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35 Importance of Brotherhood in Islam

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What is one of the basic needs everyone should have in their life? It’s a good friend who is like a brother. Muslims already have the foundation, because a Muslim is a brother to one another. We could gain many benefits from the importance of brotherhood. It is ind


There are many importance of brotherhood in Islam we should know, to encourage us to create a strong bond between Muslims:

1. The Closest Bond Possible in Lifetime

Bond between fathers and sons is undoubtedly the strongest in the world. However, father and son is two person with different levels. The father is higher than the son. The highest relationship between two equals person is brotherhood itself. Also read Benefits of Modesty in Islam

2. A Strong Manifestation of Unity

There is no more solid and strong manifestation of unity rather than the relationship between brother to brother and sister to sister. It is a prove that affection does exist between two people who are in the same level in life. Also read Importance of Etiquette in Islam

3. It’s an Unbreakable Relationship

We can find a solid relationship of brotherhood in every layers of the society. It is constantly exist through ages and generations. Brotherhood is the secret of a strong bond filled with affection and love between two or more individuals. Also read Benefits of Kissing in Islam

4. Following Allah’s SWT Command in the Holy Quran

One of the importance of brotherhood in Islam is that it is written inside the guide for all Muslim, the Holy Quran. Brotherhood is an invitation for human to be united and come together under the name of love and in purpose of pleasing Allah SWT. Also read Importance of Daughter in Islam

5. A Proves of the Similarity of Faith

As said, believers is the brothers to one another. It is an ethical goals in Islam to make a brotherhood one and another, not just a simple formality that those who share the same beliefs are brothers. This way we can be the source of strength to one another. Also read  Benefits of Asr Prayer

6. One of Important Goals in Life

As a human, we will need another human as long as we live in this world. That is why we need to create a bond as close as possible with another human to make a better life. Having a good relationship is one of the most important goals we should have in life. Also read Importance of Zuhr Prayer

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7. Islam As the Source of Unity

What is the strong source that could brings human be together and create a unity? The answer is none other than Islam itself. If we meet another Muslim, we somehow feel connected and immediately treat him like a brother. This is the important thing to make our life better, with the existence of brotherhood in out life. Also read Benefits of Exercise in Islam

8. To Strengthen Our Imaan

By creating the close bond of brotherhood between Muslim, we strengthen and thicken our imaan at the same time. We can share knowledge between brothers and encourage one another to be more devoted to Islam and Allah SWT. Also read Importance of Friendship in Islam

9. To Share Grief and Hurt

When another Muslim is in need or trouble, another Muslim should rush and give him a help. The analogy of Muslim and another Muslim is like on body, if a part feel pain the other would feel it too. Sharing the grief and hurt may not bring any difference or make it better, but we can be relieved because there is another person who is willing to listen to us. Also read Benefits of Marrying Early in Islam

10. It is the Right of Every Muslim

In Hadith and Quran, the right of every Muslim is to have a strong bond to another Muslim. As said, brotherhood is the closest relationship possible after the relationship between fathers and sons. It covers all boundaries of status and racial diversity. Also read Importance of Volunteering in Islam

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More Importance of Brotherhood in Islam

Here are the more importance of brotherhood in Islam, so we can be more encouraged to create a good relationship between Muslim:

  • Every Muslim are related to one another as brothers and sisters.
  • To be united under the luminescence of Allah’s SWT blessing.
  • Unity in brotherhood protects the material interests of Muslims.
  • To see and feel the unity and bonds that created between Muslims.
  • The brotherhood between Muslim could be a help to each other on the Day of Judgement.
  • Muslim could help each other with living matters through the close bond of brotherhood.
  • Brotherhood is a way to build a powerful religion and faith.
  • A close bond with another human is a natural medicine for health.
  • By having a close brotherhood we can share out problem and burdens, so we can get a soul healing.
  • Brothers can stand up one to another.
  • The strong bonds between brothers is an urgent alert to the enemy.
  • Unity between brothers becomes much stronger under the flag of Islam.
  • To create allies between believers.
  • To help another Muslim from oppression.
  • To remind one another not to commit sins or disobeying Allah.
  • Islam calls unity in brotherhood under the name of good deeds.
  • To assist another Muslim according to one’s capacity.
  • The reconciliation between Muslim brothers and Islam is to receive mercy from Allah SWT.
  • To learn to treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • To purify the heart from hatred, malice, and animosity.

So those are the importance of brotherhood in Islam. Having a close relationship between brothers is one of basic needs of human because as long as we lived, we would always need the assistance of another person. Remember to always be kind to everyone, because we never know whose help we will need someday. Let us all be brothers and sisters regardless of religions, faiths, belief, and race. May Allah SWT always gives us His blessing in every of our relationship.

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