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35 Incredible Importance of Asr Prayer

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Shalat in five times a day is one and most important command from Allah SWT to Prophet Muhammad saw. and his Ummah. All of prayer is important, and we will have a huge loss if we lose one or all of the prayer. In this article, we will specifically elaborate the importance of Asr prayer, to make you more understand and embrace more awareness about our pray/recite.


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1. The Command of Allah

Shalat is one and the most important command from Allah swt. It is our duty and or our obligation to maintained that. Allah swt said in Al-Baqarah verse 238 :

“Maintain with care the [obligatory] prayers and [in particular] the middle prayer and stand before God, devoutly obedient.”

This verse is applied in all of prayer. So, we have a reason to keep our recite to Allah swt.

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2. Direct to Allah SWT

Shalat, especially Asr, is a direct prayer to Allah swt. In time of Asr, our pray will be heard by Allah swt directly. This is include in seven efficacious time to pray to Allah swt, so we should never miss that time to pray and doing Asr

3. A Great Threat for Leave the Asr Prayer

Among the theorems that indicate the importance of the position of the ashar prayer is the threat that whoever abandons it, it is erased the reward of charity that he has worked on that day. Prophet Muhammad saw. said.

“Whoever abandons the Asr prayer, then it is erased” (Bukhari No.594)

This hadith above narrated that if we are leaving Asr prayer, our good deed or anything what we did (in good terms) will be erased, and that is a huge loss for us. That is why the prayer in five times (especially Asr) become the most important things to keep and maintain. Another hadith tell the same meaning :

“The one who missed (did not do) the ashar prayer, as if he had lost his family and his property.”

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4. The Practice That Leads to Heaven

Every practice or good deed what we do will lead us to Heaven. But Shalat is one of the most important prayer. Here is the two hadith that explained about the prayer

“Whoever does the prayer bardain (ie shubuh prayer and ashar) then he will go to heaven.” (Bukhari No.574 and Muslim No.635)

“Whoever does the prayer at two cold times (shubuh and ashar), then he will go to heaven.” (Bukhari No.540 and Muslim No.1005)

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5. As a Shalat Wustha’

Correlated with point number one, “wustha prayer” means the ashar prayer. This is based on the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad saw. when in Ahzab war, the Quraisy make them busy in war, so they are almost forget to praying Asr.

6. As a differentiate from the Hypocrites

If one performs the ashar prayer at the end of time because it is in a certain emergency condition, then his prayers remain valid even though he only gets one raka’at ashar prayer before the time is up. Prophet Muhammad saw. said :

“Whoever finds one rakaat ashar prayer before sunset, then he has received the ashar prayer.”

However, the problem is when someone deliberately delayed the implementation of prayer ashar until the time is almost gone without any ‘certain udzur justified by shari’at. Or even this has become a habit everyday because it underestimates ashar prayer. So it is similar to the characteristics of the hypocrites mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad saw in his narration :

“That is the prayer of the hypocrites, (ie) sitting watching the sun. Until when the sun was between two devilish horns (i.e, when sun goes drowning), He also stood up (to do the ashar prayer) four raka’at (quickly) like a chicken stroke. He does not dhikr to remember Allah, except for just a few. ” (Muslim No.622)

7. Asr Prayer is Witnesses by Angels

In Hadith from Bukhari no. 555 and Muslim no. 632 narrated that :

“The angels of the night and the angels of the afternoon go to you. And they gather at dawn prayer and ashar. Then the angel who guards you up to Allah Ta’ala asks them -and Allah knows their circumstances (His servants) -, “In what state did you leave my servants?” The angels replied, “We leave them in a state of being set up prayer. So when we go to them, they are in prayer. “

This hadith explained that our recitation will be witnesses by Allah swt and His angels. Do it in khusyu’ and Allah will note everything what we do.

