respect. In the case to Allah SWT, respect means putting the whole faith to Allah SWT , while to another Muslim and humans respect is a shield to prevent us to judge someone only by his outward traits without knowing him further.

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2. A Muslim’s Responsibility to Each Other

Humans are all equals in the eye of Allah SWT, thus we should not belittling of one another. Thinking ourselves better than any other person and overpowering them is wrong. There is nothing could determine our grade and level besides of the good deeds we have done under the intention of pleasing Allah SWT. As long as we lived, we carry the responsibility to always respect other human, say them Muslim or other believer. Not only towards Allah SWT, we also have to respect the honour and dignity of other people.

3. The Thing Allah SWT Needs Most

This is the most important thing. Muslim always says that he has his full faith to Allah SWT. But sometimes he forgets how to show the faith. Nothing in the world deserves more respect that the Creator, Allah SWT. All the respect should be given to Him for loving us unconditionally and showering us with many blessings and kindness despite of the sins we commits.

4. Key to be a Successful Muslim

Many things could describe what the real meaning of successful is. As for Islam, the key to be a successful Muslim both in the world and the afterlife is to obey Allah SWT and His Messenger (SAW) to the full.

“And whosoever obeys God and His Messenger, fears God, and keeps his duty (to Him), such are the successful ones.” An Noor (24:52)

In the relationship or other being, respect should be paid to other human, as well as the environment and another creatures.

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5. To Keep a Peaceful Life Between Humans

Not paying respect to one another may cause the rift and shaking the equilibrium in the society life. If one member of the society could not respect others, war and fight is about to begin and there will be no more peace in life. With respecting each other, we also avoid the discord in the society and providing a better life for mankind. Rather than causing some fights, Islam suggests us to love our brothers and sisters and put the first before ourselves.

6. Striving Away from the Sins

Causing the discord of the society means committing sins to Allah SWT. Islam loves peace and dislike wars, especially when it happens between the brothers and sisters of Muslim. Respect to each other strive us away from the sins we must carry because we are unable to keep a peaceful life.

Respecting Allah SWT is the same thing. By treating Allah with goodness and respect, we hope that His mercy will come to us as well.

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7. To Not Looking the Fault in Other People

It’s a human instinct to feel themselves better than other people. Once we have that in mind, we’ll start to look down to other people, which is prohibited by Allah SWT. Moreover to look for their faults, as if we didn’t have one.

“O’ you who have true faith! Do not let men make fun of other men – perhaps they may be better than the other (group of men). Also, do not let women make fun of other women, as it may be that they are better than the other (group of) women. Do not find faults in yourselves and do not defame one another by using bad names. How bad it is after having true faith that a person (does these acts) but does not turn in repentance (to Allah) so then surely it is these people who are the oppressors.” – Hujurat (49:11)

8. To Not Making Fun of Other Muslims

The importance of respect in Islam is to keep the peace in the life of human everyday life. Respects also teach us to value other people more and not to look down at them. If we have no respect to other people, we tend to make fun of them, thinking we are better than him. We must avoid this kind of thing, not only it will cause discord between society and Muslims, but also we never know how high those person ranks in the eye of Allah SWT.

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9. Avoiding False Judgement Towards Other People

It is a human nature to quickly judge someone without intention to know him better. Just by his physical appearance, race, religion, and faith, we come to a quick judgement. Prior judgement without learning the facts could lead to a misunderstanding and shaking the peace of society. To avoid all of those, respecting other people is a must. However, living peacefully is far better than living in discord.

10. To Not Hurting Other People

Having no respect leads to a misjudgment and ended us hurting the people being misjudged. We have to pay respect to other people in order not to hurt other people’s feeling. Thus we can keep a good relationship with each other.

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So those are the importance of respect in Islam and why we should have it. Respect is not only between humans, but also to our Holy Creator, Allah SWT. Paying respect to Allah SWT draw us closer to Him and many rewards are promises. While respecting other human provide us a good and peaceful life.

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