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8. Enlarge the Sustenance of a Muslim

There is a special hadith that mentions the reward for the one who keeps the ashar prayer, that is get double reward and will not go to hell. First hadith come from Abu Bashrah al-Ghifari who narrated that,

“Rasulullah SAW prayer ashar with us in the area of ​​Makhmash. Then he said, ‘This prayer (shalat ashar) was ever obliged to the people before you, but they wasted it. So whoever keeps this prayer, hence for him the reward is doubled ‘, ” (Muslim No.830)

Second hadith come from Muslim No.634

“It will not go to hell any one who does the prayer before sunrise (shubuh prayer) And before sunset (ashar prayer)”.

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9. As a Self-Guardian to Muslim

This point above means that being in Allah swt’s assurance is in the protection, guarding, and providence of Him. They are all graces, and all the pain turns to hope; as well as the tenderness that if it comes down to us will be able to turn the fire into a cold and peaceful. That is one of a the protection from Allah swt.

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10. Has Medical and Psychic Benefits

Ashar prayer is performed at a time when most people end a job. At that time, people feel tired and emotionally increased due to the workload, which is pretty large in a day. There is also at this time the beginning of the job change. With asr prayer, a blood circulation will return smoothly, so people who initially have been lazy and tired even the emotions have peaked will be refreshed and relaxed. And for those who just started to work will be more eager to live their activities.

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11. Adding Blessings in His Age

With pray in five times, Allah will adding a blessing in our life or age. The bless is in any form, anywhere, and anytime. To get the bless, we keep ourselves close to Allah swt. Also, we obey all of His command and stay from His prohibition.

12. Remove All of Our Sin

Shalat five-times, especially Asr, can remove all of our sin. No matter how often, how much, and huge the sin what we did last time, Allah will remove it if we sincerely and promise to never do it again. This is must be followed by truly repentance, as a proof to Allah that we are really not doing the same mistake.

13. Benchmarks of Faith

Prayers, including Asr, are the benchmark of Faith. The people who claimed that He is faithfully does not need to know about his level of faith. Only with prayer (whether it is Shubuh, or anything), he can find out that he is honest in faith or not; whether he doing it sincerelly or with (a little bit) arrogant.

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14. Can Brought a Bless During our Life

Shalat, especially Asr, become a factor that the sustenance what we have to be cleared. No matter how much he loves Allah (in this terms ‘Zuhud’) and does not care about world affairs, he still happy if his Rizq will be easily reached; at least his daily needs is sufficient and  protected him not to begging each other. However, it is does not mean that people will bring a huge pocket of money after pray. It means that our obedience to Allah swt by keeping our prayers will bring us to His path and Allah will gave us unlimited rizq.

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15. As a Self-Discipline

With Shalat Asr (and the other salat) it will make us become more discipline to ourselves and our life become more organized.

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Another Importance of Asr Prayer (16-35)

  • Implementation of Islam Taught
  • As a Reminder to Allah swt.
  • Muhasabah for Ourselves
  • The Impact for Leaving Asr (Instead No. 2 and No.6)
  • Bring some Break to Ourselves
  • As a Media for Interact/Communicate to Allah swt.
  • Can be a Role Model to Each Other
  • Asr = A good Time for Recite to Allah SWT.
  • A Time to Demand Forgiveness to Allah SWT.
  • Media for Self-Introspection
  • Bring Favors to See Allah SWT.
  • As an Identity of Islam
  • Time to Dzikr to Allah SWT.
  • As a Self-Control
  • Asr = Can Bring a Time to Learning Islam More.
  • Asr = Can Bring a Positive Vibes
  • Asr = As a Self-Training
  • Asr = Maintain Ourselves in Many Aspect
  • Asr = Self-Reminder About What We Did During Our Life
  • Asr = A Part of Islam Itself

That was 35 points about the importance of Asr prayer. I hope you take the benefit and never forget to doing Asr prayer. It is much more better if you did in Mosque, right after Adzan Asr, and with all the people in there.

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